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This hoe seems familiar, she likes cosplay and shit. Anybody know?
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Her instagram is filled up with this sparkly shit
tap that dva cosplay senpai
Fat girl angles are an immediate left swipe

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Why does normies have to be so opinionated?
I just wanna wear feminine clothes in public, stop judging me
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Bitch, stop judging them for judging you! Just wear your clothes and don't give a shit!
>feminine clothes
kill yourself you fucking queer. origii

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Are really short girls with big breasts attractive or do guys prefer taller more slender girls?
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I prefer tall flat goddesses. Shortstacks will poison your gene pool.
Different anon similar question.

Do guys like sub 5'ers who are properly proportioned but so petite it borders anorexia?
Pretty much this. The curse will also be around forever because there will always be guys that are into short, busty girls.

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>"As you once did for the Vacuous Rom... Grant us eyes, Grant us eyes! Plant eyes on our brains to cleanse our beastly idiocy!"

Why is Micolash so based? This guy has ambition and charisma.
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>Why is Micolash so based?
Because he is best boy in that game
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>Micolash will never awooo in your direction
I like Bloodborne but I feel like grinding should have greater diminishing returns. And in terms of Blood Echoes, it does, but there is no reason why you should ever run out of Blood Vials for instance. I was breezing through the later stages of the game because I was so overleveled from exploring and grinding. Like the end was so much more easier than the beginning when I feel like it should be the other way around.

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How can we solve the white problem?
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>that fatty in the far right
They aren't a problem when you realize most look like this
>Stop selling bananas splits
>Every ice cream shop in the world and its employees promote diversity
What is *really* hilarious is that the right-wing Americans can beat the shit out of the Left wing Americans

I can't stand girls flirting and giving attention to other guys instead of me. it makes me depressed.
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>No, it's not because you like her

>It's because you like her and that engenders possessiveness in some people. Listen to the language of these things: 'she's my crush', 'my girlfriend', 'my fiance', 'my husband', etc

>The way we speak about love is full of words that imply possession

>But it's because of possessiveness that you get sad or mad. It's because you have an image in your mind of who you want this person to be, and when they act independently of that image - when they don't live up to your expectations of them, you are upset with the gap between your image of them and them as an independent person
not really relevant tho since i don't even have any relationship with these girls
Nah I think he's just jealous because others have nice things and he doesn't.

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>tfw feminists are abandoning the sinking SJW ship and taking the red pill

What a time to be alive!
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Red pilled women really isn't something you want to exist.
follow the money, avarice masters many hearts
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self-aware females.png
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Self aware females are truly a special kind of suffering.

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How's that hairline /r9k/?
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JUST, as you would expect.
Still fine but I'm paranoid about it receding all the time.
Running for the fucking hills while also thinning up top.
It's a sad state of affair up there...

Being a non-Tyrone black guy is the worst hell
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Being a black guy who will never be cute enough to be a girl (male) is worse.
I feel ya man, I lost the game since I was born
You can fuck right off ya faggot.

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Girls with BPD will NEVER be happy or live a normal life.

I'm a femanon with BPD. I cut people off and never talk to them again. I hurt myself. I can't be happy even when I'm high. I have anxiety. I do crazy things for attention. I stay up late at night thinking to myself about suicide baiting my ex but I'm too much of a pussy to actually kill myself. I lie.

Any other girls with BPD have stories? Just share your experiences :'( I don't want to be alone in this.
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I'm a guy with BPD and every relationship/friendship ive ever had has crashed and burned. ive accepted that im better off alone and have learned to adapt to it. i will never be capable of trust or selfless love
You never see old ladies with BDP, do they all die young?
I destroy relationships too. Friendships get messed up because I can't have one day of plain sailing weather without fucking things up. I always slip up HARD.
People with BPD are 800x more likely to kill themselves. Though I think some people learn to manage it, through DBT for example.

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>tfw girls will never feel protection with me
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Huh? I'm 5'6" and girls feel safe with me. Are you an underweight Chang or something?
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>I'm 5'6" and girls feel safe with me
Sounds like someone is bitter he has never had a gf or sex.

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>just a typical day and you're just playing vidya
>you hear knocking on the door
>too afraid to answer
>the doors are opening
>a girl comes in
>"nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah"

What do?
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Close the door on her face. Who the fuck does she think she is?
Say "please be my girlfriend i am alone"
Close the door and go back to playing my gaems

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I don't wanna be rude, but this guy killed himself in quite a gruesomely painful way, over what seems like a definite 5/10

is this love?
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That dude was JUST tier, but what a way to go
normies gonna normie
Humbuckers on a strat. Guy had it coming.

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ITT: failed normies coming together. Cyborgs, if you will.

What happened? Who was she? Why can't you get a new one?
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I still suffer because I missed the obvious signals three times. Two slim redheads and a chubby qt childhood friend... Fuck my lack of empathy and understanding
>implying I ever into 3D even one time

ERP and IM in every "relationship." I'm not a NEET, but I have the personality of dry toast. I long for a fuck buddy who will never make drama and leave over stupid misunderstandings.
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>meet the perfect girl
>she pursued me
>have perfect normie life for three years
>be happy in ways never thought possible
>grew apart eventually
>be 30 and single again
>still no idea how getting a girl works

I've resigned myself to being alone now, though.

It's too late for having your own family and all that at 30 years old. I mean, meeting a girl, dating one, seeing the relationship succeed, moving in together, trying for children... that's all a process of several years, and for it to make any sense at my age, it all needs to go PERFECTLY or else it's too late. No room for errors.

Yeah, nah. That ship has sailed.

I'll be alone forever now, and that's just fine.

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/whg/, take 2
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poor mr jingles, he deserves better
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Things are pretty fucked up between the genders, but this isn't helping. Keep swallowing the redpills if you still have illusions about women, but pretty soon it's going to be time to start complaining about them and start seducing, marrying, and impregnating them.
I feel bad for the cat.

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