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>two women named Wallstreet
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>great grandfather was a carnie
>grandmother was married by 15 (the daughter of carnie)
>other grandmother was schizophrenic
>one grandfather might have been bipolar (went to prison and killed a guy with a starter pistol (didn't go for that tho jus example of him))
>mother and father mentally ill too, not worked since the 90s
>I get put into foster care and sheet
>brother very autismal, goes bald at teen years even
>I never werk'd and have no friends, nearly 30
But it's all my fauit and there's such a thing as choice, right?

No, Hitler was right about eugenics faggots.
>Post shit you find in your family tree
Intertwined branches and niggers hanging from it like apples.
only farmers and bue-collar workers

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Well lads, after 2 years of living like a king, I've reached the 2 year cutoff for NEETbux. I have to go in for an interview and they'll determine if I'm retarded enough to get back on the bux for another year.

How do I convince them?
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How did you get it the first time? Can you play the mental illness angle?

Holy shit this advice has never been more relevant.
everyday i yearn for the opportunity to prove i'm a retard to the government

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How's the weight loss going?
All I ate today was a big mac, filet o fish, hot n spicy and a mcdouble. Well under 2k calories! I'm doing it!
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i was being good to myself so i got subway
and 6 glazed donuts
I look like a deflated baloon and I still have to loose like 50lbs
I'm not sure if I'm going to make it
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>Nov 2015 285lbs
>Nov 2016 196lb
>Now 235lb

I started drining around christmas again and can't stop

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What's the point of selfies?
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same point as shitposting on r9k
to show people what you looked like at a certain point in time

to document a memory?

Either way no one cares, stay hidden.
>to show people what you looked like at a certain point in time

>to document a memory?
Memories of what? It seems like most selfies are taken while standing in front of a bathroom mirror or sitting a bedroom.

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What was your most painful rejection?
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Never had one because I've never approached anyone.
Yeah this is me exactly

originally fuck me in the ass

Instead of wasting resources,why dont you just kill yourself already? Better yet,let me kill you. I will make sure you actually die. None of you actually deserve or even need to be alive. So please,just kill your self to death.
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mongoloid phoneposter
imbecile phoneposter
My life still has more merit than yours lmao,

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>have easy office job
>have nice car
>attention from multiple women
>physically fit
>multiple streams of passive income

I always lol when grown men in america with electricity and internet complain about how bad their life sucks. Being taken care of by their parents and their only struggle is trying not to watch touch themselves throughout the day.

Pic related, make shit happen cucks.

Stay mad
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Height? Ahsjsjs
Just lol at being over 15 and having a fucking folder on your computer dedicated to posting feels and sad frogs an internet message board.

Then they wonder why they fail with women. Aside from the fact they have 100s of hours of porn on their hard drives.
I'm posting from my comfy 6 figures job right now. I just spent last weekend on a trip with a girl. We had lots of sex. Going to meet a girl off 4chan this coming weekend for more sex.

Life is good.

Any experiencesse? Have you found the one?
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Garbage site for garbage people. Also no woman there is single.
Lol. There are a lot of single men and women. People joke about there only being obese men but there are a handful of Chads. They're just not out there shitting up the boards.
i cyberstalk some people I know around town
good shit when they post n00ds

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don't mind me, for I am simply waiting for a girlfriend
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waiting 2.gif
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waiting is enjoyable, it gives me time to think about what kind of girlfriend i'm going to get
dont mind me, just impolitely saging this shit thread
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Oh shit, you've returned! I've been waiting for this.

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I'm about to eat some weed and relive my childhood, this is what I have so far.

>minutemen (Disney channel original movie)
>spongebob S2-S3
>planes trains and automobiles

Anything else? I'm thinking of simpsons but I don't want bad vibes
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>bad vibes

Just watch whatever and if you don't like it, stop.
It's not like you'll have a bad trip
put stuff up your ass
Watch the Star Wars the Clone Wars 2003 cartoon

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>mfw people mistake me for my boyfriend's (little) sister
How do short people get respect?
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>mfw people mistake my little sister for my girlfriend
short people don't deserve respect

they deserve to be treated like subhumans for being born with smaller torsos and legs
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I didn't ask to be a 5.8 manlet tho

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Post your feelings in this thread right now.

Preferably not just >no gf please
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>added 3 boys from here today
>ERPd with one

Hopefully all of those work out and I can ERP with all of them frequently.
Im jealous of other people who have an actual life. Everytime I hear or read of someone close to me doing good I get a bit more depressed
That's because you're a failure. Do something about it cuck.

How did you feel when you lost your virginity? Did anything change? I imagine you gain some understanding of the world that makes you officially a respectable adult
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Made me extremely depressed because it was the final proof that there is nothing worth caring about in this world.
This, sort of.

Like, I just had sex, now what? What am I supposed to aspire to now?
When I lost mine I realized how little I liked my gf

How am I not supposed to hate women after seeing this?
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>How am I not supposed to hate women
you aren't. everyone hates women. chad hates women. the only people who don't hate women are nu-males who think that acting respectful is the way to get free pussy.
Was there a point to that retarded reddip post? Is it yours and you are now hoping to get validation?
Are you retarded? Look at the dates they were posted.

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>gf of 7 years
>she recently moved to go to grad school
>been long distance for months
>she tells me she has fallen for someone at her new school
>she isn't responding to my texts or calls
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Whoops, your bad for expecting more out of someone
ouch, sorry to hear that anonimo, it must be crushing to be that close to someone for so long and then lose them so suddenly. I don't think LDRs are very well-suited for romance.
Take it from the cyborg here. Well over 90 percent of modern relationships die after about two years. You can hang on for a long while, but you're not growing any closer after spending years with each other. All things change, put two and two together, and that means you are growing apart. People only stay together in the past because it was forced, marriage. It's natural to leave, but you're a weird abnormal human robot. Next time leave after two years.

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