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We can all agree feeling lonely is one of the worst feelings, right?
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I would agree with you but I'm currently dealing with food poisoning and this is much worse
But food poisoning is only temporary
While Loneliness is forever
What's your discord? Wanna be my girlfriend?

hey robots finally pushed away the only friend i have because he got a job and is becoming a cancerous normie.
what should i do /r9k/?
and what am i in for?
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to add to this he has been spending all his free time with these normie losers he recently met at his job even though i've been his best friend through the thick and thin for 15 years or so.
He did what anyone in his or your position would. Robot friendships are marriages of convenience, not any true attachment.

You both subconsciously had a desire to become normies, to get in via any means necessary. Even if you didn't know that. Now that he's found the path in, you're a shackle to him, one that he can easily shake off. You aren't just sad at losing a friend, you instinctually push him away because he's become what you always wanted to but haven't. You can't stand the sight of him because he reminds you of that.
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i think you're right anon so what should i do?
it breaks me up inside thinking of all i ever did for him and he is treating me like a stranger, a pest. when he got bullied in school i backed him up. I've always been there for him and he never appreciated any of it.
i want to kill him!

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feminist comic.jpg
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Can you really call yourself a "man" if you enjoy movies that don't have any female main roles?
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sage and report these threads
The only movies that have good female roles are Kill Bill,the first half of Death Proof, and Terminator 2
What counts as a "sizeable female role"? Didn't TKDR have Anne Hathaway in a sizeable role?

Science robots tell me if the piss bottle grenade I just imagined is plausible.
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Bump for innovation
Any robot interrested in a potential piss grenade?

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Fuck this retarded hack and shitty 'father figure'. Once you've seen one of his lectures you've seen them all. It's your typical psychobabble bullshit where spends half an hour talking and ends up saying nothing. But I guess since he made fun of SJWs once he's based so we should throw our money at him and let him fuck our wives.
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Look at this anon with the messy, dragon-infested room.
I really like his biblical series
Yeah, he's a psychologist.

we are all literal natural selection targets, we can not be social so we will not pass on our genes, best thing we can do is invest our lives in career and hope we will be successful
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this is the ultimate red and black pill for robots and nobody wants to hear it AHAHAHA
Natural selection. Fuckers should be shot.
>tfw you don't pass on your horrible mental problems to the next generation
Your welcome, humanity

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If I died today, no one would know or care.
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it certainly won't bother you when you're dead
Well if you are dead you wont care and you are some random anon so I dont give a fuck, why even mame this thread you fucking faggot
No but if I held a gun to your head and sucked you off you would care I bet you woukd even cum in my mouth

Hi R9k, im fairly new to this subsidary section of 4chan. I'm looking for an image I saw yesterday on this board... it said that hard times create strong men... and it had some real life people who were doing the meme's for the 4 slides of the image... please can someone respost it, I think its really insightful, how good times created a fascist generation of Millennials.
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>fascist generation of Millennials.
Are you antifa?
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It's called 4koma
I hope the millenials keep fucking themselves over. It's their fault we're in this situation. They are selfish and degenerate and lazy. The boomers were the greatest generation ever and now the millenials are trying to ruin capitalism.

Shame on you millenials. Shame

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The more the normies provoke us the more we continue to witness the realities around us. We must bring Islam to the West and turn America into a Muslim majority country. Islam is the true robot religion.

I say we should bring in all kinds of Muslims. Refugees!! The upper middle class white male chads who voted for politicians that advocated the destruction of Syria and Iraq should have their rights taken away. American shits were responsible for the destruction of Syria and Iraq. You fat GMO fucks thought you could "democratize" the rest of the world! Well even Mother Nature hates your sorry excuse of a country.

You won't even accept refugees because you're half mut degenerates. Your "American ancestors" are literally prisoners of exile from England.

911 could've been avoided if Americans weren't such a hateful people.
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this is some schizophrenic bait

who is speaking? liberal sympathizer? ISIS recruiter? moderate muslim?, D+, see me after class
sorry /pol/ack, cultural Christianity is going to be replaced by Islam
>tfw you will never have a self-induced-schizophrenia shitposter gf
>you will NEVER EVER keep her hydrated during her 12-hour binge sessions of posting about how anime is evidence of demonic possession
>you will never help her shower after she forgets to for a week
>you will never help her maintain her network of 40 separate twitter accounts that each update hourly
>you will never save the newspaper each day so she can pore over it looking for god's messages to her

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What's the ugliest common name?

Ignoring obvious meme names like Darsharius and variations of Muhammad, what would you consider the ugliest male name?

My vote goes to Ivan, Kevin or Jeff.
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Definitely Lyle. Or Beth for females
Kevin is the ugliest name

So is JohnnyNeptune
Devin. I think it might be Devin. Or maybe Billy if it's not a nickname.

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How are you Floridabots doing? Embracing the cold release of death by Irma? Or are you in a /comfy/ shelter?
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>putting all my video game consoles, books, and shit in plastic bags
>put them in the backroom
>mom lets me know that at least some of the roof is probably going to come off back there
>racking my brains trying to figure out a better place to put all my shit
Put more bags around them just in case. One bag is risky as it may be leaking. Then put it in solid box and put that box somewhere it won't get flushed out. The outside will get wet, but the contents will be fine.
I'm debating about going outside and hoping a flying piece of wood or metal just ends my miserable life.

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Any of you guys skinny as fuck

how's life
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alright I guess

6'5 and around 150lb
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Boys like you were made to be fucked by stronger men
I dont give a shit about my arms and legs but the sunken cheeks makes me look like a zombie
>5'9 120lb

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Fembots do you do this?
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Nah, I'm not an attention whore, I'm ugly. But I do know loads of normies who do that shit on the daily. I deleted instagram three years ago because of it
>not an attention whore
>posts that she's not an attention whore and really ugly on 4chan

shiggy doo
>thinks I want robots to orbit me chanting "nooo you're beautiful femanon! Can you please sent feet pics!?"

Gave me a good chuckle

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If you won $100,000,000 today, what would you do?
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Try to make living in your car/in a tent legal. Try to make little soundproof cells that lock from the inside, where anyone can rent for a day free of charge. Give some money to family, retire in some rich gated community for the security and throw all the rest of my money in bank accounts up to FDIC insurance and high-quality bonds.
send my daughter to private school
Drop out of school and become a secret superhero that kills people.

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what are you doing right now?
what are you planning on doing today?
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I'm supposed to drive my friends to some festival in 50 minutes but I'm really debating whether I should just call it off cause I have slept like two hours only and feel like shit
>Watching people draw on twitch
>Play some pubg later
>Gonna eat some tendies with fries
I'm so bored
nice pic
stealin it

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