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blackbot here taking a trip to europe but not for what you think. Im looking to get dominated by and lose virginity to some big uncut euro-cock but i need tips on the best country to go to? mainly the most open minded or ones with most jungle fever? I'm thinking netherlands since they're the tallest and probably most hung. Most of the men there are experimental right? No Mediterraneans either please, i want the most devil white motherfuckers
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Stay out of my ancestral homeland, you filthy nigger.
I'm a beta from the Netherlands with a small uncut dick, will that do?
No, now whip it out.
No i'm pretty sure plenty of dom blacks will enjoy you though.

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How many of you were raised by a single mother?
It's absolute shit.
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Probably a good 30% of r9k was raised by a single mother.
I am pretty sure this is almost completely the reason I became a tranny, and why I used to spam the internet with nudes
100% of this board

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Its not going to get better anon. What are you going to do about it?
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Damn is that pic real?

Also just because a situation isn't going to get better, doesn't mean your feelings towards it wont improve.
yeah it's real, you look like an alien if you get shot in the head because of the way your eye leaves its socket
I know it's not going to get better. But every once in a while, going out in the middle of the night when the air is nice and having a beer, or a cup of coffee, and a cigarette and looking up at the stars, it makes it all okay for a while.

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Thoughts? How did your parents divorce go? It's really rough over here
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if you're old enough to post here, your parent's divorcing is basically irrelevant
i guess you are right. it just breaks my heart because i love both my parents and i thought this would never happen to my family
really bad , i regret not having prepared to escape the moment the word divorce came up. shit just keeps getting worse and worse. The divorce has been going on for well over 10 years as well and no sign of ending. You never know when the neet life will come to an end and you get thrown on to the streets.

I have a job interview today and no suit. The nicest thing I have is a costume from when I was in les mis in high school. Will I look like a a pass walking into an interview dressed like this?
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Just wear the white shirt buttoned up. Don't wear the vest
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Don't wear that. Good god. You'll look like a fucking bull fighter. Go to Goodwill or Salvation Army for cheap clothes. It like talking to a five year old.
jesus Christ no. Lol. please buy a collared shit or something from a thrift store

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how can i abuse my gf's mental illnesses?
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with tender loving care, it'll confuse the SHIT out of her mental illness.
i kept an autistic shut in as my side gf once
don't be an evil beast like me it didn't work

MatPat has a video on this on FilmTheory. Of course it calls you to be attractive and wealthy.

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Why are Atheists so cringy?
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Because they haven't realized that being an atheist has no real advantages.
I do not think there is anything cringy about being rational.
I bet a lot of outspoken atheists were raised religious and so when they discover atheism it feels like a big deal and they want to talk about it a lot

>Be me
>Have aspergers
>Be completely okay with it

You thought this would be depressing. But no. I'm not like everyone else. I must be the only person on earth who does not give a fuck about being autistic.

If anything, it makes me superior. Compared to me, all of you are normies.

Now stop being depressed about your problems and start taking advantage of them. Your problems don't make you a loser. They make you superior. You are wiser and more knowledgeable because of your depression. It makes you strong.

Also, suicide is for fools. If you commit suicide I swear I'll fucking kill you.
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How do you know that you are an aspie?
You sound like a normie. In fact, you seem to be implying that I want to "succeed" which I don't and only want to be left alone. Now fuck off "aspie"

How far towards severe autism are you on the spectrum?

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Fellow robots can you please suggest a common household substance that will instantly cure my anxiety at least for a short duration. I have to get my hair cut and just thinking about it makes me nervous, I have not really had human contact since summer begin.
Sincerely, thank you. Also whoever helps me I will tell you the secret website for the best tranny porn
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If common household substances were good at this, you'd know about it and/or it would probably be illegal. Alcohol is probably your best bet and comes with obvious downsides, you could also raid your medicine cabinet and see if there's anything but that's luck of the draw
nyquil will do the trick. mellow you right the fuck out.
Bleach will do just the job.

>fat glob of bloody noose booger falls out of nose
>Eat it
>haven't brushed teeth in DAYS
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what's the girl's name? do you have any more pictures of her?
Nope sorry. I do have more pictures like it though
>Haven't brushed teeth in DAYS
You are like little baby. Come back when you hit months. I haven't brushed my teeth in 3+ months and don't plan to until I have a dentist appointment

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How do we solve the faggot/trap thread problem?
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I know, they're so annoying, right? But it seems there's nothing to be done... If you can't beat 'em join 'em I always say
I guess we just have to squeeze their twink meat with out boipuccis then.
Hope this board becomes a blue board. Thats all we really can do.

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Did you ever consider that you're the only one responsible for your problems? Take some responsibility instead of blaming other people!
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Did you ever consider yourself that some people are really not responsible for their own problems?
do weebs got out of their way to look as moronic and out of it as possible?
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Yes, I 100% am responsible for a good chunk of my problems. However, My health failing me, family members dying, and other personal issues are out of my control. Sucks, but it's how it is.

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>"Looks don't matter xD!"
>"It's all about the personalities!"

How do these statements make you feel?
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I can confirm that becoming /fit/ doesn't fix anything. And yes I have done steroids and am bigger than Chad now.
But Bundy was charismatic as fuck. He just happened to be good looking too.
It makes me smirk at the fact of how deluded normies are.

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why are robots so beta?
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well if you can't beat at chad at the alpha game, which seems to have an upper limit of alphaness, at least you can embarrass all of humanity and every chad by plumbing the depths of beta descent which seems to have no fathomable limit
But thats a false flagging redditor

Anons, I need to vent

>New staff at work
>Major qt
>Don't talk to her at all because I'm a major autist
>Over heard her talking to others that her goal in life is to find a rich old guy close to death

Why are roasties like this? Who's to blame? Woman for being such opportunist whores? Or men for allowing themselves to be baited and used?
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why is there such vitriol for women taking practical avenues to prosperity

If I were a qt girl I'd be playing men too. Why the fuck wouldn't I? Are you guys mad that you don't have that option or are you mad because they're not dedicating themselves to hunting down nice guys and sucking their dick
See my problem is that even when vagina gets you untold privelege
Men still hear the screeches of inequality
it's almost like we each experience a set of different advantages and disadvantages

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