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Why do they lie to us, blackbros?
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>There are niggers on the internet right now
>A nigger probably replied to me more than once
I do better than most white guys I would assume. It's hard for any male on a dating app/website. I'm very attractive though
I refuse to believe this is real. There's no way I've ever had a conversation with a nigger.

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>tfw no psychopath gf

Its an abstract feel
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Ah Deadman Wonderland was so good. Thanks for reminding me of this

Np brobot glad to help you out
>tfw you will never get your kidney back alley transplanted into your psychopath gf's body because she's lost her mind and wants part of you inside her
tbqh, I'm totally okay with this feel

>Wow! We love your house, anon. Can we see the bedroom next? ; -)
Your response?
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Angela can come in, not sure about the tit size of the other two
H-h-hold on, let me just tidy some things up...
>reboxes anime figures and onaholes
>takes down anime posters and wall scrolls
>stuffs it all under the bed along with my dakis
>locks PC
>scrapes cum off the sheets
O-okay you can come in now
man, i would be nervous as fuck

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What are/were your roommates like?
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im rooming in an apartment with 2 other guys this year. I only met one of them once and it was a tranny. What am i in for?
Most were too messy for me, which is why I don't live with roommates anymore.

Had one craigslist roomate who was dope as hell. Still really good friends with him even though he lives across the country. The next craigslist roommate was a normie jackass. Just a pathetic manchild and I couldn't stand him. I'm so glad I'm living on my own.
I share a house with this scummy couple in their 50's.

>They can't wash a dish properly
>They live off microwave meals
>They slam doors and bitch to the landlord about every little thing
>The clog the shower drain and never clean it
>They used to steal my toilet roll and paper towels before I started hiding them

I don't even acknowledge their existence whenever we meet now, which makes the woman absolutely assdevastated.

>Please anon lick my asshole, let me feel your tongue around my sensitive anus, please.

what you do?
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eat her ass
make sure not to eat the pussy though, that how she gets a uti
i'd tell her i'm not into that

also OP why are you imagining a situation where she calls the shots? that's not the way this is supposed to go.

you're going against your own biological nature. that's a mighty hard fight to win.
My biological nature tells that I'm attracted to each aspect of woman, even to her asshole if my sexual impulses say it. There is no loss where there is pleasure.

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who here /talentless/? its getting disturbing to read about people who chased their dreams and made it who are my age or younger, like my life isnt developing like it does with other people
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>was never good at anything like everyone else seemed to be
>never had any ability at sports, music, etc
>never enjoyed school, never have enjoyed anything actually
>wish all the time I wasn't so inferior to everyone
I'm okay at everything and really good at nothing
>Excel at drawing
>Too impatient to draw
>Feel unfulfilled and stopped drawing
>Miss drawing

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Starting my first job ever as a cart attendent tomorrow. What should I expect guys?
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>what can I expect?
A sunburn
It's literally the most straining and tedious job you can have but some of us love the field. I've been doing it for over 6 years now.
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>cart attendent
Oh wow.


Has anyone happened to read this book by author Elliot Rodger? Is it worth the read?
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Oh is this that step-by-step instructional on how to be a massive faggot?
I wish i knew how to read
Glad I'm not the only one here who can't read. I rely on speech to text and text to speed to talk online

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>he has to get up, go to his desktop, hop online and shitpost
>wasting that much effort when you can just phonepost from bed

No wonder you're bitter anon. ;)

>b-but I got my laptop here in my la-

Enjoy lower test as your balls are roasted
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>tfw no phone
>tfw no laptop

I have so sit at my computer all day like a fucking primitive.
I was shitposting from my phone earlier but it's a pain in the ass. Keyboard is better.
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Sorry to hear that anon.

I'll express my condolences by turning over into a more comfortable position.

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>out for a walk
>minding your own business
>suddenly see this coming towards you
what do?
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Ask him "How ya doin?" and ascertain his reason for approaching me
Shout fuck off nigger or something before pulling out on my penis and attempting to urinate in his face until he goes away.

Shoot the nigger dead for walking in white space

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>Dad says he's going to pick up some food
>he asks if I want anything
>"Yea sure, I'll have a cheeseburger I guess"
>offer to pay
>he says not to worry about it
>he's walking out the door
>"Seeya Dad, love you!"
>he just waves back and closes the door
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Dude, he is getting you food, for free. He's being good to you. Look at it that way. Some men don't express feels outwardly much. Hope you enjoyed your burger with your Dad. :)
so you're getting free food from your dad....
whats the problem here? A lot of robots dont even have father's or people in general that would do that for them
at least you have a dad you ungratefull pice of shit, mine preferred the bottle over me

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>had sex with a man(4 times) last night
>slept in the same bed and went to a concert, and then dennys with him
>I was on top and im not even gay but I really enjoyed it
what it do my bots??
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He's cute anon. Congrats.
Fags beegone
Why have you posted the same mediocre bait thread twice in two days? Can't come up with something new? Are you new to this?

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These kind of fucking whores always get all the attention they want

One of the main reasons I never approach a bitch or try to talk to her or compliment her. This kind of fucking narcissist entitled cunts need to die
Whores like her make me hate all fucking women
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If a girl called me handsome at Walmart I'd remember the day forever. Hell I'd tell my grandchildren (if I ever get laid) about it with teary eyes.
Sorry she felt offended at Walmart, maybe should have gone grocery shopping at Whole Foods instead.
> I was catcalled at niggermart how unexpected!!!

>go on nofap for few days
>extremely shorter refractory period
>can literally fap after fap
What is the cause of this?
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Its like an army thats besieged and constantly fighting versus one that took a break behind the lines to resupply, rearm and boost morale and got back into the fight securing victory after victory in rapid succession.
all the horniness got built up over that time. I went on a two-week nofap and the first fap after that was ten times more erotic than usual, like discovering masturbation all over again
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>nofap for 1 (one) day
>masturbate 4 times in a row the next day

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If you live anywhere in the west coast or center in the U.S. you're fucked, have fun getting blown by Kim Jong Un's ass rape missiles
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Very accurate sauce
I hope so, LA is due for a cleansing
Good. End this fat spic mulatto degerate hellscape.

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