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Girls are attracted to guys who are skilled, passionate, or knowledgeable about something. What would that thing be for you?
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music, but girls aren't interested in musical theory/history so it's pointless
i know alot about ww2 thats about it

aka shit no girl cares about beyond surface level
the ones that do are unicorns and have boyfriends

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>everybody else has goals and motivations
>they know exactly where they're going and how to get there
>tfw don't know what I want and lay around bed all day trying to figure out what matters to me
>tfw the answer I keep coming up with is "nothing" and "I just want to sleep a lot and watch movies and eat good food and not have to work"
>tfw this is looked down upon and is not feasible in our dog-eat-dog world
>tfw the minimum standard for people is to dump 8 hours of your life every day into a job that you hate and gives you anxiety
>if you do anything less than this, you are filthy, lazy scum and normies hate your guts
>parents disown you and your friends grow distant from you
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I was looking into an "at least it's not retail" job and was shocked by just how little money I'll have. By the time you factor in rent, saving for cars/homes, utilities, food, taxes, retirement investment, etc, I'd only be keeping $2775 dollars for myself. Now I see why my parents got pissed off over what I considered to be trivial amounts of waste as a kid.
Is it better to have no goals than to have goals that are unattainable? The former seems preferable, desu.
>>parents disown you and your friends grow distant from you

This has to be the worst part desu

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Do the people around you like you or they despise you?
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I'm tolerated/ignored.

t. Age 29, NEET of 11 years.
Most of them like me.
Wonder Boy VI was a good game.
probably indifferent, I'm average looking and quiet

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What do you do? Decline or accept?
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tempting .. .very tempting
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It's customary in the west to disclose the entire deal.
What will we be filming, how's the pay?
From what I can gather from this exchange I'd be retarded to accept as I find the Animu grill quite attractive.
Accept, especially if she lets me keep the footage

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>TFW when sectioned at a mental institution
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Looks bretty comfy. Congrats
>sectioned with a TV and phone

Damn you Brits have it good.
It is. Got weetabix for breakfast!

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Hey, Anon. Wanna play video games with me?
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>that fucking face
every time
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Sure, I could go for some smash.
I'd rather see your penis. Whip it out!

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I'm a 24 year old female.

I have no money. Prostitution seems like an easy way. i don't know how much I can ask for.

Clean, no STDS. Only slept with 1 guy, good face, average body ( but willing to work on it)

How much would you pay? ( if you use these services. Get out roastie is not helpful)
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depends on where you are. the market varies across the states.
Want to come live with me instead? I can cover your expenses, the rent, etc. In exchange all you have to do is cook and clean for me, and have sex if I'm attracted to you. Don't care if you camwhore or whatever on the side, I can even help you get set up with that stuff.
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Actually, that is a good idea. I'll up the ante.

- Monthly budget for expenses
- Live in a house, I'll cover your rent
- Life coaching / advice
- 1 year timeline

- Have sex if I'm attracted to you on request
- Keep house reasonably clean

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Robot Desktop Thread
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>not having a black desktop
>i stare into the abyss
>it stares back

also nice part choice
Ayyyyy nice job choosing the best jojo part but try getting some better cover for your background picture

Thank you, Gyro.
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I need to get the other dual screen wallpapers off my other computer.

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Post 'em

I don't know how to play bingo but I got a whole line is that a good thing?
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OP here posing results
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Didn't expect myself to be this pathetic.
Oh dear.
only 1 bingo, not bad

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Shut the fuck up and give me all the anime!
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This is my current favorite anime girl
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Move and the loli gets it.
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How do you feel knowing that Wendy is not a smug anime girl, but just a salty fat guy behind a computer?
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How salty and how fat?
Jealous because that salty fat guy is getting paid to live our dream
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Heh thats where you're wrong kiddo

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>Eh?! You think I'm cute?!
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no i think u look like a poop
I was talking to the boy behind you sorry
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>tfw you'll never make a girl feel wanted for the first time

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Hey robots. What's your doc tonight?
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home brews
I'm 3 months clean off fentanyl. Before hand I was on 300mg oxy a day. Then my dboy had fake mboxs with fentanyl. Year ago a quarter of that would land me on my ass. 3 months ago a full would barely make me right. If you're having troubles just know you can kick it!
Thanks for the words of encouragement anon. This is only my third time snorting them but I'm gonna take this as an early sign to not continue ever again.

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how is getting your dick sucked by another man gay? emasculating another man and being dominant is manly, so what's wrong with getting my dick sucked from grindr?
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If you have to rationalize it and ask then deep in your heart you know it's fucking gay, faggot.
Hi guys I'm not saying you go then it cheers to the airport but it's a short week of the day mosque and and advantage of this does he live and then back and visit Norway and get a pint I cum to the airport tonight but I can't I come down you are a good day is gay desu to
I agree that dominating another human regardless of gender is masculine.

However if the guy who is sucking your dick is doing so willingly he isn't being dominated by you.

I'd probably only do it if it was againt his will and if he had a feminine face.

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>be stupid blasian girl
>don't identify with asian because no asians talk to me nor was I raised or appreciated by asian side of family
>been told I'm not full black so cannot belong
so where do I belong, fags?
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Not here you stupid roasty piece of shit.
On my diq
post feminine penis

did u get the bbc genes?

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