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Unnumbered edition.

1. Use a name in the name field.
2. Share issues, ask questions.
3. Join group therapy.

Today's theme: hygiene.
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When I was a child, I was washed once a week. I've learned recently that this wasn't normal.

Is that true?
I'm losing the will to live everyday and my dreams are reflecting that belief accurately.

Depends on your life style.
If you ain't dirty there's no need for a shower right?
I wash about one every week sometimes more depending on what plans i have on that day.

Also nice trips.
>f you ain't dirty there's no need for a shower right?

Wrong. 3 times a week is a minimum. You'll also feel better, and that's a huge influence psychologically. Change your bedsheets, wear clean clothes, wash every other day or daily. You'll feel the difference.

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What are you basement dwellers eating?
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A bagel with almond butter and a glass of milk.
Nothing, it's ramadan
Just had two microwaveable hot dogs.

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Who is in the wrong here?
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larger image
>Who is in the wrong here?
The OP, for being a faggot and uploading a screenshot for ants.
the guy who posted a thumbnail

There's hope for you losers
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There's no hope for you OP
its a man baybay
That's depressing, anon.

Regardless of what robots and whomever else says, you can't have a relationship with anyone just because low enough standards. If you don't find something uplifting in the other person it is just not gonna work.

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Some of you guys are alright, don't go to Winterhold College tomorrow
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This is the kind of stupid shit I live for
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cat wizard.jpg
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Oh yeah? Or what!?




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*Knocks on car window*

WageCuck! Do you have any idea how fast you were wagecuking right there?

License and registration wagie!
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thank you for your service, officer NEET
Heres your you. Now fuck off originally
I love your threads. You're doing God's work op.

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>matches not responding
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>he gets matches

used tinder for a month and didnt get any
I'd prefer no matches to getting excited over an occasional match only to find out she isn't gonna reply.
>get a like on my profile on a dating site
>write a mail
>get an enthusiastic (in my reading) response
>write a second one
>never get an answer

I don't get it.

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>itt times you got free stuff

I'm about to walk out with this cheese in my pocket
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Cut and file your fingernails, you filthy ape.
I once bought a movie ticket with a $50 not and the change was $36
She accidentally handed me 2 20s instead of one. Made $6 and got a free movie.
Got advice Thanks anon, I just got a nailclipper as well

Gains from other peoples fails feel the best

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i shouldnt be making the threads but im too embarrased to pass messages or bother any of our mutual friends. everyone hates me by now so its okay to make threads right? Please add me back . dont leave youre like a parent to me
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I'm hijacking this thread.

This thread is now about angery cats.
please dont leave
i feel comforted whenever you talk to me, please father
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Good idea, anon
I fucking hate this original bot shit

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cat feel.jpg
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I can't cope with being alive and having to deal with everything it entails.

At this point I even doubt that it has anything to do with schizophrenia, it's just being me unable to handle life.

You know it's bad when living in the woods in a tent hunting squirrels seems appealing.

I am just so lost, you feel me?
I have no idea what, how and when to do it. Whatever it may be.
This is some stupid shit.

Why has life to be this way?
The worst part is that no matter how I spin it I doubt I will be living the life that I think is great.

I don't even know anymore what to believe is true and what isn't.
Is this life all a big joke or something?

I mean, why am I alive? Is there a plan to this or was it all just coincidence that all the factors game together in a way that the person resulting it in is me and not somebody else? Does this even make sense lmao.

I'd give everything I've gained up if somebody could just fix my head.

Can schizophrenia even do this to you? I don't believe that the NSA or somebody has wiretapped my house just to keep tabs on me. I don't see any shadow people living under my bed.
I just can't figure my life out and it is literally driving me nuts. What the heck is real and what is not?
It feels my perception of reality is so warped, it makes me mad.

I don't even know where I could go to find the answers I need. I don't even think I have all the questions I need answered.
What is the god damn point of any of this?

I appear calm on the outside but on the inside I feel like my metaphorical toe nails are getting ripped out.
I don't want to lose it again. I've come way too far to fall back into old patterns.

Please fix me. I want to be able to understand it all.
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You should try reading Stepphenwolf. I feel like I'm losing my mind and reality is fuckin strange around me and I resonated with that book a lot.
I'm working on learning to accept all the suffering so that I can see that every second of hapiness and sadness in my life already exist inside me in full.
I've read Siddhartha before. It's going on my list.
I love Siddhartha, but Steppenwolf was just easier to relate to considering I have more in common with a lonely old man than an indian priest.
I can't say I know exactly how you feel since that'd be wrong, but I feel like there's a tornado going on inside my heart and head, and I'm walking towards insanity ever second I let it continue.
I don't have a hard life, I'm lonely but I have a job and support myself. I've got friends and family but inside I still feel like I'm not satisfied, like I want to just hurry up and either get fixed or lose it so that I don't have to endure this anymore.
I hope that's similar to what you feel. Not many people know what I mean, not that I've ever vocalized any of this anyway.

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Do you guys actually want a fulfilling long-term relationship?
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You might get some no's from the disgusting normies on this board, but a robot does want a fulfilling long-term relationship. Normies want sex. Robots want love.
more than anything.

Will never happen though.

yea a robot is just someone who has accepted it will never happen

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feel skull.png
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Time is going far too fucking fast
How do I slow it down?
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you don't
orig desu
You noticed that too? I swear time really is speeding up, I theorize that it's because the earth is orbiting the sun faster and faster, like water going down a drain
you gotts travel to the end of the world
it's rumored that on the edge of this world and the next there is an island where time stands still and ppl never age
beware however cause everybody that came back from there reports of ppl becoming estranged with their former selfs and losing their memories and emotions

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>aliens decide to liquidate the human race
>some humans are chosen as collaborators
>these humans will not be liquidated but are sterilised
>they mostly act as camp guards, interpreters, interrogators etc or just dumb labor

would you collaborate or resist with your fellow humans?
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I would absolutely collaborate. Pls dont liquidate me anon, I know you are an ayy
Resist. What's the point in living if you're sterile?
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>implying I'm not going to get caught up on the logistics of this

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POWERBALL is now at $405 million dollars, buy you're tickets
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>buy you're tickets
>you're tickets
>you are
The winning numbers will be


Get on em
No. The winning number will be

Roll to get your number !!

Would you fuck a fat girl?
Why or why not?
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only if she was cute and carried most the weight in her ass
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fatties exist for pump and dump, no other purpose
Do they feel good to fuck?

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