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>hey! Anon I'm bored. What shall we play together?
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Dr robotniks mean bean machine
A twist on Russian roulette where every chamber has a bullet and you get to go first.
Goof troop

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When does it become officially taboo to like 16-18 year old girls? (I'm 30 but I feel 22).
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Dating them? Depends on the law (for the 16-17), your ability to handle social criticism and (assuming she lives at her parents house) her father's approval.
Thinking they're sexually attractive? Nigger, are you serious? It's never taboo, they're objectively the hottest things in the world. What the fuck are you on about?
Feminism has turned everyone retarded.
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It isn't 16-18 is legal.
anything below puberty is pretty much kys tier though in anyone elses eyes
18? Seriously faggot? Never.

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Why do degenerate homosexuals enjoy anime so much? Is anime inherently gay?
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I'm a degenerate tranny and I don't like anime at all
redpill me on trannies

is there anything they like?
Shut up traitor. All fags like anime


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any robros have/play on any comfy minecraft servers? preferably vanilla but I don't really care
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Tfw no comfy vanilla mc boyfriend
give me a server u sloot
New combat system makes it unplayable fight me

>Some people are meant to be alone. It's natural selection at work.
But isn't life grand because it's not always predictable? How beautiful things can spring forth from chaos? You believe you are a wretch and it is only fitting you cannot find love. But in this strange and wonderful world, there exists the possibility that a person can seemingly deny the logical by loving you to the point of even desiring to create another life with you.

So much for the wretched of the earth. You are blessed and shall inherit it.
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>be single
>nogirls like me
>learn to be happy alone
>get screamed at about sour grapes, and called bitter
Be happy there's someone for you out there.
It's extremely unlikely, though, and that's why it is best to give up all hope, rather than to continue to be miserable, waiting for something that in all probability not going to happen. Hope is suffering.

I need help from femanons.
What's the name of this specific shape of heels, if there's any.
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those look like some bootleg jeffrey campbell litas

now fuck off trap
whore heels
looks similar to Oxford heel style, just a chunky version. Not a bad thing, I have a pair myself

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>tfw you don't study for a big test and still get a great score
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glad to hear you're doing good at middle school my friend

>sick all week so couldn't attend lectures
>get 10/10 on test because can find out the answer by looking at the way teacher structures the questions and answers

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>failed normie
>live in the country
>going on a drive in the evenings because nothing else to do
>driving through the hills and valleys
>see people out in the yard on the Friday evening
>men mowing the grass and trimming it
>women overseeing children running around and playing
>drive by some houses
>hear the joyful voices of children
>see men younger than me working under a car with no shirt on

If I could just pull up in one of those driveways. If I could just be a man working on his god damned car with his brother or his friend while his wife watched the children. Or even be a man who watches them work.

God damn my self.
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glad i don't have these feels
I like to think that God is real that this life doesn't really matter that much. This life is just the beginning and heaven is when real life begins.
go to car mechanic school

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Friday Ballbusting thread brought to you by Ballbusting couple.

>have been at it for 8 years now since we were 13 and 15.have done pretty much everything and yes my balls are still intact and yes we still do it daily.
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that pic is rather hot
not sure if I like ballbusting, though

how was this Good friday for yous?
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Awesome, thursday we pretty much did nothing at work, went out to a buffet, got back and were to full to really do anything, this morning i spent all morning test driving cars.

how was your good friday?
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there isnt much traffic on here for a friday night, i always feel like that should be the heaviest traffic time.

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> MFW my (last) best friend has become a normie and now talks about creampies and the women he's fucked
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>tfw your friend wants you to read "The Game" before hanging out with him again
bumperino for sadnress

Let's bump it again till the robots flock here.

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>affirmative action is racist
>hate speech should be allowed because of free speech
>liberals are the REAL racists

Why do conservatards always say stupid shit like this?
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Back to >>>/reddit/ faggot

I bet you're a normie too
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>affirmative action is not racist

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>affirmative action is racist
It gives colored people the upper hand against white people. It is objectively racist to hire based on skin color.

>hate speech should be allowed because of free speech
Who determines hate speech? That's censorship if you just want to call opposing opinions hate speech.

>liberals are the REAL racists
Hating anybody based on just the color of their skin, you're a racist. Everyone has prejudices based on previous encounters with members of a certain race. That's just human nature. Instinct.

I tend to see anti-black aligning themselves with conservatism and right-wing. And anti-white aligning themselves with left-wing and liberalism. Are both types of people racist? Yes. Does that make the entire group racist? No. Because not every person is racist.

>t. born and raised in Texas, Mexican heritage from grandparents.

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>tfw you will never have a bf and gf
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>tfw you will never have a little white dick
only half a boner, seems like whenever I see faggots they only have a half boner
Dude he's wearing a cockring too- he can't even keep it stiff with something mechanically holding the blood in the cock

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Hola Nonny! Quiero dos come tacos maniana?
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No. Fuck off. I don't speak poverty anyways
As a native spic, your Spanish is shit. But you just used google translate anyways.
mascame la pinga, cabrona

I give up

Trips decides if i do it
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If Trips you do not do anything
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Do it fag


See you on the other side OP

>itt you describe yourself with words that spell your name.

>end in noun
>use odd words

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are you my boy LJ cool?

battle me in password?
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