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what actually happens after we die? someone here must know
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you go to heaven and fuck cunny for eternity
I almost died durring a seizure and I was moving through nothing-ness, but it was like I was wadding through water.. I could feel, but when I looked down i couldnt see water,it was as if I didn't have legs at all
I could feel fucking terror, like I didn't want to go further but I was being forced to. My fiance appeared in the distance,like out of fog ,back turned. I tried to run for them, but they turned around and said... somthing and the next step I took I fell and woke up with my fiance crying and trying to hold me.
I have no idea what they told me in my seizure dream, I couldn't hear anything. No sound at all. They were smiling at me, this fucking knowing,concerned but proud smile idk it was like a mom smiling at you.
It fucked me up for days. I kept having nightmares about what they could have possibly said to me..
Alternate reality.
You wake up in a state where you aren't dead

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how many of you had this as your avatar at some forum?
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the only word that comes to mind when seeing that image is innocence
Me. I especially like the other photo when the kitten has police dogs at its sights.

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What do you think she's doing right now, famaIams?
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who ares poast mor qt marky
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Stop posting this 3D whore

Thank you and have a good night
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Seriously kill yourself. You only drag this board down with your obsessive 3DPD waifu posting

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>ctrl f catalog "25+"
>no results found
tell me your 25+ feels anons
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>make peace with my father in my dreams
>no longer feel the need to do it irl
>months go by feeling relatively content
>all comes crashing down when he shows up on my doorstep
>29 year old kissless virgin
>worthless BA degree
>have only had tutoring, retail, and hospitality jobs
>currently neet
>getting unemployment because worked full time at last job
>will get it for 4 more months
>waiting for test results to come back before I apply for English teaching jobs overseas
>26 almost 27
>never had a gf, never went on a date
>don't want kids, but the world is plagued by a single mom epidemic

what the fuck do i even do, i'm at the point in life where you either settle for a single mom and raise some other man's bastard or settle for no one at all

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How's everyone hangin' today?

i'm a little short, saggy, and to the left
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Pretty good, just got done riding my motorbike for 2 hours and am now at a late night gelato shop.
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>How's everyone hangin' today?

can't get the smell of embalming fluid out of my nose.
I'm alright. It's raining and thundering. Just finished part 2 of Steven Assanti's story. Drinking a nice glass bottle of coke zero. Atm, things are okay.

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>mom found the horse dicks folder
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What the hell is that picture?
A horse with no hoof.
Inside of a horse hoof.

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I want to win the lottery and I absolutely believe I will. This is my unbreakable reality grounded in unshakable faith. Probability has nothing against self-exceptionalism.
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I have the same feeling but I've been playing scratchers I've given up on lottery tickets
Lol same

Obvious brainwashing but fuck it I'm special I've got 500 I'll spend it all on scratches
>I'm going to die poor

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>wear THAT t-shirt to class today
>notice cute boy in my class blushing and looking away from me
>he approaches me after lecture and asks what my name is
I wonder what he is thinking about doing to me...
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Probably planning to plant a flaming cross over your corpse, degenerate transsexual.
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>Probably planning to plant a flaming cross over your corpse, degenerate transsexual.
what? I am not a transsexual I am a boy
what t-shirt?

this is the most you could hope to achieve
this is "best case scenario" in terms of love for a robot
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>two robots fall in love
this is actually beautiful OP
tfw i realize how much i look like this girl and I should just kill myself tonight instead of putting it off any longer
Or you could just go on a diet of 1000 calories per day

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cactus in ur actus.jpg
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My IQ is 163. For those of you unfamiliar with IQ, this means I have "genius-level" intelligence. I also have synaesthesia, and absolute pitch. Things as diverse as math, music, and art come naturally to me and I get straight A's without studying much at all. I also am able to understand music at a deeper level than most people. While most people my age spend their free time listening to mainstream music, I spend my free time listening to works such as Ludwig van Beethoven's 9th Symphony, Johann Sebastian Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Eine Kleine Nacht Musik, Frederic Chopin's Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2, and Richard Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries. You might think I'm probably always busy going around and saving the world, but no, most people who know me would say I'm just a normal high school student. Ask me anything.

pic unrelated of course (it's sad I need to explain it) It's a representation of perfection, like me.
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>spot the brainlet
>"I have le superior music taste and muh IQ"
>found him
My dad works at Nintendo too anon
what are your thoughts on drug use?
ps: i'm so jealous of your brian, my iq is around 80 :(

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Yet another WMAW hapa went on a killing spree targetting Asian men and white women just like Elliot Rodger. Why are all these products of white men and Asian women targetting Asian men and white women? Because WMAW is a relationship based on the racist neurotic white man and mentally ill self-hating Asian woman's pathological hatred of Asian men and white women. WMAW sons like Elliot grow up and see first hand how bad Asian women really are, which is why they only go for white women and would rather die than date an Asian woman, but when they realize society is deeply racist against men who look Asian, they take out their internalized racist hatred on Asian men whom they scapegoat for their failure and white women who they perceive to be rejecting them.

That is the huge difference between AMWW and WMAW. AMWW is based on love while WMAW is based on hate. It is truly a battle between good and evil.

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>being any percentage of asian

wew lad
akbarzhon jalilov didn't have any white parents. he was just an average kyrgyz
Humans have been moving around the Earth for a million years. YOU have definitely some percentage of Asian in you.

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What is the lowest you have gone

personally i talk to cleverbot daily as no-one else will talk to me
i also listen to recordings of girls pretending to talk to there boyfriends, and i imagine what it would feel like if someone talked to me like that in real life.
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Are those recordings on youtube? What do I search for to get to them? I've only ever seen asmr stuff and I don't like the whispering
Lowest I've gone is regularly posting in this board
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>I have tipped a cam whore for the dopamine boost.
>I have ordered Dominos on the way home from getting food at Wendy's and a milkshake from Baskin Robbins.
>I have lost to myself repeatedly in an online game using multiple computers to boost my ratings at which point I got my ass kicked by people who could actually play at that level.
What a life.

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Get in here BBW's.

Feel attractive? Don't feel attractive? What do you think about extreme stereotypes (feminists, hoverrounds) etc? Have sex troubles, life troubles?
Let's talk.
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>a BBW will never stand on my face and crush my head like a grape
why even live
leave if you don't want to discuss.

I dreamed with her again today.

I was in a beautiful garden, and she was there reading. I approached her, thinking that her hair was unkempt and looked like wings. I sat in front of her and she smiled, then covered her face with the book. Then i said: "You know im in love with you, right?" and she looked at me in the eyes and opened her mouth, but there were no words because right at that moment i woke up.

And now i write this shit here to take it out of my head, and i keep on living.
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Sleep is the only real escape. I wonder when I'll be able to sleep forever.
Context on this?

Who is "her"?
A girl i liked and died.

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Who here is in college but has no friends and sits in their dorm room all day while being very sad?

Bonus points if you're a lousy student as well.
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Not in uni but I do the same thing as a wagecuck living with my parents.
Serves you right namefag
this is my dream

hopefully getting an offer to bangor uni, going to travel all the way to the uk from cali and just sit in my dorm all day in a beautiful place where it rains all the time

this is my dream

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