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Anyone here who has a story about a pedophile or a sex offender, or happens to be one? I'll start
>Be in 11th grade algebra class
>Classmate (pic unrelated) is big fat guy with long red hair, glasses, fat negro lips, mole on his face, big mantits, kind of looked like he could be a Chris-Chan style tranny
>Was a classical fedorian autist who wore trenchcoats and MLP shirts
>During lecture he is seen ducking his head down at his desk with the cubby facing away from the rest of the class
>Notice his arm slightly moving continuously
>See his hand in his pocket and realize he is jerking off
>Sneak up on him and yell "Watcha odin'?!"
>He jumps up and his hand emerges from his pocket
>He tries to cover up his phone with his hand but it falls off his lap and onto the floor
>On his phone is fucking child pornography
>Started bawling while the principal and school police apprehended him and insisted "it wasn't pornography, they were legal art nudes"
>The next day in class the teacher plays Beat It by Michael Hackson and Little Girls by Oingo Boingo
>About a few weeks later further charges were brought against him because he had repeatedly molested a young girl
>Tfw he always talked about his "girlfriend" before he got arrested and his victim was probably that girl he was talking about
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brexit and chill.jpg
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>Talking to a friend/ work colleague who I used to get stoned with
> We're talking about out families
> He lets slip that his brother did 'one of the worst things you can imagine'
> Doesn't go into much more detail

Fast forward to a few days after
>Google his brothers name
> Turns out that his brother is serving a 10 year sentence for child rape and possession of cp
> He had been 'playing games' with a cousin every time she had come round
>She was either 7 or 8 years old I cant remember
> Eventually told her parents, and they told the police
> Minimum 10 year sentence at Dartmoor prison

Last i heard, he had been moved to isolation because the other inmates found out what he was in for
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Bumping this good thread for.more autist stories
Most of the time I hear that pedophiles are put into isolation to serve their sentence. Obviously letting inmates kill them isn't doing justice.

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When did you realise you were gay?
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That kid is gonna be one hot bottom twink
That kid is gonna be one hot top twink
That kid is gonna be one hot tranny

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>tfw obsessed with incest
>tfw can't stop reading online stories about incest
>tfw all hentai I watch is incest related
>tfw all hentai manga I read is incest related
>tfw can't even get hard if incest is not involved
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incest is best fetish. don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Also "mom fucks Chadson and not beta son" is best incest scenario
We exist. Well, at least I do. I don't like anything tame. Most of my fetishes are illegal and I am not one to break the law just to get off. Needless to say, this is why I can never get a girlfriend, I am as far from normie with my fetishes as you can get. I get turned on by thoughts of going to a funeral of my daughter and raping her dead corpse while my family watches.
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For me the scenario where I'm the only son and I fuck hot mother and sisters is the best one.
To each his own I guess

Same here, except necrophilia isn't my turn on
I'm a huge lolicon, and often think of kidnapping and raping. I have also bought materials to make chloroform, but I doubt I'd go through since because it's so risky. I make do with fantasizing

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I want to unironically destroy the world.
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I unironically believe I am a messiah who was incarnated into this world to lead a revolution against evil. I don't blame you for hating the world, it is corrupt.
Just engineer a plague, shouldn't be too hard.
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I do not know about all that stuff but I want to eradicate all of humanity because Chad stole my thunder today

But fuck yea dude let's form a league of robot evil.

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1. Use a name in the namefield

2. Share your problemes, ask questions.

3. Be listened to, cared for.

4. Join in group therapy by interacting with the others.

5. Share anecdotes from your life and hear others' take on it; people always normalise their own past, to the point of not seeing obvious abuse, obvious to everyone else but them.

6. Do not be intimidated by regular posters: new people are very, very welcome.
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Hay Nick,
I'm feeling extremely like shit,
I've been wanting to talk to you the whole day and now I'm not even sure what I want to say.
One of the many things is:
a friend of a friend is a better artist than me, and offered his help, but I couldn't say yes,
I don't know what's stopping me, all I know is that even just thinking about when he asked me that makes me anxious.

There are many other stuff going on in my mind right now, all sad stuff, I'm finding myself wondering if when I smile I'm really happy or if it's always a facade.

Wow I remember when you used to do fit threads. You are so pathetic.
It's ridiculous how hung up I get on trivial things like winning all of the minigames in a video game. I'm absolutely bummed out right now.

