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how much do you think your looks hold you back (from jobs,dating etc)?
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My looks are all right it's my height that fucking sucks.
Getting a job requiring you to face other people is never going to happen if you're ugly.

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They cook authentic Mex food, give you lots of love (high sex drive), look very beautiful (naturally curvy), pretty warm skin tone, play soccer/dance to stay fit. They are only clingy because they love you so much.
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For the first time, I am ashamed. This girl is 15 and if she didn't have such a baby face, I would be worried for my own mental health.
Only bad thing I see is high sex drive mostly because I have a low sex drive and high sex drives can get you to cheat a lot.

>high sex drive

You're retarded.

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so some random guy replayed to one of my youtube comments and for some reason his comment really hurt me on an emotional level, whats odd to me is that this anger towards me came out of nowhere and my original comment was just a harmless joke, i was already depressed but this really made me consider suicide. I know its just a stranger on the internet and that i shouldn't take it seriously but this time it really made me feel like shit

this was the youtube comment

more like you're a non-entity parasite that wishes he was somebody else every day you wake up in crippling depression and you cherish your carefully placed cry for attention in this comment section which you suck on like it was life sustaining berries in the wilderness you were lost and starving in days because you're a worthless little faggot who should LITURLAY kill herself
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nice b8 m8

2/10 for making me reply
Haven't you ever tried this before?
Drink drano, my dude
A shitty YouTube channel is basically the epitome of being an absolute fucking miserable failure at being a human being.

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I'll start:

>it has the one girl that is really a boy
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the anime is cancelled after the pilot episode because it's fucking gay
Gets turned into a girl who is really a girl.
you already made my mind jump to gay interracial meme fetish

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>tfw no ring-bearer bf
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No bf who's asexual

The comfiest guy I ever met was asexual
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tfw I see this post multiple times a day
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>tfw I post this post multiple times a day

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>tfw no qt Latina gf to cuddle with
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i guess.
we'll be alone forever
that's adorable. mexican girls don't just listen to reggaeton, though. I'm not sure if that genre is even popular anymore.
Every single one of them wants a soccer playing, muscular, alpha man.
And non of them will ever love me.
t. hispanic

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How much time do you spend on 4chan? I need some data for a fag that thinks 4 hours a day is a lot.
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Around 1-2 hours a day. I'm not a complete manlet, just a half robot.
I spend 12 hours on here everyday because I have no life
Like ten.

Why are they so evil?
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Nature, unfortunately. They truly don't give a shit about anyone besides themselves.
It's to compensate for being smaller and weaker.
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At what point are women no longer people?


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>gf wants to rent a apartment with me even tho she has no income

what do you think?
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dont fucking do it idiot

once you sign the contract youre fucked and she gets a free place to live
My step sister did this and she lived with him for a couple of months then broke up.
I bet the guy is in a shitload of debt now kek.
Go and ask this in another board you fucking normie

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Post songs that you used to like but came back to listen to later and cringed.

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Few years back I listened to a lot of Christian rap...came back and some of it was kind of good but a whole lot of it was cringe fest.
I've listened to some Christian rap and metal. Honestly, if the beat or bass/riffs are good idc.
gay lul not gay desu

ITT: We talk shit about each others voices

I'll start: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1mz1tnhBSkv
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> tfw cant say anything resembling natural conversation without sounding spergy.
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Because we need a plan to scare normies away, I shall start a traditional POO POO PEE PEE thread
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fuck you all, normies
your girlfriends will cheat on you and your bosses are only getting richer as you feed them with your wagecuckery
Some normie will write a book about the poo poo pee pee pepe artistic movement in the future and there's nothing you can do about it.

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Why are you still here, normies?

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What does it feel like to have a girl worship your cock and go all out to pleasure it from top to bottom?
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I don't know. I would love to pleasure a cock though. Lick it up and down. Suck on the balls and try to take as much as I can in my mouth.

I want to be a cum slut.
How old are you bb?
Does that matter? I am old enough to worship a cock. They always just look so delicious.

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Fembot here. Why are robots so fucking retarded? Why don't they fucking filter the term (fembot)? Are they that lazy + stupid?

Tfw not having a woman to love can somehow cause a man(in this case a stupid robot) to fucking get anxiety and shit lmao. Like get the fuck over it. Haha
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this is not original bait
Hahaha fuck yourself. I literally just bumped my own thread. That sage is worthless. Kys.can't answer my question huh? Stupid
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I know what to do.

>fap after having not fapped for a couple of days
Guys how am I supposed to lull the Old One back to slumber?
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Shit anon im the same as you.
The only answer is eat, sleep and dont fap.
Just satiate my curiosity please

what type of life do you have?

Same here. I've been on nofap for weeks because masturbation really does negatively affect me in a mental and cognitive way. I used to masturbate once every three days and even then the brain fog was too intense. I also would feel drained and weak.

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