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>cousin staying over at house
>sitting downstairs watching TV
>there's nothing on
>she wants to sleep
>decide to stay downstairs for a bit and cuddle her under the covers
>mum upstairs sees my bedroom light on and goes into her autistic detective mode
>catches me leaving the room my cousin was sleeping in where the lights were off
>stupid woman assumes we were having sex

Why are mothers so fucking deranged, can't I just cuddle without family butting into my business? I know it's partly down to her christian beliefs making her assume that whenever a boy and girl are in the same room they must be shagging, but still she's my cousin for gods sake.
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Because she wants you to be normal. Not some pussy who wouldn't give his cousin a one way ticket to pound town.
Ask if she's into black guys.
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yeah it's pretty weird i dunno matey
Uhm, If you're over the age of 10 it IS pretty weird for family members to cuddle in bed. Grow some self-awareness jezus man.

>Chad who won the genetic lottery and never truly had a real struggle in his life's insight on the topic of depression
>Chad actively creates people like this
WTF? Just stop being depressed change your habits and you will have a better face. WTF? Just leave the house and be social, never mind the fact that normies have you on their radar and are always talking shit about you, thus poisoning the well causing people who have never even spoken to to think you are an irredeemable subhuman.
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not sure what argument you're making but half that stuff in the pic could be a consequence of depression just as often as a cause.
post your face faggot
ferrara corso
Boy this image hits home

Boomers in Houston nursing home btfo by hurricane. Thanks mother nature.
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They now expect 50" of rain, originally it was up to 35". Houston is getting fucked over. Wonder how many people will end up homeless and broke because of this
Is this Katrina-tier?
Nah, this is way more. Katrina caused that much damage because NO is below sea level and the levees broke. This is 100 year storm.

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Write a letter to someone that may or may not read it.
Make sure to include initials in your letter.
or their whole name to stop confusion that happens every thread.
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There's still time to fix things between us.

I just need to know that you're willing to put in the effort, too.

I wish you would talk to me. I know she is keeping you from me but we were best friends. Why can't we have that? With out you i have no one. We used to be indestructible, we felt like the whole world could take us and we'd win. I have Carl. And he loves me. And I love him. But I still need a friend. Why do you let her keep me away?

I gotta thank you, I stopped trying to find someone ever since I stopped talking to you.


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> tfw no qt varg bf to braid hair
Why it hurts so much ?
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>tfw want people playing with my hair and braid it but dont have anybody that would do it
Its one of my favourite feelings in the world, yet I cant achieve it
God damn Varg looked like a fag when he was young
> a fag
What the hell senpai. He looks so cute

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>tfw first day at college

I want to fucking shoot myself, can't wait to get ignored by my normie acquaintances in the hallways
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You're normalfag too if you're too concerned to get ignored. A true robot is the one who ignores everyone
>can't wait to get ignored by my normie acquaintances in the hallways
I pray that I'm ignored by everyone I come across.
Don't let it get to you.
Also, try to get into a good relationship with at least 1 or 2 of the acquaintances that are similar to you/seem like good friends. Send eachother memes and such. Just so you can keep eachother sane through this cesspool of social insincerity.
Best of luck.

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>friend is literally going to harvard to become a computer scientist
>i'm missing a whole semester of school because i couldn't get a loan and am going to community college for spring
>then when i do transfer i'm going to major in something artsy. graphic design most likely
>while we were friends, i was pretty toxic,
always complaining about anime and stuff (before i found out about the loan i was trying to not be for ... months, but it leaked out.)
>they message me
>i don't respond

it's fine that i'm ignoring them, right? it's for their own good.
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Dont float away, cutting ties is the dumbest shit you can do. Appologize and move on in the friendship so you dont become like the human waste that frequents here
Don't compare yourself to your friends. It does nobody any good and if they're good they won't mind you not going as far as them. I think you have hope if you can realize you were toxic.
I would just sleep on it

College is a waste of time in terms of getting an actual education. The only thing you'll get is a piece of paper that says you went to school. There is nothing you can learn there that you can't learn on your own. What matters most is your drive and self discipline.

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Let us have words with each other, /r9k/, for boredom has once again taken hold of me.
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one of my neighbors apparently has a parrot now and it's laughing nonstop
i don't get what's so funny
parrots love attention so it's making any noise that will get someone to come and interact with it in it's boring life stuck living with humans when it really wishes to be flying through the jungle
For some reason I'm feeling worse than usual today. I really want a gf and I want her right know, but I know it won't happen and I will stay a KHV for the rest of my life.

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I just want you guys to know you're all great and I enjoy talking to all of you on here, you all give me a nice comfy place to browse after suffering all day and I appreciate it. /r9k/ has had ups and downs over the years but it has always been one of my favourite boards and I'm glad it exists.
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I fucking hate this site and everyone that has ruined it
I feel the same way, even if there are some people on this site that I deeply detest, such as the tripfags and other assorted degenerates.
Honestly I like you guys when seeing you through text but I feel like if I saw you irl i'd be repulsed.

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Someone here no-ass?
> tfw my bones hurts when i sit
Pic unrelated
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Are you sure you arent just incredibly fat? Thats my issue, i just use a recliner as a desk chair now.
No. I'm 58 kilos
I can literally feel my bones against the chair every time I sit.
that sounds like the worst hell there is


On a scale from 1 - 10 how dumb do you think you are? 1 meaning you are extremely smart and 10 meaning you are borderline brain dead.

On a scale from 1 - 10 how much do you enjoy your orgasms? 1 meaning not at all and 10 meaning you get immense satisfaction and pleasure from them.

Thank you for your time.
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7 for first question. 3 for the second.
10 and 10
This is original.
2 and 7 desu

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If this is true?

Then at one point do women want to start a family and have a gentle lover?
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When the bad boy impregnate them.
b-but gilly loves him
Fuck. That pic made we want to die.

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What would happen if all robots were put in the same room?
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Also share experiences meeting other robots
The stench would be unbearable.
90% would put on skirts and wait to get buttfucked by the remaining 10%,

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why is nobody falling for my cam on omegle?
show me your pp : (
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>moderated section
That's why it doesn't works. I'll show you mah dick in unmoderated section, you have to find me first tho.
And maybe use a real girl instead of that ugly homo
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what about this cam, anon?
go for it

I usually like to fap even if I know there is a guy to the other side. I like it more when he agree to pretend to be a girl (and doesn't have the cam on).
>perv life

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How do I stop missing him? I fucked up and I hope it's not too late
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Tell us your story desu
Where is the story?
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Welll theres an easy way... then there's the hard way...

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