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Guys get on there's cute fembots and some femboys on here aswell

tags : r9k r9komegle robot9001 omegler9k
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post the fembots otherwise you're a lying faggot

4chan moderators, please remove this thread
report and fucking sage it goon

Post your political ideology and I'll insult you. Feel free to be as edgy as possible.
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Economic right without the white supremacy part and social left without the identity politics cuckery part.
Divine monarchy where the king is a literal god who we depend on to make the flood plains silt up!
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Capitalist with a liberal flavor

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sex dee.png
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who /perverted/ here?

> fetish for licking dirt off the bottom of girls' shoes
> have licked clean all of sister's shoes
> I used to crawl under her bed when she wasn't home and jack off while licking her shoes
> licked clean my aunt's shoes when she slept over
> licked clean my friend's mom's shoes at a sleepover
> frequently steal sister's used sweaty socks and smell them
> when I lived on uni campus, girls on my floor would leave their shoes outside their doors
> would steal their shoes and lick them clean
> managed to steal a pair of one girl's sweaty socks, dipped the socks in warm water and sucked the dirty sweat-water out while jacking off
> have stolen toenail clippings from sister's floor and sucked/swallowed them
> lucky enough that sister didn't flush toilet one time, covered myself in her pee toilet water while naked in the bathtub
> let it fill my mouth
> would have swallowed if it was just her pee, but there was toilet water in there too so pass
> licked some of her pee off the toilet seat one time
> used to sneak money into her wallet for the financial domination aspect
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>used to sneak money into her wallet for the financial domination aspect
why the fuck did that give me a boner
Feel sad for people like you.
>jerked off next to my mom
>humped my mom
>got to see her lingerie on a daily basis because shes a whore
>humped my aunt because she was sleeping with me in the same bed back when I was a shota
>she was always sleeping in a big shirt plus her whore panties
>jerked off next to her too
>both parties are aware of me doing said things
>they both love me deeply
How is incest a bad thing again?
used to sneak money into her wallet for the financial domination aspect
fucking holy shit

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Ceci n'est pas un post.
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ce fil-ci est inutile
le dejeuner en fourrure
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Ceci n'est pas un argument


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When a Trap likes Woman. Is it Gay or Hetero?
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>> Imlying traps could ever be gay
thats where you fucked up
It is lesbianism.

t. transbian
Are you sure because the trap still has a dick.

>actually dying
>instead of seeking partnership and romace at the very end of her life she looks for a quick fuck
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So she just wants to have crazy sex before she dies. Cool.

To bad she will only put out for chad.
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>tfw no terminally ill gf
>someone becomes emotionally attached to a person that is dying
>has to deal with losing them once they're gone
>easier to just do hookups with no strings attached

You've never had sex or had anyone care about you OP, you really have no room to talk about relationships

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Who else /library/ here?

I don't even come here to study, just play games and listen to Reviewbrahs podcast all day with a coffee.
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I like the library. Perhaps I'd be more productive if I went there more often.
Libraries are nice as long as there aren't a bunch of stupid fucking kids running around. My local library is really bad about this
My library is a glorified homeless shelter. The rules are enforced like a prison and computers must be reserved with time limits.

You can't even go to the bathroom since so many junkies overdose in there.

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>tfw 4chan is becoming libtard and lolbertarian again
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>tfw nobody wants to discuss politics on this board but it ends up basically being the only thing discussed due to shills on both sides or those using the conflict to fish for (you)s, OP included
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Do you think so? Maybe the groups are just more polarized so you hear more extremes rather than a flood of moderate right-wingers or alt-liters. I also know a lot of the far right wingers (genuine National Socialists or Italian Fascists) have left 4Chan due to either lack of interest or purity spiraling.
Maybe someday posting about politca outside of /pol/ will ve a bannable offense.

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ITT: Most hated boards
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Doesn't r9k pretty much keep to itself though?

It's a cesspool, but its a self contained one at the very least.

>tfw I've persuaded myself to stop liking big asses
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Why? You're just limiting yourself
Big butts are way more versatile than small ones, not to mention softer and more fun to play with.
What's wrong with liking big asses?
It's r-selected.

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>he doesn't know how to bluetext
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show me anon senpai
But I do know how to whitetext
>he doesn't know how to backgroundtext

Why don't you become /fit/ and stop being a robot?
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Why, robot? Why?
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>tfw I payed for a one year gym membership and only used it about three times
fucking kill me

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why do all tool album covers look like the final stage of a shitty woke meme?
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because the shitty woke memes all look like tool albums ? i barely know the band but they've probably been around longer
Yah since the 90's and if you want a description of them. Tool is the only 100% effective birth control
Also the picture used is the cover of a tool album

What is your excuse for not joining the military?
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I already did my 6. Worst decision of my life. If you're a robot before you go in, you'll be even worse off after the fact. Fuck off.
>What is your excuse for not joining the military?
I might after I graduate college
i wanted to but my blood pressure and eyesight kept me from it

also psychological evaluations probably

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Well, /r9k/? Let me hear your stories.
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They haven't done anything bad to me yet
>be 15
>awkward and pimply
>no friends so no one to stick up for me
>bunch of Chads piss on me in the showers after gym
>try to fight back
>get the piss beat out of me until I'm on the floor bloody
>they take my clothes out of my locker and throw it in a toilet someone shit in
Chads seem to generally be good people. Never gotten more than some name-calling from them or made fun of in front of a group.

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