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sad story.jpg
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Why do men ignore the women who love them in favor of the ones who don't?
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because they one's who don't are more attractive
Thrill of the chase. No feeling of conquest from an easy woman.
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No woman who is not related to me has ever felt any emotion except perhaps pity towards me ever in my life.

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>tfw your argentinian
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I thought girls loved the BBC
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>tfw your mother is brazilian your father is portuguese and you were born in spain
>tfw your argentinian
slavery is illegal

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Is domestic abuse good?

Bet abusive Chad never gets cucked.
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Abusive Chad gets cucked the most you delusional poodle boy
Can't fuck other guys if she can't walk tbqh.
its good and natural. i mean don't beat her hard or anything, just a few slaps or hits here and there, and you'll have a happy relationship (i assume? never had a gf but if i ever get one i'll do this)

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Just got fired lads. What do?
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order chick fil a
That's your golden ticket to NEETbux
call a chick-fil-a and order a bunch of shit then never show up

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How do I seduce a guy who's a 25 y.o. khv and a complete autist?
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Don't and stop being gay.
Be a girl.

Are you a woman or a faggot, original?

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My Snapshot_4.jpg
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>I really wanna try out this strap-on senpai. would you mind so much if we jus /tried/?

see this what do

oh hai pic related it's me btw
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Holy shit she has a really long finger
you could ask me for proof before you jus ignore me gez. unless I am being recognized

yea true hehe
Her: I'm not a faggot
Him: I'm not a faggot

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Most embarassing and cringe inducing moments of your life?
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Every time I try to speak, ever
basically this, whenever I am the focus of attention I blush and reveal my true autism
Come on be creative

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What is /r9k/'s stance on armpits?
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top tier fetish along with feet and thick thighs.
armpits are the fucken best anon
seeing an armpit gets me rock hard
disgusting and subhuman tier'


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Would you rather be 6 ft tall with a 2 inch dick or 5 ft tall with a 7 inch dick
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>Tfw 6'2 with 7 inches penor
tfw 5'3 with 5" dick

at least im small enough to live out my fantasy of being carried around and over powered by strong women
>mom my dinosaur smells funny

>25+ kissless virgin
>every girl is way more sexually/romantically experienced than you

basically it would be like she's dating a child.
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I know that feel.

It's why I've given up on it all.
I can't imagine any woman being okay with that.
Same, I have never tried flirting with girls, the idea gives me so much anxiety man because I don't know what to say to them. My only interest is videogames.
Bitch please, wait till they start dropping anchors on you.

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>get qt virgin gf
>Stay together 5 years
>finance her through university
>tells you she wants to get married and have kids
>really sweet girl
>like myself doesn't enjoy clubbing or too much social stuff
>fast forward to final year of uni
>living in flat together which I pay for
>I am working 45 hours a week to pay for our nice lifestyle
>while I am busying working she makes a bunch of new friends at uni
>'party people'
>won't do any activities with me at the weekend
>as soon as her (some male) party friends text her she is dressed in 10 minutes out the door to go clubbing
>something which she literally had no interest in before
>tonight I am working in another city staying the night
>she has finished exams so uni is over
>Staying at our place alone
>call her after work
>Says she is going out drinking
>she won't even go to the pub with me normally
>'Cool who is going out'
>'No one just going by myself'
>'Cool have fun'
>get a text from one of the lads from her new parry friends group
>'Hey Anon your gf is smashed just taking her home to make sure she has some food and water lol!;
>call her
>'heeeeey... heey anon.. just got home'
>'Yea, how's it been'
>sound of phone being put down
>male voice in background
>gf voice 'no you have to stay with me tonight'
>me 'Hey gf what's happening?'
>just get ignored
>here in the distance of the phone footsteps going upstairs
>hang up try to call back
>an hour later she finally answers
>hey stop ringing me I am just in bed goodnight

>unironically fell for the gf meme
>didn't listen to r9k all those years ago

cuck my shit up m8s
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its your fault

you have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original.
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Damn nigga, that sounds rough. Was she a good fuck at least?
>ignoring female nature
>paying for her services (sex and emotional support) like a tradcuck idiot
100% your fault anon

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>tfw your an American
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File: 56wagsrfdh46.png (26KB, 957x751px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw you're an American
File: IMG_1165.jpg (105KB, 300x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw America is still better than China and Russia.
File: 1495671587537.png (9KB, 401x367px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I believe that I have wont he greatest lottery of all time. I am alive. I walk the Earth. I live in America. Above all things, I am grateful.

Why do blonde guys with blue eyes look like the biggest douchebags before they even open their mouths?
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>cherry picking a Chad blonde with blue eyes
It's not the fact he has blonde hair and blue eyes, but his pretentious gaze. I have blonde hair and blue eyes but I'm a fat ass pimpled balding neckbeard.
Look at his skinny grashopper arms
>I have blonde hair and blue eyes
Be my bf RIGHT NOW

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Anyone else thinking about deleting their 4chan folder(s)?
If anyone saw anything relating to 4chan on my computer i don't know what i'd do
it would be insanely embarrassing and i get anxiety thinking about it
my PC is messed up too and i cant play video, and i wont go and find someone to fix it until im positive they cant find anything personal on it
wat do
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fix your own fucking computer you idiot
there's nothing a repair place can do that you can't do yourself
I don't have anything incriminating on my drive, even relating to 4chan.

If you do, then someone probably already knows.
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Man PLEASE do it

>used to have an obsessive 4chan collection
>had a folder for every single board
>saved copies of every post I EVER made
>organised them by the personality I was using for that post (I had about 50 personalities per board)
>saved pictures of every response I got
>saved pictures of any future post I suspected to be influenced by or referencing my posts even if it was nonsense, for example I posted on /pol/ some shit about flat earth and then saw a post 4 months later that had the words 'flat faced' so I took it as a reference
>had a whole hard drive with this shit
>became OBSESSED with my posts
>started to read posts from every board that I had made, over the course of 2 years
>started to find links between them
>started to become certain that a small, 2 line post I had made on /ck/ had foreseen 50% of my posts on all other boards over 2 years
>became convinced that I was trapped in a circle of self referencing on 4chan and my mind was starting to falter
>paid 4 different shrinks to come to my house and read through the posts and confirm the links
>got diagnosed with fucking mental problems of various types and had to take a bunch of meds
>life has been fucked up since

A 4chan folder is a danger to your mind

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I just ran away from my abusive mom I'm 18 and have been a victim of abuse for my entire life I've been living in the woods for 2 days now I have 2 portable chargers with me and am trying to figure out what to do next
I have like 2 bottles of water left and 77% on my phone without using my portable chargers I have exactly $7 and no money because I got fired from my job a while ago and couldnt find employment :( if anyone is in the Killeen/fort hood/copperas cove area and would be willing to help me id appreciate it so much
I do have a PayPal as well if you're interested in helping me out but can't physically do it if you wanna contact me I have kik just ask for it I can't do shit on 4chan from mobile really so it'll be hard to talk to people
Pic related it's where I'm sleeping or staying or whatever nobody found me yet and I'm a bit from home so ((It won't let me post it's to big or whatever here's an anime thing))
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I really wanna talk to people can someone give me a discord or their kik ? This loneliness is killing me it's worse than sitting on a computer because I can interact with other people online
Aw, you can stay at my house. :( I definitely won't lock you in my basement or anything.
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I'd chat with you but I don't give out my Discord.

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