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how do i stop feeling depressed whenever a girl i remotely like talks and flirts with other men?
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Whenever a girl talks to me I feel bad after since she had to experience talking to me
like i know they are just joking around but it still gives me this sinking feeling in my stomach that doesn't go away for days
If you love her, let her go

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What scares you most anons?
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Used to be being alone. Now I'm afraid of not being alone.
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Normies flooding up our board.

Anyone else feel like they're finally starting to die down?

time terrifies me, it something that we cant stop, change or do anything about. its like being strapped into a roller coaster with an inevitable end. some people fall off and theres nothing you can do bar watch their memory fade until the other passengers forget.

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Over the last year or so I've noticed how incredibly boring video games have become to me. I have an Xbone, Steam library full of games, and a WoW account and I have absolutely no desire to ever play any of them again.

Who else knows this feel? I don't know why I've dropped all interest in games but I'm actually very glad it has happened.
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Not really, I have a PS4, 3ds, Vita, PC and I'm loving vidya more than ever before right now, these past months have been better than the entire year of 2016.
Same here anon, if you can find another hobby to take your mind of them for a few months you can probably get that spark back again
You've grown up. Congratulations, you now feel you have no more time for vidya. Be proud. Go outside and stake your claim somewhere.

What autistic stuff are you gonna do today?
>trying to learn "My Heart Will go on" on a flute
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>>trying to learn "My Heart Will go on" on a flute

Post butt
Going to a STEM related industry event.
Doing a local 5k
Having lunch with the old man
Playing Persona 5

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fucking top 100 normie music
go listen to ac/dc u fucking normie
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Feellowcard is where the feels are

There's a place off Ocean Avenue
Where I used to sit and talk with you
We were both 16 and it felt so right
Sleeping all day, staying up all night
Staying up all night
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Can we talk about phimosis for a second?

I had it as a kid and never knew. Sure, when I was at the urinal next to other boys I noticed they could pull back their foreskin more than mine, but I just figured it was how I was. Then I got into my teenage years and started doing the dirty, until one day my foreskin finally came back. Ho-lee-fuck. The sensory overload, nerves that had never been touched in my entire life. It was the most sensitive thing you could imagine, I touched the head of my dick and it was painful. And all the built up smegma, holy fuck. So much. Like a layer.

Seriously though that shit was so sensitive. I had to fill the bath and just lay in it to clean it, and even touching it through water was extremely painful. Apparently only 10% of people have it into their teens like me.
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>tfw 25 and still have phimosis

At this point, I'm afraid to try.

How does that work when you get an erection? I barely have enough skin to fully cover the nob when it's soft lol
I didn't even realise this was a problem. I've never even tried pulling mine back lol

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What's the most normie thing you could do/say in your eyes?

>What you don't drink coffee? who doesn't like coffee?
>You shouldn't talk to me before I had my morning coffee.
>anyone who doesn't like coffee doesn't have taste.
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>If you've got nothing to hide then why do you care if the government has access to all of your private data

Typical java slut sentiment desu senpai.
Caffeine makes my head ache really bad, even the smallest amount of it. And it's only getting worse. I can't even drink tea anymore. (Only fruit "tea" that has no tea in it actually.)

I hate smokers btw. Fucking scum.

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Who else here /friendswithchad/?

>be me
>friend with guy who's 6'3, plays for the basket ball team, confident
>visits here once
>thinks he's a robot
>I'm 5'8 lanklet
>"just gotta be urself bro"

Anyone else got a friend like this?
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just be urself bro trust me on this one it works
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Really? Will this work anon?
Seriously though the dude on the left's facial aesthetics are utterly god tier.
I legit popped a boner

>no meme mbti thread
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I'm INTP and I hate myself
ISTP. The world is useless and all things gained are lost.
Find yourselves and say if it fits you.


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Guess from where the other posters are based on their accent.
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german or kankerhoer a mile away
Australian...maybe. I'm bad at this.
I guessing czech maybe?

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download (6).jpg
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>checking balls
>notice lump on one of them near the top

Looks like I'm going to die robots. I'm not sure how to deal with this.
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testicular cancer is pretty easy to deal with if you go to a doctor soon enough

so just go to a fucking doctor
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>I'm not sure how to deal with this.

I have an idea. Pic related.

oh, sorry, I just remembered that you probably live in the US and have awful health insurance because the US doesn't give a shit about basic human rights

if that's the case, RIP I guess

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>tfw browsing 4chan since 2009

I was the young newfag once, now I'm just an old cynical asshole
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08 here, ready to off myself
>been lurking since 2009 (senior year of high school)
>occasionally got called a newfag or plain out cancer
>been here 8 years, longer than 4chan was a thing back then

I still feel like a newfag and I wish I could go back.
I started browsing 4chan in 06 because I though the habbo hotel shit was ~hilarious~

the pool has AIDS lol requesting blackup am I cool yet you guys

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What the fuck was wrong with this guy?
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autism and a twist of schizophrenia, i'm assuming
Raised by narcissists, surrounded by narcissists. Never had a chance.

His story is a tragedy.
ugly manlet

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hi, normie here

I've been posting here since 2008

maybe it is you who should get out

think about it
Boards change, vegetable.

This is r9k if it's not to your liking, fuck off and take your frog with you. There's a good boy.
If you were a real Robot you would have probably killed yourself by now desu

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I just went shopping and I'm fucking seething. I cannot believe what I have to put up with.
>get to self checkout
>buy my usual rusks and chocolate milk
>roastie guarding the self checkout is just standing there eyeing up some Chad in the line
> my receipt comes out of the machine and I wait for her to take out and put it in the bin
> she just stands there
>I state at her until we make eye contact and she gives me a weird look, makes literally no effort to come over to the machine a do her fucking job
> eventually sigh loudly and reluctantly take the receipt out myself and put it in the bin next to her, shoot her dirty look back
> walk out and spill chocolate milk on the floor outside

I don't understand these wageslaves at all. They've got a steady job and decent hours, but they let it go to waste because they can't walk 3 feet.
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they must be farley's rusks? surely?
should have smacked that bitch, nasty time
does anybody have this image uncropped?

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