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I have never realized it before but

Our grandparents had sex

Our parents too

It's such a weird though, your old grandparents humping in the bed. It really makes me think.
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>you are the result of thousands of people fugging
People unironically have sex?
dunno man I think it might just be a big ol prank

My girlfriend of 2 years came home super drunk yesterday, and told me that she kinda wants to live in Polyamory
(which basically means we let each other to date other people, and even have romantic relationships with them)


>obviously I dont want her to fuck nignogs
>also she is the best thing in my awful life, and I don't want to go back to my old robot days
>She also told me several times about having fantasies of being the only white girl in a black orgy
>During sex she fequently even likes to think that I'm

Dear wizards, make something out of this shit.
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Drop that cunt right now you fucking retard.
But she hasn't done anything yet, and I
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the new normal.jpg
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It's the new normal anon, it's 2017 after all

beside she is the best you can get so just accept it

Do you robots collect anything?

I enjoy collecting zippo lighters.
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I collect pins. I have a few dozen
I collect only the rarest of rare pepes
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What's your favorite pin?

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How are you feeling now, robots? Normans need not apply.
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Like my head is on fire, and my lungs are blocked. I can't even breathe normally anymore.
Ok, mostly wasting time today. Tomorrow want to be productive. Thinking of reading a book tonight.
What for? Being prodictive doesnt help.

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ITT: who was the biggest titcow you knew anons and what happened to them?
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Proportionally, it was this 4 foot 6 98 pound Brazilian with H cups. because they were like a fourth of her body, she eventually had them reduced- RIP

Biggest tits overall it was this mega cunt, kinda chubby, with J+ sized monster tits.
She actually took them out once and I was so disgusted, they had these giant bulging blue veins running down the length of them, they looked like fucking watermelons.
I think she had cowtits because her hormones were out of whack, it sound like a meme but she once divulged that she was on the rag like, two weeks out of a month. Don't know what could have happened to her.
>tfw no titcow gf
what's the point of living?
I know three, they all had drinking problems in high school and college

they were all known for their tits and quite frankly still are

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how do I learn how to properly budget and stop being afraid of spending money?
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how do I learn how to properly budget and stop spending money?
we should team up dood
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Stop spending money.

You're welcome.

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If you're below 6' and male, should you even have the right to breed? Serious question. Nobody wants to be a manlet, so why doom your kids to that fate? Even tall girls want men taller than them.
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Yeah but most men will take any girl if they aren't a dwarf or midget. So short people are here to stay. If men were extremely selective about height like women then your plan might work. This also assumes height is indeed truly genetic and not just randomized.
>being tall is a recessive gene
>tfw life sucks because you weren't lucky enough
>Tfw chanting grow, grow, grow does nothing

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- 0-1 years experience (preferably none)
- Must have a triple-digit IQ
- Preferably dark hair or blond curly hair
- Hairy body preferred
- Must not drink alcohol more than once a month (preferably never)
- Must not do any other drugs
- Must not smoke
- Must not be right wing
- Must be dissatisfied with life for reasons other than not getting sex
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so you want a loser
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OP here, this is what i look like
please post pics of your poopers
so that i may review them
because i am king faggot
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>she thinks I, 9/10 blonde haired aryan chad, would ever want to be with her

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How does Ashton Kutcher still have hair? I'm the exact same as this dude and i don't wanna go bald

>same hairline
>same thickness
>same haircut
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>How does Ashton Kutcher still have hair?
Same reason why Magic Johnson still has t-cells. The power of money.
Yeah but aside from finasteride there wasn't much else he could have done
>he doesn't know elites consume the blood of the young to stay healthy forever
There's a reason why people's original fear of the rich was that they'd take their children.

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What time does mcdonalds start serving lunch?
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10:30, aka the time they used to stop serving breakfast foods
I dont eat their shitty breakfast food.

Why couldn't they have lunch all day instead of breakfast?
I think they need to perform maintenance on the grills and fryers and shit so they'll close it down at 4am or so and clean for about 6 hours then you get your burgers.

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Do you ever think about the guys who make one song that everyone knows of but absolutely nothing else?

I'm listening to that dumb but catchy Eiffel 65 song I'm Blue right now and it made me think of it.

You know what? I bet those cunts actually made enough money from that shit song to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. I bet they can actually pick up women, not top tier, but willing women off the fact they made that song.

Makes me want to make a hit.

Do you have one hit within you, r9k?
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eiffel 65 made so many fucking songs and still did until 2006, 7 years after "im blue".

hard work and a little luck go a long way.

go ahead and try making a hit and try to get noticed in the endless sea of soundcloud shitters.
Those guys had a few of there songs get very popular, but Blue is prolly the most memorable. So it wasn't just a one and done. That said, the guys who made the song produced shitty Eurodance for a like a decade before making anything even remotely popular, which makes sense. It takes years dedicating you life to something to even make one hit wonders.
Eiffel 65 did a lot of famous song here in italy, only blue is famous worldwide because it is one of the few english song they wrote

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Femanons, do you believe that men should be subservient to you?
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Fuck off cuck, men are supposed to be naturally assertive.
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Okey sad.jpg
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my gf told me today that it was a privilege to lick her pussy
Then how come you're such a beta faggot? :)

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Daily remonder that the chance to be born female or 10/10 chad was a bit more than 50%.
You litrrally lost a coinflip between god and slave life.
How does it makes you feel?
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>you could only have been born as a human
>you could only have been born into this dimension
No. The chance to be born a Chad was 0% for me. Genetics doesn't work that way. Going by my how sister looks I'd say being a female wouldn't have been so bad but still pretty bad.
You could literally only ever be born as you. A different person is a different person and not you.

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This is a trans person. How'd she(he) do it?
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With a faceapp filter.
Probably had a feminine face to being with? Also I know this might not be original, but I honestly would bang.
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Does Nofap actually work or is it just another meme?
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It works as in semen doesn't expel itself from your body, if that's what you're looking for.
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losers who think not fapping somehow gives them a moral high-ground
nothing more
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like those straight edge faggots who have to let everyone know they are straight edge

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