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what are your guy's opinions on Israeli women like pic related.
I'm torn between disliking kikes but then they have these beautiful women. Is this another one of those Jewish mind control things? And no I did not forgot about the USS Liberty "accident"
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But you posted white women. Uu
your kids would be Jewish. Just hold onto that thought
Some Israelis look really fucking white, because you have all these blue-eyed European kikes returning to muh homeland.

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Can we get a letterboxd thread going? I know this belongs on /tv/ but it's impossible to have an actual discussion over there.
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I'll be up for a few hours and would gladly rate anyone that posts their profile ITT
the letterboxd threads on tv are pathetic, its the same bunch of people trying to look superior with their taste every time.
I was hoping a few of you guys would have accounts and want to talk about movies. I'm not a patrician at all and just love cheesy horror films so I can't exactly post over there

>What the fuck are you looking at faggot? *slaps fidget spinner out of your hand*
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>tfw no sporty Chad bf to initially bully you while slowly realizing his inner homo and shifting the vibe of the bullying from malicious to flirty
nice haircut homo

*slaps football out of hand*
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*punches underage chad in the frickin nose

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BritNormie, Poleaboo, Marko, SSanon, Ebin, Tilde, Shipposter, Nightwalk anon, >Tfw East Devon, Pikeyanon, Isles of Scilly anon, Gambleanon, ShrewsburyAnon, BotleyAnon, BurgerAnon, FrenchLad, LeithAnon, Xi Jinping, Milk Cat, Truck boys, Sexy Kev, Richard Hillman, This plate is your fate, Security anon and LeedsLad edition
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kinda miss ed
britnormie has tricked you into thinking those are different peolpe
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Milk Cat 89

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>try to learn lucid dreaming for over a year
>can't do it
I'm so fucking upset, I just want to live in a fake escapist world forever. The moment realistic VR exists I'm plugging myself in and not coming out.
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Have you tried the cold method?
I've been giving myself nightmares every night with it but it helps me control them and be self aware when they're just normal dreams.
>He thinks getting the first lucid will be like this

You still have a long road ahead anon
I don't really care.
But thanks for Asuka, i didnt have that pic in my collection

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>start drinking more water
>notice I have more energy, have less brain fog, have a better mood, don't fap to (as much) degenerate stuff, even drugs feel better

What the fuck, guys? It's like this shit is literally a cure for everything.
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>be thirsty
>drink water
>literally the most refreshing and thirst-quenching beverage in the entire world

I only drink water and I still feel like shit most of the time.

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Who here never went to school at all? I was home schooled my whole life because my parents are white trash and I believe not going to school caused a lot of my issues and turned me into a robot, and then again I read about how going to school caused even more issues for a lot of robots so maybe it was for the best. What do you think would of happen if me or some other anon went to school?
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I'm gonna reply to you because I hate how lonely your thread looks
is this how not going to school feels like?
Going to school is definitely needed to have a normal life. Though there are plenty of home schooled people who can end up having friends all throughout their life. Though it is definitely better to go to regular school as opposed to being home schooled.

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the only person i care about in the world is dying and wont talk to me and wont let me see them
i cant handle this someone please help me
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Tell us more about your relationship with this person, anon.
Get in there and jam in your cock...COCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!
wow i really fucked that post up
she was someone i met here about a year ago and we fell in love
she left without really saying anything and a few weeks ago i heard from her that she is dying and just wants to be alone till the end
i just want to talk to her while i still can
it hurts so fucking much

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*puts on leggings*
*hooks up with third guy in a week*
*dumps 86th boyfriend for 87th*
*gets molested by uncle*
*begs for (you)s on 4chan*
*uploads nudes to reddit*
*orgasms mid rape*
*majors in women's studies*
*asks beta for shoes over discord*
*takes selfie at 45 degree angle*
*deepthroats Jamal*

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We Wuz Science
Please delete this thread.

1000% original comment
Thanks for the bump :^)

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Gradient Gondola.png
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Me and My friends just started up a new discord server any robots wanna join we have gondolas.
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File: the cave.png (2MB, 1024x709px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
the cave.png
2MB, 1024x709px
We also have everything stated in this handy little flyer.
File: geb.png (30KB, 747x491px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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gondola you say?
We have the best gondolas

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Who /STEAM/ here?
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Get that shit out of here
Is STEM the new LGBT?
I love how they're trying to push that shit.

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Anon, your "preferences" are problematic
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So is your mustache.
..a dude.

>Anon, your "height" is problematic

anyone here infinitely prefer automatic cars to manual cars?

i bought a manual car a while back and i got it at a steal and im glad i bought it but it seems like anytime ive ever drove it anywhere i felt like i needed a cigarette after wards because im always afraid of stalling when starting and stopping. also hills scare me even though i can start on one i just get nervous and sweaty thinking what if i stall and roll back

does this make me a pussy or pathetic for loving my automatic car? do most people in the us know how to drive/like driving a stick shift?
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You can tell when it's about to stall. If it starts to just give it more throttle, you'll get a feel for it after a bit. On hills and when pulling out into traffic you just gotta dump the clutch. Preferably don't try it on hills until you can do it consistently.
lol ve been trying not to but on a couple hills (kinda sloped downward) i revved it and and off the clutch kinda fast, accidently made a screech with my tires one :/
Don't dump the clutch, it's shitty for your passengers and doesn't work unless your engine has low end torque.
Riding the clutch for a second until you get above stall speed is normal; it's what the clutch is for.

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Anyone else from this shithole? I want to die everyday when taking the SEPTA through the urban decay.
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I'm actually gonna intern there next week. Can you give me some info about Philly?
Don't hang out around Kensington.
>lots of unhappy people
>shitty sports teams
>decent food (mostly unhealthy though)
>hipsters and junkies everywhere
>heroin needles all over the place

Outside of center city directly around philly is no mans land with rampant crime until you get past Fern Rock then it is quite cozy.

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>"I love to read too!"
>Could she be the one I've been serc-
>"Harry Potter is my favorite, but I've been re-reading all of John Green's books recently"

Every time...
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>"I love to shitpost too!"
>Could she be the one I've been serc
>"Reddit is my favorite!"

Honestly that's a good enough start for me, I'm sure I could work her up to actual shitposting if given some time.
>tfw don't read children's books but still don't read the pretentious books that most robots expect for you to be "good enough"
zen & the art of motorcycle maintenance is condescending and dry at times

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