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>hit it off w girl at party
>she's really friendly
>enjoys talking to me
>we go off to smoke
>get back
>stops talking to me
>sits and plays w phone or is quiet
>that hash was gonna last me a week
What did she mean by this
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She either straightup used you for drugs or couldn't handle the drugs to well and didn't want to make an was of her self or was just straight up blazed and was like fuuuuuuccckkk.
the second makes mucho sense. thanks anon
She smoked her own joint? Probably wanted to save it for later, hence "it was gonna last me a week".

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>family got a beagle dog without even asking me
>tfw hate dogs

what do i do
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How dare they do this without getting your approval first!

>what do i do

Get a fucking a job and find a place of your own?
Don't overfeed it, those fuckers get fat so easily. And don't fucking give it vegetables, my aunt and uncle's dog basically exploded internally because they wanted her to lose weight and cut her food with raw vegetables. I was like 8 so I wouldn't have known any better either, or else I'd have told them to stop that shit.
How do you even hate dogs without having some sort of trauma?

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>want to go for a haircut tomorrow
>So nervous and scared

Will be going by myself to a barber.
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Godspeed, anon. I'll have to do the same soon. My hair has grown too long but I hate barbers.
Fucking scared m8, i cant even sleep.
The initial anxieties are the worst. If you think about it too much then decide you won't go tomorrow. I noticed that planning such things is never a good thing. It's better to do it on the same day you make the decision. Careful not to procrastinate for too long, though.

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>tfw looking at pictures of your child self
>big smile
>genuine happiness
>can't remember how it feels
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>tfw looking at pictures of your child self
>no smile
>genuine sadness
>can remember how it feels
I was never a happy child, I have no happy memories at all, from any period of my life.
Growing up poor, I always had less than the other kids. I remember thinking, "when I grow up, I'll catch up with them", but the gap only got wider.

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I want to do something new & original and am having trouble finding underserved subgenres in the foot fetish world. For instance, I love California Beach Feet for their production value, settings and the personality present in each unique model. But what else do people want to see? What aspects of foot fetish have been done poorly or not at all?

Some ideas to get things going:

>Hot colored girls dressed in gang colors and representin' the block with they tootsies
>Bratty interviews designed where it's almost entirely the model speaking, teasing and mocking the audience for asking her questions about her feet
>ASMR and feet although I haven't worked out what's really hot here
>Therapist motif scenes with lots of gratuitous footplay even if other kinks are the focus
>Indian and Japanese girls talking about how cute or creepy it is that (insert race) likes their feet

Before the thread died last night, an Anon suggested:

>Girls dancing barefoot on actual people's graves in the rain with closeups of their muddy feet
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Anon, I always watch lesbian feet scenes almost exclusively.

Something I fucking hate about it is that there are very few lesbian foot videos where the camera is close up on the feet and toes themselves and where the girl looks genuinely into it. Girls usually seem like they're being forced.

That being said, I like tongue between toes stuff and general spreading of a girls toes with a solid variation between tops and bottoms of the feet. It'd be nice if there was a higher quality focus on the toes, I'd even pay a sub fee if there were a medium of just sexy girls super into licking and sucking other girls' toes up close.

Also love the whole sleepy feet thing, but again it's mostly dudes.
I also love lesbian feet scenes, especially forced foot worship. My problem with those is that the vast majority of forced lesbian foot worship are girls forcing other women to worship their feet, finding the other way around is hard. For example, rich lady has a sexy maid, and while she's cleaning rich lady keeps sneaking up and playing her feet, maybe forces made to take her shoes off and rich lady plays with them. Eventually rich lady forces maid to let her worship her feet, while maid is clearly uncomfortable with it. I love to see women just used for their feet by other women
Wow that's an incredible scenario. I love it, yeah that sounds amazing.

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There has never been a person on earth who was depressed about being a virgin and managed to get over his depression WITHOUT losing his virginity.

It just doesn't fucking happen. The people who say sex is overrated, well those people all got laid. Even if someone who hates being a virgin, gets laid then finds out it's overrated still NEEDED to lose his virginity to get over his obsession. It is not possible to stop feeling suicidal/depressed about being a virgin till you actually lose it.

Please stop feeding people lies and if you are not going to help one another lose their virginity then please fuck off cause you're making everything worse, it's like invading a forum for people with down syndrome and telling them that even though you don't have down syndrome, that they need to stop talking about it.
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i have no issue with being a virgin
This, only failed normies do.
keep telling yourself that. the moment a girl shows the slightest interest in you, you'd fall head over heels for her

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>Be bi university rugby bear
> Fucked my cute twinks and fem boys
> Have two cute twink FWB
> Never had sex with a girl
> Get along well with chicks but they don't seem to be interested
Kinda look like pic but 19
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*fucked many twinks...
Women are incredibly insecure about guys who have ever fucked or been attracted to other guys. On okcupid there's a question "Would you ever date someone who has slept with someone of the same sex before?" and I've seen a TON of women answer no. Like it matters at all. Like they didn't already have competition from other women.
Most straight and homosexual people avoid dating bisexual people as they're unstable

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What is the most important advice you can give someone?
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just bzzzz yourself xDD
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The secret to getting a job is all in the handshake, son.
look the manager in the eye, call him sir, firm handshake
easy as a b c

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I can't be alone in thinking that the quality of 4chan has declined seriously in recent months, right? And yeah yeah, I know, "this place has always been shit", but at least it was shit in a semi-enjoyable way.

