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Fucking goddamn police and their stop and frisk bullshit. Always profiling me, harrassing my community. It's like I STEP outside and I'm inmate 177-946. Who the fuck do they think they ARE!
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Sounds like you live in a bad part of town.
Looks like you are trying to subtley introduce anons to gay porn.

Get out of here faggot!
OP is dummmy

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Why did he agree to get interviewed if he was going to fuck up that badly?
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Like he thought he was some mastermind killer and he puts himself in that situation then he completely falls apart. What the fuck was his problem>?
How did he fuck up? He seemed genuinely concerned for his missing neighbor.
I like how he lied about them being friends on any level.

inject normies with aids syringes
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>implying normies don't already have aids from the promiscuous escapades
with new HIV medication, they can live as long as anyone else. it's no longer a slow and painful death anymore
good idea can i borrow your aids syringe?

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Post more memes like this, please?
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this is the brainiest one I could make
Original! I originally dig it.
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i have a few ones.

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>get into and finish medschool
>join Doctors Without Boarders or the army
>settle down at a local hospital or start my own clinic
>get a wife, a house on the lake, and have 10 kids
>wife needs tp be qt to make up for my genetics
>otherwise will fertilize eggs bought from models
>live the Dad life and love my family
This is my destiny, if I fail I will kms and my family name will be forever lost as I'm the only son.
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Then what you gonna do? Sit around and wait to die? Plans are for squares
>what's your endgame?
><>become a nurse
><>live a long life
><>have no kids
><>break the hearts of women
><>get fucking jacked
><>run a marathon
What do you mean? I'll be busy as fuck

Thicc or Sticc

The great debate
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I choose boi
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high test men prefer thicc

gaybois and pedos like sticc
Sticc with oppai for me

what next? Make it kek worthy no cu.cks allowed.
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Send it again in all caps, DO YOU MAIN WIDOWMAKER?
Stupid fucking spelling of that name. Anyway she's cute as fuck and has her chichis on full display.
Why do you even bother with this Chadbaiting Tindr bullshit? It's a huge waste of time and it will only make you more depressed that none of these girls would ever even consider the man behind the Chad. I don't know why you anons even bother with this.

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Take a picture of the post above you.
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I hope you can cancer and die, OP.
What happened to your screen? Did they fidget spinner hit it?
bullies detected ITT. pls leave.

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Describe your favorite video game character, and others will guess it.

>Is a ninja
>Usually the games this character is in are very difficult
>doesn't speak much
>Is also a playable character in a classic fighting game series
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He's a pilot
Ryu from Ninja Gaiden
he is green and he moves

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>He doesn't go for morning runs
Explain yourself
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I'm too fucking anxious to go outside
How the fuck do you run it's just non stop pain the whole time
I ride my bike home from work every morning, does that count? Running is too hard on my asthmatic lungs.

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>be more confident
>get called a creep

Thanks normies
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>have a better diet
>better hairstyle
>probably even some make up if you are some turbo insecure autist
there you go
I tried to act confident for a year or two. It went good, but then I realized I still had no friends and no gf. I acted prideful and made jokes which made people laugh, but in the end I still failed. Why?
20/10 stan vs 2/10 meme man

She is STD free and willing,would you fuck her?
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not into beastiality t b h
std's are so fucking easy to get rid of. literally just take a shot or a pill and they're gone for good.

hiv is the scary shit and even then it's hard to get that. vaginal fluid has to literally get IN your urethra. Just wear a fucking condom
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Did you photoshop a fucking horse vagina onto a girl?

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You have 3 wishes.
You can't ask for more wishes or anything stupid like that.
You can say AND in your wishes as long as it's to clarify your wish

What do you wish for?

I'd wish
-For everyone who dies is transported to a fantasy world with levels and monsters and guilds and there everyone can revive like in a game when they die and there are infinite of those worlds so it never gets too crowded
-To be extremely lucky
-To have a cool superpower

What about YOU!?
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>sustainable ultraNEET lifestyle
>qt neet gf with a mutual understanding of feels who shares degenerate fantasies and loves me as much as i love her
I'd wish to go back to 2009 fix everything
1-death of everyone.
2-a .50 revolver
Guess what comes next?

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Why haven't you gotten a trap gf yet anon?
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I- I don't know what to think about this webm
>Why haven't you gotten a trap gf yet anon?
because I can't get ANY gf because I am a robot

>why haven't you got a kind of gf that makes up .001 percent of all girls yet, anon?

Because me and my red headed, bisexual, astronaut gf like to keep it monogamous, obviously.

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>tfw you want to get so rich you dont have to worry about anything in life and fuck around however you please

>but at the same time you want your life to have substance, which requires you to be human and you may die poor and worthless

How do I deal
with this feel
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What do you mean by substance? Friends? forget about them, they bring an illusion of belonging and happiness.
Become your own best friend and earn a shit ton of money so that you can buy and do whatever you want
give me all of your money, i will make and send you interesting things that just by your possession can lead to "substance"
Substance as in pursuing your craft
mine is art and I draw all day and night and its like staring into the abyss because I might not ever make it

and I know tons of people like me who end up working at Starbucks or being some nobody at a big studio where fat jews eat up their work and take all the money

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