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So I was recently on /pol and i found this thread called chink hate, so clicked thinking it would be just the typical politically incorrect opinions on asians.
What i found instead was on the op post was a midi of a person (not even sure what gender) with a huge gash in its face covering from where its upper jaw should be and up to its forehead with green surrounding the hole, and it was somehow still alive.
But it doesn't even end here there were a bunch of midi's with car crashes and people being run over (a lot of them children), some dude eating a woman on a subway, a dude Burning an animal alive and someone with colonies of maggots in his eyes and much more.
After that i started drinking, but its not enough to forget please post anything cute or uplifting or even inspiring, I need it.
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don't sweat it my brother

listen to some calming music:
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uhh.. why would you even care
those are the types of threads the edgy underaged kiddies make

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Hey heads up, ready for the real red pill?

If you're not fucking in your 20s, you're doing something wrong. The world isn't against you, it's YOU fucking up and unwilling to unfuck up. You're supposed to fuck your friends, you're supposed to try new things, you're supposed to have lots of sex with girls who also have lots of sex. It's YOU who's wrong and given up and too stubborn and entitled and narcissistic to accept that.

Hope you don't swallow that big red pill too fast or you'll choke.
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sex is a shit tier normie goal that spreads stds and creates suffer bags called humans

I'd rather hang with my family than chase roast
>have lots of sex
>get genital herpes

Now I don't get to settle down with anyone because I decided to "have fun". Feels great, yeah.
Bullying has always been the 'go to' for normies even people do something they don't like. I'm not surprised at this thread at all

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Why is affirmative action a thing? I guess minorities are more important than the people who built this country

Why do people keep telling me that blacks Own the word nigge*? How can a race own a word? What words can white peoples claim as their own
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Affirmative action policies primarily help white people and dumb shits like you are too stupid to realize this

without affirmative action, white admission in ivy league and similar ranking schools would drop by tens of thousands and be replaced by Asians

This is not just supposition - you simply need to look at enrollment statistics of schools which do not practice affirmative action compared to those which do - what percent of the incoming class is asian in cal tech and Berkeley vs, say, Harvard or Dartmouth?

if YOU are too stupid to get into a top school with more holistic admissions policies then you have no reason to complain if you couldn't get into a similar school without - of which there are many

Original comeback
I don't know, but on behalf of all spics I claim the word pawg. Please from refrain from its use, especially in cases where other words would be appropriate such as "fatass," "whale," or "OP's mom."

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Can you believe it?
The cuc k culture ruined internet.
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Holy shit that picture made me audibly kek. I might be a degenerate loser, but at least i'm not white. Holy fuck HAHAHAHAHAH! Are white dicks really that small?
it's like being gay but with an inferiority complex
Anyone remember cuck posting on /pol/ back before "cuck" became popular slang?

I miss those days , the trolls in charge of those threads were way more creative

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Anyone else miss being straight?
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>Anyone else miss being straight?
Honestly no
choosing the fag life has made me a lot happier
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ssssau acccueuhuespuspuuspupuspu
No because I'm still straight. Fuck off fag.

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>be uggo fatty female
>grow up bullied robot
>jealous of girls all around me having sex and living normie lives
>they're doing drugs and "finding themselves"
>desperately want to be loved
>want to see the world
>and have lots of babies
>grow up
>meet lonely robot
>he just wants to be loved and travel the world and have lots of babies
>we get married
>do drugs together and find ourselves
>traveling the world
>all the roasties girls I went to school with and worked with are jelly
>"I wish I could have a story book romance like you anon, all I get are guys that cheat on me"
>waiting for me to tell them that it'll happen some day don't give up

Well maybe you shouldn't have been such a slut, roastie
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you're no different than them though. you pretty much said you'd do what they did if you were attractive and skinny.

but maybe that's the bait and i'm just falling for it.
I probably should have added something in there to remove that facet

They were so entitled, they got all this fucking affection and they threw it away sleeping around like it didn't fucking mean anything, like sex was nothing, as though it were a handshake

Even now they treat it like its nothing and wonder why they are treated like nothing
i'll take shit that never happened and a side order of bullshit

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As I was squashing the poop in the shower today I noticed there were raw pieces of corn floating around.

Do you robots digest this demon food or have the same problem?
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But did you even eat corn recently?
>pooping in the shower
what the fuck
corns bad for you, it has too many sugars

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Hi r9k,What are some anti-depressents or even supplements that wont fuxk with my mescaline trips?

