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>tfw no sissy boy that wants to be bullied by my cock
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>MFW no communal fire pit to throw fags into
sign me up! Where do I apply?
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why cant we day of the rope come?

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Why can't you sleep, /r9k/?
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ADHD desu
i have a cold in the fucking summer
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>no weed
>no booze
>suicidal thoughts
>irrational paranoia
>metal heart valve constantly ticking like a clock in my chest

I can sleep when im dead, and god hates me.

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I'm going to have a psychotic episode.
I'm trying to fight off urges to cut myself.
Does anybody have any tips?
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No. I always just give into the urges tp punch myself and now I'mr eyarded.
:( ohkay

Sorry abt that
Benzodiazepines or weed.

Ah yes well done, neets, very well done

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>how to be a good goy: the pic
>start earning average wage at 30
>getting married and having a kid before you're even earning enough money to do either
this is how retarded normies are everybody
>Age 37: start earning $40k/year
>Should have a wife, 2 kids, a large house, and 2 vacations per year before then

what the fuck


Good luck following that piece of shit, OP.

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>fighting with someone in youtube comments
>spend 10 minutes writing a well structured argument that will surely make him stop
>press backspace to remove a typo
>somehow the comment window was unselected
>browser goes back
>10 minutes wasted
>not going to write all of that again so jsut accept my defeat
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>To scared to read reply because I know I lost argument
>spend 10 minutes writing a well structured argument
>submit it
>he replies with a laughing girls.jpg and says he trolled me
>realise I wasted 10 minutes arguing with anons on subjects i dont even care about
>he replies with a laughing girls.jpg and says he trolled me
That's just an excuse they make because they lost
>"hehe xD I was just trolling why are you so mad?"

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Tfw Chad but no gf or friends
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>ywn be as alpha as Stan

Why live
>tfw stacy but no bf or friends

Nice satan trips. I thought posting my face as a "meme" died a long time ago.

Is it just me or do young women in general these days have basically no self-esteem?

You rifle through these sluts tumblrs and they are peppered with nude selfies along with an "I don't give a fuck what you think" gif with some negress, then a few posts down they'll be something about how much she hates herself and likes to cut herself.

Same on /soc/. You speak to any of the camwhores and they're such unhappy people. They have zero self-esteem.

Same in the cosplay scene. These girls get dressed up (or rather dressed down) and then go to the con, get drunk, go to the rave, get drunk and high and hook up with some dude and then talk about how shitty they feel on twitter the next day and how much they hate themselves.

Fembots: What the fuck is wrong with you? What's the cure to this?
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Stop idolizing Stacey and treating the uggos like they are invisible. Problem solved.
>he's not picking up fembots with low self esteem to be easy fuck toys
Girls on tumblr are not a fair representation of the average girl. Thats like coming on here and asking "whats wrong with men all they do is piss in bottles and watch chinese cartoons"

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I'm SICK of waiting for a gf.

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There's no light at the end, anon.
How long do we have to wait for? This is driving me insane I bet if I was rich or Sunday good looking then I'd have a gf
Why are you waiting and not getting one?

would you dick this trap /r9k/?
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would said trap even notice me?
she looks like a 3/10 Indian call worker
Looks too Backpage escort for me m8.

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Who here /NatSoc, but not a nazi/?
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>tfw have to explain Hitler didn't want to kill very non blonde hair blue eyes person and that he was actually a good guy.
>omg but ur evil nazi reeeeeeeeeeeeee
not even white desu
You might not be evil, but you are edgy.

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What sauce goes best with tendies robots, if any?
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Sweet and sour is the only correct answer.
Food is disgusting, I want to starve
I go to chicfila and make sandwiches out of the tendies and waffle fries. No sauce required.

