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>he doesn't listen to Reviewbrahs comfy podcast
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Reviewbrah is a degenerate shithead and doesn't deserve the bandwidth that he wastes on his stupid "review" videos.

the fuck are you on about

anyways, review brah is super comfy and i listen to his stuff regularly. i started going to the older shows because i cant be expected to wait every 3 weeks for a fucking show

good thing for me theres hundreds of shows available
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can someone explain comfy meme plz

Any anons living in a big city?
Is it really as comfy as people make it out to be?
Being from a hellhole suburb in the desert, i really want to go to a big city.
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Dense, expensive and packed to the brim with angry normos

Its not fun
i live in boston and it sucks
people are rude for no fucking reason
half my income goes to rent
a couple of girls farted on me in public once
I enjoy living in a big city. There's this weird kind of crowd privacy, you're surrounded by people but you know nobody is looking at you. It's very lonely sometimes, and it's definitely not comfy although being near to everything is neat, but it's a cool place to live in if you enjoy the noise and hustle.

Smog sucks dick tho.

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Why dont you just get a trans gf anon? You could lose your virginity right now to a cute girl
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I'm getting pretty desperate for a gf but I have no idea where I would even find one.

Plenty of cute girls on r9k, just ask one out next time you see one!
Cute girls on r9k really where are they

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how do robots feel about tattoos?
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how much do you weigh?

I know it's a stupid question, but at least i'm keeping your thread alive.
most of them end up looking like shit

also black ink>any other color
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Tattoos can be pretty cool imo as long as it isn't painfully boring or generic like your pic related. It can be a pretty artistic work of art when done with purpose and meaning.
>inb4 fuck off normie

>this is literally America under Il Duche-bag Drumpf

I can not wait for Drumpf to finally be impeached!
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Impeached for what exactly? You leftist morons have had months now to "find" a Russian connection and the best you have is an Email between Donalds son and some random Russian where he replies "I love it" to the idea of getting info they have proving Hilary is even more corrupt than we already know.

Fucking kill yourself already.
So you admit the conspiracy is real?
I still like Rick and Morty, in spite of its fanbase of redditors and leftists.

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Whats your excuse?
Why are you not lifting

Please just do not tell me that you are genetic beta:
>jew like nose
>slope forehead
>rare facial hairs that looks like pubes

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they're both 6ft, so it doesn't matter. both of them are already Chad
kek its better to be tall than manlet but I can assure you that I know few tall betas, I am 187cm myself and I am 29yo khv neet.
The actor on the right is most definitely not six feet tall and would look just as bad with a worse body. I don't understand this retarded incel meme of comparing Hollywood actors or models with average looking people. Trump is an ugly fuck, yet he's the President of the most powerful nation on the planet. Not saying I like him, but it just shows you being attractive is really only helpful if you want to live like a fratboy Chad until you get old and fat at 35.

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We post pictures of ourselves when kids

I'll start and also guess my country fags
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alright oriingallily
No bully pls
Would fug


That really you fag?
Greece? I'm guessing by those marble pillars

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download (47).jpg
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WHOS READY FOR ANOTHER BENADRYL ACID TRIP? last night was good. Let's do it again

Take 12-15 benadryl and report back
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i pissed my pants what do i do now i dont feel good
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yikes. it ain't great, I'll tell you that. I wouldn't even call it good. the first couple times were interesting. then it was unequivocally bad, agitating, scary, unstoppable.
I hate that I have this in my cabinet but not some dxm
Is a pure dph trip really worth it?

Hi r9k

Come check out our discord server. It's a nice little collective of diverse individuals and wed love to meet new friends.

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Worth the visit yes sirree!
Guys, this is you chance to talk to a real girl.
Take a look at this sandwich

Reminder that you are not a real robot if you promote
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real robots know what it's like to be hated for things they can't control about themselves so they could never be racist
Nice samefagging and nice psyop fag
You suck at it
Stop shitting up the board with terrible bait.

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Stop Chad from reaching your virgin qtpi gf!
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stopped originally, easy
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potion seller.png
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I use my unending supply of potions
bump for fuck ideal gf/bbf threads

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Fembot here. Why are men on this board so bitter? If you just went outside and talked to people you might get a gf and friends. Being a NEET and hating on women isn't going to solve your problems
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terrible b8 dumbass
>If you just went outside
but what do about my disabling social anxiety and adhd/depression holy shit I am a meme
the irony being, a fembot is a person who wouldn't go outside either (thus a 'bot' of /r9k)
meaning the men of /r9k/ would never meet a "fembot," venturing outdoors

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Is it normal as a guy to like girls better than guys in general? Most of my close friends are women, I'm attracted to women- a straight man with a great gf. I just prefer the company of females. Anyone else relate to this?
*pic unrelated*
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I can't relate but I can imagine why you would OP, I'm a girl and generally find it hard to have male friends. Guys interact a lot different, girls tend to be different as friends and a lot more emotionally open and supportive. I think men are a lot different to interact with.
No it's not normal. If you can't interact with fellow males then you either have some underlying insecurities or have a higher emotional intelligence than most guys.
I mean, I like men but I just usually like women better. My therapist did tell me that I have a high emotional intelligence

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Here we go again bros, back at the juice. What are my degenerates sipping on tonight
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This is my everyday fridge.
File: IMG_0318.jpg (90KB, 1500x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Canadian bourbon whiskey. Never had it before. Probably gonna get drunk and do some Pic related
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It's nice that someone else is making the thread for once, I'm drinking some laker ice and rum OP. It's gonna be a good night.

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sup wagecucks!
i'm just here enjoying some beer bought with your tax shekels, and watching animu.
Life's chill and smooth. I like peaceful life.
Enjoy you pathetically short weekend, cucks.
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I'm like you, except not voluntarily. I would kill 7 newborn rhinos for a full time job
what a dumb brainwashed loser

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