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>tfw you will never live in Makhnovist Ukraine
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I feel you, comrade.
>tfw you will not die in holodomor after that
Makhnovism is literally stalinism.

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Wash your willy
A poem by anon

Wash your willy daily
Scrub abrasive, not fraily
Don't forget the corners and behind the papules
French fries arent nutritious for willy, unlike apples
And never forget to recycle your snapples
The willy may be scaley, but do not fret
My penis won't haunt your dreams?
Wanna bet?
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i would legitimate remove my penis if i had this problem

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>tfw you will never lie in bed with a girl, feeling the warmth of her breath on your skin and her hair
>you will never look into her eyes and see love
>your parents will never see their grandchildren and be proud of you
>you will never give them what they deserve
i've been crying in bed for thirty minutes. feels thread anyone?
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what makes you so sure it'll never happen?
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The feels, bruh. The feels are excruciatingly painful.

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post 'em

kys if you have a full head of hair
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what's it like to fill the wind go through you hair when a nice summer breeze passes you by. I wouldn't know.
HOLY SHIT that forehead
I would be more self-conscious about that abnormally long forehead

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There are literally kids out there with more experience with women than you
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>Happened in my city

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my parents faces when they found out I spent most of my uni graduation gift money on methamphetamines
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>My face after browsing this board
Drop the drugs you piece of shit.
I gradded summa cum laude I do what I want

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>Personallity of a leader
>Have a good vocabulary, can speak three languages
>However, can`t do shit alone
>Nobody wants to be with me
>Doomed for life
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>started every trend at old high school
>chads and stacys always took credit
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i want to say i got the 1 million get on /mu/ but it might be an invented memory at this point
i think it was supper's ready

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Let's say I want to castrate myself and never pay any attention to useless females. How do I go about it? Can I just walk up to the surgeon and tell him that I'd pay him for that?
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why go to a surgeon? just go the dyi route
Just start taking estrogen. It'll completely kill your sex drive.
ayy let me get some sauce on that

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>claims to hate normies
>proceeds to watch anime centered around normie characters and normie plots
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>not watching those shows to root for the "villains"

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It doesn't matter if you pass on your genes. The vast majority of our DNA is the same. If you have kids, then they will have only 50% of your DNA.

Their offspring will carry 25%, their offspring 12.5%, then 6.25%.

Chances are that this small sliver will be the small type of DNA that all humans share. Probably also a deactivated strand.
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sad songs r9k listens to
ive fucked it all up
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NASA live and the ambient music helps me cope with existence

you may not be happy now, not tomorrow. but someday. hope
hello darkness my old friend xd
the sound of silence, perfect day, times they are a-changing, nuclear by mike Oldfield, blowing in the wind, piano man

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>fell in love with fictional character again
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who is she?
picture related is my waifu
File: 1497497904917.png (119KB, 316x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>who is she?
It's a he.
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Fell in love with pic related from White Collar, it's funnily cruel how my onitis is identical

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I haven't seen a comfy thread all day.
Here's a picture I took while hiking
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it's over here >>37734110 in the catalog
That's an awesome picture anon
Tell us more about how your hiking day went
Double rainbow oh my god it's a double rainbow

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