I take green tea extract and ginseng in the AM and thats it. But ive felt shittier than usual for the past 2 months
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Sunlight is a good antidepressant.
I work outside allday, so especiialy now i get too much for my irish skin
Try the non-med stuff first then, like chocolate and exercise.

I know of very few people who don't feed good after getting a pump on.

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Any thoughts on this new ''fight for net neutrality''?

Honestly thinking its just a bunch of dumb libtards trying to make the internet a 'safe zone' or sumthing. What a queery thing

Political Correctness should be downed and this is not only /pol/'s matter. It's everybody's

Let's defend free-speech and actually, we dont give a fuck if you're under sum kind of depression. Make yourself useful. God bless
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Net neutrality IS free speech, you dipshit. The first websites to be filtered out by ISP's would be the chans. Right wing media and alternative media would be permenantly erased from the internet with just a couple million dollars of "contributions" to ISP's around America. The fact that it's mostly libs and not us fighting for our right to spread unpopular facts and use the Internet in an unlimited capacity is hilarious when you think about it.
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if you're trying to bait like this go to /pol/, you'll get better reactions there
I don't give a shit. If net neutrality gets taken away then maybe I would finally get off the computer for once in my life.

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Do girls like quiet stoic guys? I feel like if you talk too much you get annoying after a while so I try to keep a mute button on me unless I have something to say. Mostly because I don't like the tone of my voice.
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Kuudere is the best dere
no they like outgoing extroverted Chadders.
It obviously differs from person to person but speaking from experience there are more important traits they like- sense of humor, empathy, etc

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>"Hey, we just wanted to say.... we think you're pretty cute."

Whats the best non autistic response to this to get laid?
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Lemme see dem tittays
>"Sorry, I'm flattered, but I'm not interested in trannies"
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how are you holding up calibots
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tfw woke up sweating
Its so fucking hot out and im running out of weed.
I already dont like going out in the sun but now that it isnt winter i can barely stand to be out to pick my mail.
>tfw woke up sweating
I do the same pretty much every day but it's because I sleep under three comforters

I got used to sleeping with three comforters when I used to live in Minnesota like 30 miles away from the coldest point in the US when my parents were too fucking kikeish to turn up the heater from fucking 68 F
but it doesn't matter now

Even though its way too fucking hot I can't fall asleep without the weight holding me down, and sweating is not too big of a problem compared to not being able to sleep, just feels like I'm so exposed without blankets piled on top of me

These are the girls I've brought to my apartment in the last 12 months:

This isn't counting girls whose places I've only been, or girls I hooked up with but didn't close the deal.

Ask me anything.
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Fuck off Telly you AIDS monkey
did anyone actually get shocked by that movie? it was supposed to be anti aids commercial but all I thought was their lifestyle seems chill
Was this the movie where people spread aids on purpose? Is the shock/disturbing factor the only draw or what

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PROTIP: Take your fucking hands out of your pockets. In past experience being beta and current experience observing betas, the most consistent part of their demeanor is keeping their hands in their pockets 24/7. It's even cringier when mixed with plaid/cargo shorts.
I understand, it's awkward deciding what to do with your hands most of the time, but hands in pockets is the most obvious sigal to others that you are unconfident, insecure, and generally awkward. You do not look like pic related.
So take the hands out of the pockets robots, embrace the day.
Helpful alternatives:
-Cross your arms (tho this will also come off as kind of stern, it's better than hands-in-pockets and can be done casually.
-Put hands in BACK pockets. (Oddly enough this one subtle difference makes your stance a lot less awkward and a lot more open, literally and psychologically.)
-Hold something so your hands have something to do.

Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone agree or disagree?
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Jesus Christ dude you're seriously overthinking this shit. It's not about having your hands in your pockets, it's about how you love your feet. Have a longer stride and don't speed-shuffle your feet like a sperg. That's all it takes.
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>Someone with this level of sincere autism in any position to give advice to other anons
>longer strides
That comes off as your quickly trying to go somewhere and arn't enjoying the walk to get to your destination
It's literally the most beta thing you can do anon

>have no friends to do drugs with

I've never really felt lonely before. It's a frustrating and sad feeling.
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More drugs for you then.
Yeah, I don't care about that. More expensive stuff like opioids or even just benzos I feel content doing alone, but it feels depressing doing some more social drugs alone in my room.

Friends are whatever, but how do I find friends that are open-minded about these things or want to share in my experience?
I guess I just have to find intimate friends for the sake of friendship to hopefully crossover into that territory. How do I do that?

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