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>tfw cannot graduate high school because I didn't turn up for penis inspection day

Fuck this shitty education system REEEEEEEEEE
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I am the result of an violent alcoholic loser that rawed a 4.5/10 whore at a party and forced her NOT to get an abortion.

I was also raised by my grandmother.

Jesus fuck man I'm a fucking MESS, I didn't stand one fucking chance.
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People like us who had no chance are the true robots. Loosers who got loved by their parents need to gtfo

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Why does it sound like he's saying EEEEEEEE
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Have you ever been in a relationship with an older woman?
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Im 22 currently banging a 34 year old. Does that count?
The first time I went on a date (at age 23) was with this Thai MILF who asked me out -- who just turned 30 at the time.

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>tfw enter college
>start going to the gym
>start taking karate classes
>start adamantly reading the news
>start talking more to parents
>mfw after two years I can barely see any worthwile gains
>mfw karate is boring as fuck and I have shit memory and I'm a pussy
>mfw I'm literate on world happenings but can't talk about them outside the internet
>mfw I can't find the energy to keep being chatty with family
>buy multiplayer games
>get killed eleven times, kills zero times
>mfw discover I can't play for shit anymore

Why do I suck at every single thing. Every-single-thing. I can't even get my hair right without one part looking like it wants to crawl away from my head, or have an interesting discussion with someone. I fucking FAIL at every fucking given task.
I bet I'll even fucking fail having a meaningful chat with you niggers
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>sucking at a martial art for children

Time to get a job, champ.
I understand this feeling. I'm shit even at the things that I spend all of my time on.

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How do I stop being upset by this or feeling like a cuck?
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Get off the internet

Seriously, it warps your perception of reality
You acknowledge that women don't exist just for your personal satisfaction. A lot of /r9k/ may take issue with this position, but it is a necessary precondition of getting mad about this kind of stuff, so it's your call if it's worth it to you to live this life.
Cuckold bullshit has been infecting IRL culture for some time now (ex.: Steve Bannon used it to describe Kushner at one point).

Last night I went to a baseball game and got really drunk. I was telling a friend a story about finger banging a girl at a hostel. This young woman in front of us said something like "I've had enough of this" and got up and left then her boyfriend left too. Then these 2 baby boomer women turned around and went off on how disrespectful I've been the whole game by talking and being rude. I told her off and we left shortly after.

Just wanted to share that.
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Why does the roof of my mouth feel like pic related on both sides?
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bumping this because i need to know this before my death
because your mouth is really a very dry vagina
Have you considered you're inbred?

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His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, vomit on his sweater already, dad's spaghetti.
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"So... you're running away from getting a job again."

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Fresh OC coming through on a professional therapy website.

So what do we have to do to reach this level of selfishness anons?
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Wish I spendt more time with my grandmother

>grow up in abusive and drunk household
>rest of my family wasn't any better
>entire family seem to hate each other (aunts, cousins, siblings etc.)
>I actually have aspergers so growing up in all of this really fucked me up, I had nobody to go to
>only person that actually showed me love and care was my grandma
>I was shy around her because I wasn't really used to getting attention and care, also sperg
>she would take me to the store and buy ice cream and play on the swingset with me
>she also used my knit all the time and made mittens and socks for everyone she knew
>when I got older she said she really wanted me to come live with her and grandpa on their farm
>the school I was starting was closer to their home so it made sense living there instead
>mom wouldn't let me but I didn't care too much at the time anyway
>whenever I met her she told me I should come and live with them but I never did
>I kinda stopped seeing her as the "tension" in our family got more severe becuase I was afraid of bumping into my aunts or cousins if I visited her
>time goes by and grandma gets cancer
>she barely has a month to live and she's only 68
>I didn't visit her at her deathbed becuase I was too scared
>she died at home in her bed and the only other person there was grandpa and my uncles wife, she held her hand when she died
>first time I cried in many years was at her funeral
>tension in our family has kinda gone down since her death 4 years ago
>nobody seem to visit her grave anymore
>I go there from time to time to clean it and tend the flowers
>my Chad granpa seem to be over her
>he's close to 80 and he's banging al lthe neighbours
>he doesn't even have a picture of grandma in his house
>I really miss my grandma

this was her favorite song and they played it at her funeral, I think it's swedish. I started crying like a bitch now that I heard it
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Damn anon
That is some heavy shit
Sorry for that fucked up family of yours

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the only 10/10 there ever was
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Why aren't you drawing animal cocks for living?

It is better to be selfemployed, rather than being wagecuck.
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Isn't that guy an asshole or something? I remember him doing something on some board (/v/?) and them hating him for it.
Could I draw futanari and get lots of money?
Yes, you could draw futanari and make money from it.

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>you will never be at the center of a blowbang

I don't want to live any more
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I mean theres nothing stopping you faggot
What if OP doesn't have a mouth?

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Any architects here?

The univeristy I go to has a Master's Degree program, and I'm thinking about doing it. I'm not bad at math, I'm actually pretty autistic when it comes to precision on projects. However, I get a lot of anxiety in social situations, and I'd prefer not to be around Normies. I could work alone all day, and with other robots, but fuck Normies.
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I don't know much about the job market for architects, that sure must be interesting. I heard people who measure land are paid pretty well since nobody is really considering that line of work, I imagine architects might be in a similar quandary

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