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Who else is /actually a KHV/ here?
State your age and your state of mind.

I'm 20, never had any kind of relationship or sexual encounter with a girl.
Women scare me and I don't know how to interact with them. It makes me angry when people tell me shit like "just flirt", "just talk to her man" because I don't fucking know where I'm supposed to start.
Things that people learned in their teens and consider to be completely normal are just alien to me.
Are some people just destined to be alone forever?
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Honestly I don't even care about getting a romantic relationship, I just want a wife to have kids with. Too bad even that is asking for too much.
Never really had friends. It just doesn't 'happen' for me like it apparently does with other people. I don't even know any women personally.
20 too
The only girls I can talk "normally" are girls that are not feminine
Or I must be drunk

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Im honestly curious why so many gay people/people that are attracted to traps are on this website. Ive been here for 3 days and have seen more gay/trap shit than in my entire life, not even exaggerating.
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people on this board are not attracted to men, but, lonliness has led them into becoming prison gay. this means, they choose the middleground, which is traps.

traps also spend a lot of time online so are easier to access, are male so are easier to talk to, are degenerates and therefore are porn making sluts, and are all roughly 16-25

it was only naturl that a load of sexually starved internet users started liking trannies
i m a neet who spent most of his time jerking off, so i need more and more deviant things to get me off
lurk more dumb newfag

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If you fit any one of these just kill yourself lol
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>only a handlet and eyelet
Just a pathetic little smudge on my heavenly beauty.
does having dark circles make you an eyelet?
eyelet = negative canthal tilt or shit coloured eyes

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Why the fuck isn't there a women hate thread? Summer vacation should be just about over.
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I`m happy to contribute my utter loathing of the female gender.
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Clueless Whore.png
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Let's get it on faggots!
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I dont hate women as much as i hate the legal system for encouraging them.

Who here /big comfy guy/
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>blue moon
>little caesars
>shit rootbeer

5/10 comfy
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KYS fatty
Lil ceasers is fuckin pleb tier. Frozen pizza is better than that trash

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pepe is just an edgier version of minions
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Pepe's been around longer than minions.

In fact, I barely see the comparisons.
Were Rabbids proto Minions?

Fuck this gay robot

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So, NEETs why aren't you going to college yet?

Pic related; free money.
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good goy.
You can very clearly see that OP denied the loan
What's good /AZ/ fag?

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I'm balding at 21. Don't give a single fuck. Took me a few years to get to that point iibh. How are you balding bros doing? I haven't shaved yet because there is still enough there to pull off a hairstyle, but when he time comes I'm ready. Shaved it a few times. Personally, I look a little bit shitter but by the time it is necessary I will have no regrets.
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How the fuck did he survive?!?!
And they had to spin it like it was his choice when you know it was because of that disgusting hair.

why do girls constantly feel the need to humiliate us?
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Dude looks like he's about to flop out his dick
Nice of her.
Its mens fault for expecting women to respect them if they look like that guy.

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#hashtagSchizoWorld AYYY turn up where my schizoids at?!
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Fuck off, I don't need your social calls.
fuck off, psycho
Not with those trips you don't!

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how to make friends on this board ? the discords here are full of orbiter/gays/traps/normies i don't get along with
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i think you're better off making friends on discord than on this shithole
>make friends
normies gtfo reeeeeee

seriously though, why do you want friends on this board? go somewhere else for friendship
I'll be your friend, Anon desu desu

how's your tinder going lads? i have some matches but i'm always afraid to message them first. even if they message me first i can't think of a good response. makes me wonder why i even joined
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My tinder is going pretty good. Lots of matches and lots message first ect. Met up with one chick but didn't like her. Talking to another for about a week she's pretty and smart. Most girls on Tinder are retarded don't even try to have a good conversation with them.
1 week in and never met anyone yet.
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>only using tinder
Lad, get on my level. You need to cover more ground.

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Why do 99% of males masturbate while only 50% of girls do?

Why do guys masturbate more often and to orgasm than girls (i.e. once a day)?
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because women can have cock on their wish
sounds like you've been memed into thinking men and women are actually similar creatures aside from genitalia
>social stigma for girls to fap
>easier for guys
>girls need to be in the right mindset to actually orgasm and shit like that

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Are you over/underweight?
What do you eat on a daily basis?

What did you eat so far today?
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fat wojak sad.gif
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>overweight but trying to get back to normal
>I eat half of whet they serve in my hs dorm

> 1 toast this morning
> nothing for lunch
>still waiting to eat a little for dinner
maybe i ll eat an apple if i m too hungry

>i also drank two coffees, a bottle of orange juice and a 50 cl coke even tho i knew i wasn t supposed to

>tfw constantly hungry
Nice try, data collectors. You will never have my vital information freely.
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I just woke up and had 3 pieces of papa johns cheese pizza and a large coke a cola

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i dont get how men can be gay.
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I don't understand how it's possible to not want to kiss this face and spend every possible second by his side.
I sometimes wonder this myself. I see a beautiful lady that makes me diamonds and think exactly that to myself.
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i mean seriously there's no way being gay is a choice because what guy would chose men over the female form

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