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Anon just be yourself
>be myself
You're creepy and gross, can you not be yourself?
>pretend to be not creepy and gross
Anon you look like you're pretending to be something you're not, you'll never make friends or get a gf like that. You should just be yourself

Well fuck you too normies
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that is the fucking worst meme
>My friend told a girl i was flirting with i was into paleontology and she was into it and we made out later

It might not be a meme
It's not a meme, pretend to be someone else if you want to get laid sure but if you want a girlfriend of course you have to be yourself, they are going to be pretty pissy soon into the relationship when they find out you're a completely different guy from the one you've been saying you are.
Rape all roasties

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Should I join the military robots? I sure I would get sper ripped, and I would get an automatic Chad status. And If that doesnt work I might get shot or I could fake ptsd. But its really scary tbqh
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O look it's another military meme thread.
Mo you wont get super ripped unless you are actually into fitness.
At best if you pass bootcamp and shit you will be reasonably in shape.

t. kicked out of military for being fat.
the best thing in the us army are their bases in foreign country
got swimming pools, burger king, kfc and shit

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There is no worse fate than being a babyfaced manlet. The percentage of women who are genuinely attracted to me is probably less than 1%. I get routinely mistaken for a teenage boy or a dyke. Why shouldn't I kill myself?
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I get teenage boy all the time but never dyke kek. Get a different haircut lad.
I've tied a billion different fucking haircuts, and nothing changes the way that I look. I am fucked.
I am 13 years old and what is this, plz no ban

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>just found out that my ex lost her virginity to some guy while we were separated

Fuck. I honestly don't know what to feel robots. At first I felt like crying. Then I was angry. Now I don't feel anything.

>be me
>meet said ex 2yrs ago
>enter LDR with her because she's moving away
>literally only like an hour or two away
>everything is fine but we struggle because of distance (regardless of how short)
>I used to be a broke ass NEET so no money to visist
>she went to school and worked a shitty part time waitress gig so no money or time to come visit me either
>barely any "sexual" shit because she gives shitty excuses
>care about her feelings so I don't ever cheat
>recently felt like it just wasn't going to work out because she just isn't willing to put in any effort
>usually winds up when her not being able to admit when she's wrong about anything
>she has POTS, so I try to be understanding when she's sick but she uses that shit as an excuse for literally everything
>kinda just say fuck it a month ago
>try to talk to her here and there
>basically just ignore my texts and shit
>just want to make sure she's okay
>hit her sister up on snapchat to ask her how she is
>basically blows me off and tells me to talk to her myself
>tell her she doesn't answer my texts
>oh yeah she's talking to some guy now...she's all about him
>next day finally get a response out of her
>says she was talking to some dude
>says that they're supposed to hang out friday night
>friday night comes
>she says they didn't hang out because of schedules
>say good
>wtf do you mean good
>try to play it off
>saturday night comes
>message her again
>her family is out of the country and her cousin came over with wine so they're drinking
>bring up how she wants to see me and how she still cares about me, etc etc
>i bring up the guy
>says that she's probably only talking to the guy because of sex
>like the beta cuck i am tell her just do her it's whatever at this point

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Didn't read. Stoped at girlfriend normalfag.
>still saying she doesn't know what she wants
>ask her how long her parents are gone for
>she replies for 2 weeks
>asks me if i'm going to come see her
>ask her if she's done anything with this guy
>she claims it shouldn't matter
>ask her again
>she says they had sex
Now at this point, prior to this convo, she said before that she was busy having sex like 2 or 3 times...but then replied with a just kidding. So at this point I'm thinking she was just fucking with me to get a reaction out of me since I didn't react any of the times she said it before.
>ask her if she really slept with him
>says she seriously slept with someone
>constantly asking if i'm mad
>refuse to give her the satisfaction
>tell her it is what it is
>gets mad and stop replying

I honestly don't even know what to do at this point /r9k/. I mean I know she was definitely drinking, so I'm not sure if she was fucking with me or not but I honestly think she really lost her virginity to this dude and has been fucking him. I care about her but as soon as I heard that I just instantly lost any desire to be with her. I honestly don't know what to feel but I can't stop thinking about the whole thing.

TL,DR I got cucked and I don't even know how to feel. The worst part is she's still trying to get me to come see her.

Far from a normalfag.

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