Now, it's just.. shit. Fake fembot posting is everywhere. If you try to start any sort of vaguely interesting discussion, it'll somehow always devolve into yet more useless "leftcuck vs rightcuck" yelling, no matter the topic at hand . And I'm certain the average age has now sunk to about 14. I blame the election.

I've left here before, usually for a couple of months to a year or more, but this time I'm seriously thinking about calling it quits. Since it's impossible to just mindlessly browse this site anymore, there's virtually no reason to hang around.
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dude it was always shit
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"Son, I thought things were that way, too. Then I got a job -- and the secret to getting one was speaking with the manager, looking him in the eye, and giving him a firm handshake."
4chan was, has been, and always will be the landfill of the internet dude.

Does anyone else know this feel?

>want sex and want to increase my number of previous partners (currently at 0)
>don't want to increase anyone else's number by sleeping with them because they have it too easy and I don't want to give them the satisfaction
>envious of how easy it is for girls to have sex, therefore I don't want to give them sex to spite them

I think I am okay with this.
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I feel the same but replace "sex" with "attention"
For me it's both
What you're feeling is normal. Your biological need to fuck is conflicting with the rational part of you.

Ayo hol up hol up i can rap too


Carsandrimstwogirlsinthepoolkissingfuckyallniggas*BRRRRRR BASS DROP* wuuwuuuwuuuuwuuubbwuubwubub*BRRRRRRRRRRR BASS DROP*dabdabdabdabdabdabdabdabdab*BRRRRRRRRRR BASS DROP* GotdembarsAintNoNiggaFuckwidmegotdembitchesintheback*BRRRRRRRRRR BASS DROP*wubwubwubwubwubwubwubwmoneymonehmoneymoneynigganigganigganigga*BRRRRRRRRRRR BASS DROP*
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you really need to get off /tv/
She blow that dick like a cello
192818219829 d

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>tfw all those girls crying because elliot killed 6 people
>tfw they still fucking with chad and making fun of outcasts and ugly boys
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Let's make it a crime for a girl to fuck Chads. That will show them!
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That beta male in the front
Eh, the next guy will do it, there's a school shooting waiting to happen I can just feel the pressure building up

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Vegan hate thread, lads.
Vegans are the most annoying, pretentious, and self-centered sub-breed of normies.
Share shitty experiences you've had with these faggots, or just shit on them in general ITT.
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>spend a month of OKC
>finally get a match
>it's a fucking vegan

Vegans are a fucking pest.
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>be starved african boi
>see volunteers come
>yes finally foodie time
>one of volunteers draws close
>thought she's going to give food
>"must be hard huh, but my life is harder, since I'm a vegan"
>walks away
i tried veganism for a month or 2

tried keto for a month or 2

i now eat meat and eat carbs

i dont really hate them. i do think conventional farms are super cruel and inhumane and i would buy grass fed animals if i could

mostly eat sardines and liver and eggs

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>My Chinese wife is a fatty

I thought they would stay slim? I thought it was in their genetics?...

She was about 65kg when we married and now she has ballooned to 78kg.

I am embarrassed to be seen with her in public especially when I see other white men with their porcelain dolls who are better then mine.

I am a 7/10 and she used to be a 7-8.. now shes a 4 at best. I hate seeing men more ugly then me with more attractive skinny Asians.

Fucking KILL ME
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Fuck that's rich op. They normally do stay skinny from what I've seen. Lmao I'm sorry man
That's why u always buy the accidental plan.

You could have swapped her out for a brand new chinese and been haapy.
Stop feeding her crap.

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1. Use a name in the namefield; make it specific, don't call yourself "Anon" or "Name"; choose something that relates to your issues or yourself.

2. Share your problems, ask questions.

3. Be listened to and cared for. If all you want is to tell your story and be heard, that is fine too. You will be read by many.

4. Expect regulars later in the day; expect arguments, drama, friendly-bullying amongst consenting adults, and various misunderstandings. Think of it as group therapy, to which you are welcome.

5. If you'd like to talk of other things, that is fine too. Any subject goes.
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Fuck off Nick. You aren't helping anybody.
Fuck off Nick. You aren't helping anybody.

Fuck off Nick. You aren't helping anybody.
very true. he does more harm than good.

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