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Here is 1 (one) reply. You will get no more. I love you, anon.
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sorry anon. Id give you a hug but I can't from behind my computer screen.
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It's the struggle of the modern world full of normies, but whatever you do don't sell out and start dishing out normie posts or they win.
Here's a free (you) anon, it's the last of my rations but you need it more than I do

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stay btfo misogynists
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Misogyny RULES
Girls drool
Was this supposed to prove me wrong?
>Women are fucking you over stay btfo women haters

tragedy struck a couple days ago where I live
4 roasties were drinking vodka and speeding while bar hopping when they hit a telephone pole
just before the crash they snap chatted them innocently passing a bottle around the car


why is this world so cruel?
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just think, they could have hit and killed you. I know some of you want to die, but I'd rather not die at the hands of some dumb drunk bitch roasty.
Whaddafug. First the russkies livestreaming themselves crashing and dying, then the mexican killing her sister in the same way, now this?
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I honestly feel zero sympathy for them. i don't even really hate women, but these bitches were so fucking stupid the only acceptable outcome is a deadly car crash.

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>someone is gonna miss the metro
>push the button as i see them running
>they make it and don't even look at me or acknowledge me

fuck doing nice things
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>not averting your gaze and pulling your fedora over your face as they pass by

i don't wear a fedora

>muted for this

nice... someone said this before....
Fuck you for inconveniencing everyone else

Only a day of wageslavery left edition
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>mfw playing a flash game where you sexually train hermione
not turned my playstation on for about 2 weeks
just feel dead inside
>tfw you know what this is called and many games of it's genre

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lmao but if u r dead how will u have a general???? don't do it brahs bee urself !!
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water, or rope lads?

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Ask a guy who will commit suicide in the next few months anything
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I'll probably be joining you. What's going on in your life?
what led you to this?
are you worried about going to hell ( eternity )not saying you will but when i think about killing myslef thats the only reason i dont

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>have group of normie friends
>they go to the same bar every weekend
>ask them if we could go to "x" location and have fun somewhere else
>they refuse
>don't join them anymore
>they start shaming me and call me a shutin
>tell them there is nothing interesting about drinking while looking at other people drinking
>they cut me off completely
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eh fuck them, they sound like a bunch of idiots anyways.
you're right. don't become a blue collar alcoholic. it only leads to depression
>whatsapp group with some friends
>all normies
>constant spam of reddit/9gag memes, stoners bullshits and instagram whores pics

>tried so many things to try and discover my "talent"
>can't even be decent at many things
>some of these things I've done for years but not improved one bit
>drawing, playing instruments, archery, rifle shooting, making music, cooking, fishing, gardening, vidya, woodworking, writing and painting just to name a few
>spendt so much time and money trying to find something enjoyable to do while still being good at it
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talent is a meme, everything is learned through practice and repetition and studying.

You just have to pick something that you enjoy doing, and the fact that you enjoy it is good enough to carry you through the boring practice bits.
>talent is a meme
As stupid as saying ugly incels can compete with Chad's naturally superior genetics as long as they shower and have good personalities.
well I recently started trying out freediving and it's pretty cool but I still suck at it.
I've spendt about $400 on gear already so it better be something worth doing

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why are you still falling for the white women meme?
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If I had a big dick, I would exclusively fuck black women
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can white women ever compete? spoilers: the answer is no
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Black women are surely the dankest meme of all

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Im a 37 year old white male. I have been working since I was 14. Grew up in a single parent alcoholic home. I was addicted to heroin. I have lost many friends and loved ones. However, I have been clean for almost 15 years. I now have a good job, a beautiful wife and 2 great kids. As I read through these threads, one can't help but notice the amount of depression. Whether it's genuine or not, no one knows. But if it is genuine, I'm here to tell you that things can get better. You have to want to make it. Nothing is free. Everything in life you want you have to work your ass off for. So, stop making excuses and get off your ass and make something of yourself. That is all
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>Able to have a wife.
I'm 32 and I can tell you that you're full of shit. I've been working for 10 years, read so many help guides, and nothing still a khv. Also, get out normlefag.
I'm just pretending to be depressed, bro.
My gorgeous wife of 10 years and three beautiful children all send you and yours their regards.
Success is a competition. Only so much can go around in an unequal society with limited resources. Everything you achieve is a denial of what someone else can. Congratulations on destroying the contenders of whom you're apparently now trying to encourage. You think literally everybody can have a good job? They wouldn't be good if that were the case.

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What is your most deprived masturbation session?
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Any one that involves food up my ass and eating it later
I have actually never masturbated but I pretend to have masturbated to the most ridiculous fetishes as a way of normalizing them, in a furtive plan to destabilize society.

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>enjoy an album
>bang my head to the music and whisper lyrics to myself
>mom pokes me on shoulder
>tells me that she's been watching me for 10 minutes and even videotaped it
>threatens to upload it to youtube if I don't do my chores
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fuck that bitch. who cares if you were whispering and headbanging?
let her upload it and link it so we can enjoy your autistry.

embrace your errors.
>Giving a FUCKING SHIT anymore

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Just tried to slit my wrist
Man that hurt a lot. What was I thinking.

Any easier ways to kill myself?
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shut up, you teenage faggot
How bout not killing yourself pussy
Nitrogen hypoxia. Not only is it painless, but you get a high. This has been proven.

But I know you won't do it anyway because you're just an edgy teenage faggot. Pussy.

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Uhhhhhhh, I think the pizza was okay but uhhhhh it had bones in it and I couldnt get a 2 liter with it
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I disagreed with his burger king mac cheetos (now discontinued), they were not that cheesy, he made it out to be very cheesy, and it took him eating and chewing for a few minutes to come to that conclusion

How does this happen? Also are there any more pics of reviewbrah and his doggo?

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