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Are you a pedophile if you like teenage girls?
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I'm a pedophile and most 13-year-olds look too old for me.
This. What OP is talking about is hebephelia.
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>16 is legal where I live
Should be 14

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>have online normie/cyborg friend
>5'11, 5,5 inch, 5/10 face, kind of nice voice
>he starts going to a card shop
>basically the 4chan of card shops, opens late, closes in the AM
>make nerd friends
>has fun
>has a real gril
>makes enemies at the card shop
>he just Chadded the whole card shop
>is happy for him

>i find le grils picture from facebook
>nose piercing
>that weird black necklace/collar thing
>discord girl
>talks like a lesbian
>her and my friend are fuckbuddies
>is poly
How can I break it to my friend that shit will just not work out?
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How do you know his dick size?
>How can I break it to my friend that shit will just not work out?
are you sure your friend isn't just using her to get his dick wet instead of forming plans to stay with her the rest of his life?
Your friend has low standards for what he wants in life. Let the creature be happy.

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Hey /r9k/ are pizza delivery jobs comfy? I saw one of you say as much in a thread here yesterday. What if some Chad doesn't want to pay for his pizza and decides to beat me up?
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My friend makes like 20 bucks an hour doing it in a college town. He almost always gets tipped and I don't think has been robbed.
They fucking suck.

Run your car into the ground to bring food to assholes who won't tip you on a whim.

Hell, I was threatened plenty of times and likely would have been attacked if I weren't huge. I even got shot at once, too.
I think the ultimate comfy job is working the night shift at a gas station

Do you prefer love or sex?
Honestly i prefer love
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mods please enforce rule 2
You could buy sex if you wanted to. Love, on the other hand...
It's like asking if i prefer driving a Lamborghini or a Porsche
never experienced either

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Are chads born?

Think about it this way. The earlier you throw your self in uncomfortable social situations the sooner you'll be on the road to chad.

Chads went to middle school dances and talked to girls when they were 11

They asked a girl out the following months

By 13 they've been rejected multiple times while you haven't even asked a girl out

By 15 they are ok with having female friends they don't want to fuck because they can talk to new girls and find ones to date and fuck

While you find that one girl you want to date and she becomes your oneitis

By 18 you're still getting fucked over by your oneitis and chad is going to social events and parties getting numbers every weekend
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Nobody's born a chad but the early years and childhood decide if you're going to be a chad or not through how your actions are received and how you are treated by others.

Chads are that prime trophy dogs at the dog show while robots are those mixed breed muts you have to put down because they were mistreated and became unstable
It's a feedback loop. Good looking people are treated well from a young age. Ugly people are treated badly from a young age. When everyone treats you well, of course you have no reason to be depressed or socially anxious, and of course you're confident.

For ugly people, it's the opposite, and the lack of confidence leads to people treating you worse, which means less confidence, etc
Mhmm well when i was a kid i was bullied because of my name, parents divorced when i was 2, spent 13 years as a shut in fag playing ps1/2 games.
When i moved to america i always had some trouble getting pussy but nothing unachievable, by the time i hit 18 i already fucked 6 girls and im not even that goodlooking, the only thing i got going for me is the fact im 6'3 and have broad shoulders. Other than that i pushed almost everyone i ever loved away (fucking /pol/) and now i moved to Spain and im 100% alone havent met anyone yet for almost 2 months so hopefully I'll get out of this rut

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Did you skip class in high school anon?
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No. Even if I was legitimately I'll my mom either made me go or made me spend the entire day at the doctors with her which was worse. Perfect attendance yay...
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no, school skipped me
Rush b comrade.
Man, I wish I skipped high school and dropped out. Anyone else feel the same way?

Where do I find traps?
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Man what the hell is that....
Fucking blood on my eyes men.... Fucking fuck nightmare fuel
try egyptian pyramids? maybe some crazy rednecks back yard
blisters from scarification.

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If you are skinny, you can't be a robot.
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>having enough money to buy enough food to get fat

No, its you who cannot be a robot
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>implying girls want a skinnyfat wristlet
>implying girls want an average weight guy

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What is the consensus on blepe?
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What are blepes pronouns?
bluh is plural
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(this comment is original)

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Will anyone ever love her as much as I did?
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Probably not but she will love them more than she ever loved you
Show me where it hurts.

No because you love just like you do. They can try to replac3 you but you are you, no one else can fill that place.

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