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it fucking pisses me off how hot 2D girls are


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That's not even the worst part. They are pure, can actually love unlike real woman and are loyal.
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Shit. I didn't need to be reminded of this.
They are drawn by Japanese pedophiles for other pedophiles.

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>I still can't buy waifus
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>buy waifus
What did you mean by this?
Do you know what a waifu is?

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Post stories of the times when you "tried"

i'll start
>be me
>see profile of girl i saw months ago and said my long hair was cute but never asked her name
>add her to kikebook
>start talking
>get along well
>she starts sending photos of her (not nudes)
>do the same
>lots of mutual compliments
>decide to go on a date to talk IRL
>go and have fun talking all afternoon, was a great day
>i go to her job and give her some gifts like cake and thing i know she likes
>she goes "thanks anon. Oh god, why are you like this?"
>she's thankfull but not excited
>she stops responding messages, responds from time to time and excuses herself with "i'm sorry anon, sometimes i'm lost in my own world or i'm very bussy
>she's always connected liking things and sharing normie memes
>some weeks like this
>can't take anymore
>decide to give her a rose and say good bye
>go to her work and wait for her to check out, i give her the rose, she's very kind and without asking apologizes for not responding frequently my messages
>can't say anything for what i came
>get home
>responds some of my messages, but later gets back to the same attitude
>i only smoke when i'm horribly sad, and been smoking like crazy all this time

well lads, it's the last time i make gifts and act kind to women, it's never worth
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I didnt read any of that, but I do want to say that i appreciate your attempt at reaching out to people and that I, too, am lonely. Stay strong, friend. I hope this thread wont die on you.
Your sole response made the thread worth anon, thanks
>be me
>trying to make confidence gainz to go with new physical gainz
>gonna pretend I'm Chad and chat with a random female customer at work.
>5\10 country girl comes in with elderly mom
>Be really nice and polite to the mom and chat to just her for a while as I work (I work in a car garage in the middle of nowhere so customers just wait around for a while if they're getting a minor repair done)
>eventually start chatting to the grill and her mother leaves us alone and we talk for a while
>I get her name before they leave
>add her on normiebook
>she messages me instantly
This is too easy
>start to find her incredibly boring
>shes a nice girl but such a normie
>conversation fades
>she wrote to me again recently
>conversation got a bit deeper
>I told her the truth about my social anxiety and depression and how I sometimes approach random people for practice
>shes totally cool and understanding about it
>for some reason I'm just not interested in her romantically anymore but shes so nice
>feel kinda bad

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If you are the one who chooses how you feel regardless of your circumstances (so you can "choose to be happy", as they say) then what's the point of being nice to people, and what's the point of working hard to accomplish things?

Whether you treat people like shit or are nice to them doesn't matter, because how they feel is their choice, not yours. Therefore courtesy is worthless; you may as well be a dick. Or be courteous; it doesn't matter.

And accomplishing goals doesn't matter either, because whether you fail, succeed, or don't even try, your happiness is just about "choosing to be happy", regardless of how things turn out.

It seems to me that the idea that you choose whether to be happy/sad/angry is a notion that leads to absurd consequences if we entertain it.
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Because being genuinely nice makes me feel good.
Ask a psychologist yo.
Personally, it's a lot of work to go to the trouble of pissing people off.
I'd rather just not.
So I don't.

It MAKES you feel good, or you choose to be feel good afterwards?

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Let's be productive today...

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Roller inorganic desu
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Rolling Stones on newfaggots

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ITT: good feels thread

>Found five pound in jeans this evening
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BO III Zombies easter eggs are hard as fuck, but I finished Shadows of Evil will randoms the other day.
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btfo'd a normie on chess. This is my autismo ground and I won't allow normies to ruin it.
>spent the day in the garden with my doggo

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any depressed shut in robots just feel angry at everyone around them?

i hate absolutely everyone around me.
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If you're 's shut-in....Who is around you?

"friends" that aren't really friends
Long distance "girlfriend" i hate
fuck off

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Last two times me and the wife have fucked she finished before me so I've gotten halfway there and had to stop. First time because it started to hurt (been a whole for her) last night she couldn't go on after so long. Now I wanna masturbate but my balls kinda ache when I get hard but even the simplest things are getting me hard!
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Imagine having a shit wife.
If my wife can't take it anymore she atleast sucks and jerks me off until i cum in her mouth
>Imagine being a shit husband.

If she gets knocked out from sex she probably deserves sleep after spending all day and night with the baby. But still clogs the pipes up
mods pls ban op and delete this

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>you will never live in a town protected by a female superhero
>you will never become a supervillain and commit crimes in order to get her attention
>she will never beat you up on a regular basis
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if mt lady put you in her vagina and then shrunk down, would you shrink down or would she explode
Second one makes more sense.
you'd shrink down

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What's cumming in a girl's mouth like?
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fucking good dawg shit's next level desu mmmm i fuckin love doin dat shit mang when she swallows shit's fucking bad ass especially when she shows it to u after and then swallows it mmmmmm bro shit's to live for desu best shit ever
Why do people never post sources for this shit?

I want to see the video.

Google image search only brings up the GIF.
Feels pretty good. However in my experience only prostitutes give good head and even that's not a guarantee.

Girlfriends often give shitty head and expect you to act like you like it. Then get butthurt when you try to tell them that it's shit and they should try harder.

But yeah feels good

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Why do we all hate ourselves so much?
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I hate myself because I'm an enemy to myself a lot
It feels good to hate something, and there's a sense of meaning when you're being attacked, so to hate yourself is one of the greatest sick pleasures a man can have
Because I'm an inferior human being. I know deep down that I am a KHV because everyone can see that I'm meant to be an evolutionary failure.

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How do I train myself to act a specific way? I watch a lot of anime to see if I can learn how to act cute but I always revert back to my assertive and masculine ways.
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try harder originally
INTP quote of the day
>How do I train myself to act a specific way? I watch a lot of anime to see if I can learn how to act cute but I always revert back to my assertive and masculine ways.

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Lets talk about computer science.

Is it as hard as people make it out to be? How tough is it to get a job in the field? Is it a worthwhile career in the long run?

Been thinking about this for a while now and i need to make up my mind before september hits
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>asking /r9k/ about science of any kind

>Asking /sci/ about anything

Wew lad they're literally retarded

For this topic ask /g/
>Is it as hard as people make it out to be?

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Is a pack of cigarettes an easy way to an hero?

I wouldnt ever try to kms but would one pack make it easy to get cancer

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One pack will do nothing. A pack a day until you're 50 will kill you.
Yes and another way to an hero is to eat at fast food restaurants every day and to not exercise
Underage b&
There's something called google, not sure if you've ever heard of it

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>wake up
>lock door
>start masturbating
>mom knocks on door to try to get in and get something
>clean myself up and open the door
>dad gets angry and tells me to stop locking the door because I probably shouldn't be doing anything that requires that much privacy

Well, /r9k/? Should I not be masturbating?
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Why are you still living at home? You know you have to be over 18 to post here right
>not capping in the bathroom using your cellphone for porn
At some point it would be better to be homeless than to continue living like that.

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