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Who here /dog/?
Post you're dogs robots
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normies best friend
Who wants to see my 14 year old weiner? ;)
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My mom's chihuahua. Now off to bed

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>haven't jerked off in 11 days
>stayed off of /r9k/ that whole time too
>experienced none of the benefits nofap promised
>thumbnails of qts in the catalog have made me unbelievably horny

Should I just wack it or is nofap really legit? If anything I'm more anxious than usual
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Nofap didn't do anything for me.
I knew they were memeing. I'm about to edge for two hours straight
it'll be a waste if you jerk off now. Go for a month

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Is it racist if I'm fine with black people, but hate niggers?
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that doesn't make any sense. niggers refers to black people.
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That might be an uneloquent way of saying you hate a certain culture or behavior. I'd assume you take offense with 'wiggers' and ghetto Mexicans as well
no anon theres a difference, just like theres a difference between gays and faggots

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>Wake up
>Look in Mirror
>Realize I look like Eliot Rodger
>But Black/Brown
>Think women will like me and it be different
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Nice babby face anon
You could pass as a woman if you wanted
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You're handsome anon.
No concerns.
Combine those looks with fake confidence, and the ladies will be all yours.

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olivia jensen3.webm
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>chubby/fat girls are easy and desperate
>robots can't even snatch one
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Can't. It's one of the many mysteries of life.
a starving person isn't gonna eat a piece of poop just because they're hungry
>easy and desperate

Relative to women, sure. But a chubby girl still has at least a dozen normie guys pining after her at a time. They still can get regular sex easily.

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>tfw a fat roach flies into your fucking room
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Roaches are pretty easy to care for. You just need a glass enclosure, some water, and a bit of scraps for food, and maybe a bit of wood for hiding under.
Happened to me last week I'll guide you. I got two plastic bags and put them on my hands as gloves. I then put on snowpants, a hoodie with hood up, construction goggles and a surgical mask. I sprayed the roach with a foam spray so it was stuck and then trapped it in a cup. I then filled the cup with isopropyl alcohol.

t. deathly afraid of buggos larger than pill bugs
I finally fucking got it jesus christ
thing was like 4 fucking inches fuck florida

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Long story short, I asked a girl and a guy that I get along with if they'd like to have a movie night. They all agreed, but Mr. Dude said he has to bring his girlfriend over too. I'm not sure why, but this whole situation seems like an impending shit fest. I've never been comfortable around other people when they bring their boyfriend/girlfriend to whatever it is we're doing. Any advice, fellow anons? Or am I just getting suspicious for no reason?
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double date
he just didnt want to be third wheel anon
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Dude, he obviously thinks you want to bone that chick. He is trying to help you out. He is probably going to try to get you and the other girl alone.
He's wing manning you, setting you up for the double date to get the chick anon.

What are you stupid?

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>20 years old
>still can't grow a beard

I'm tired of looking like a teenager

I'm tired of having to shave every day

will it ever get better? post ITT beardlets please
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Some girls prefer clean shaven guys.
not me, I look like an ugly child, if I had a beard I could cover it up
No, you will never grow a decent beard if you're having issues at 20.

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>stares at you
What do you anon?
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Try my bestest to not stare at her boobies.
'Let me tell you about the Jewish question'
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Here's your patch anon

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Times you had to use self defense

>be me in school
>be 16 yo
>a 14 yo guy came up behind me and tried to put his hand inside of my pants
>i turn around and tell him to fuck off
>he won't listen and just laughs and tries to kiss me
>i keep saying no but he won't stop
>i knee him in the balls
>he freezes and then he almost comically falls to the ground
>i'm really angry at this point so i just keep kicking him in the groin
>he tries to cover it with his hand but then he just stops as if his brain melted or something
>i keep kicking and kicking maybe 10 times because i'm so furious
>then he starts to vomit and i think he fainted so i walk away
>i tell a teacher about it and tell her that i was being assaulted and that i had to use self defense
>the attacker doesn't show up in school for a few days and then we find out that he was transferred to another school for assaulting me

I found out a few weeks later that one of his testicles was ruptured beyond repair and that he had to remove the second one as well after a week due to complications with the internal thermostat of the balls or something. And apparently his penis was damaged so he will never be able to get full erections. Despite this I can't really say I feel sorry for him. He assaulted me and I did what I had to do. No one touches me without my permission, especially not my pussy.
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Never had to. Probably never will. I fantasize about it, but it'll probably never happen. I live in a smallish town and everyone is white so senseless violence is extremely uncommon here.
>especially not my pussy

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Mfw I thought it was hot at first, but then you mentioned you had a pussy.
Mfw I realize I'm a total fag for male on male rape fantasies.

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Fuck those cracker bastards
Fuck 'em right in the ass
Kill the white devil
Kill the white devil
Kill the white devil
Kill the white devil

Yeah fuck white people
(fuck white people!)
Fuck white people!
(fuck white people!)
Fuck white people!
(fuck white people!)
And kill white people
(kill white people)
And fuck white people

Kill white people
Fuck white people
Kill white people
Fuck white people!
Kill white people!
Fuck 'em!

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For one moment, you are God. You can change one thing about reality. What do you change?
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make it end for good
I make it one big party of eternal bliss for everyone.

No one would ever get bored of it, because by definition boredom is not blissful.

So, yeah. In my world, everyone is totally happy all the time and they don't want for anything.
To have never created Earth or humankind or anything.

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When did you realize white men made the best women?
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The future of white males
File: whitemasculinity3.jpg (72KB, 689x672px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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White males are the ultimate BBC sluts
File: whitemasculinity4.jpg (216KB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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masculine huwhite men

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>INTP #1 Edition

How do you guys get along with sensors?
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First I be a sensor then I recognize being an intuitive is a genetic defect.
do robot INTJs unironically think that describes them?
Go with the flow brah

I especially hate it though when they opt to focus on the smaller details that don't matter

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>tfw you are on day 15 of nofap
>tfw pic related shoots her first porn scene
>tfw you are on day 0 of nofap
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The scene isn't out, did you get off after finding out she made it?

Good taste though my man.

Damn wish I could turn into a girl that looks like that whenever I wanted. Of course I wouldn't stay they way, it would be something like Ranma 1/2.

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