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*smick* *smack*
anon, your cum tastes bitter today
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Fine let's do it some more for (you)s
Do you enjoy the musk? It's been so hot lately, my balls have been producing a most pungent of odor lately.
Get off me before I put you down like a dog. You whore.

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Everyone on this board that hates on women because apparently they will leave you for chad is so hilarious. Imagine you anon
>begin dating solid 3/10 grill who is like you in every way including being a 3/10
>happiest of times together
>she just gets you
>buys you your favorite videogame for christmas
>likes all the music you like
>then one day you end up at a party (unrealistic i know but bear with me here)
>your gf is at home waiting on you hoping you have a good night out
>look around party and see 10/10 stacy
>she looks right at you with those gorgeous big eyes and smiles
>Walks up to you and flirts with you the whole night
>She begins touching you and every instinctual fibre in you in screaming to fuck her
>stacy pulls you into the room and gets on her knees and unzips your pants
>looking up at you with gorgeous 10/10 face
What do you do anon? Thats what i fucking thought
Youre all fucking horny chimps go fuck yourselves
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>implying I wouldn't just shut down her flirting attempts easily with my masterfully autistic disposition
Just because you're a scumbag doesn't mean the rest of us are.
>Walks up to you and flirts with you the whole night
No, women, especially Stacies, especially for 3/10s (rarely even for Chad) make the first step. They are the ones approached.

Guys can control their instincts and think of long term consequences. And if you think some stacy vagina is any different after the deed is done, you are a fucking retard. Girls don't consider this. And girls hope to keep that newly arrived Chad in their lives.
>What do you do anon?
I would not, and fuck you.

10 Years, 11 months, here.
Throwing away the jackpot isn't something you'll forgive yourself for doing.
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>everything is fine
>got promoted
>accepted to the university I wanted
>on good terms with everyone around me
>still cannot enjoy anything and feel shit will hit the fan the next minute

What is this meme
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Neckbeard shrek.jpg
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About a year ago for me.
I went on a really long walk with my sister to look for pokemon on Pokemon Go. It was the last "good day" I can remember.
It was only a one time thing though, I've been depressed for about 4 years.
im 19, but ive been depressed for about 7 years. I don't remember the last time i was happy because i dont give a flying fuck

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do you have prejudice against other posters because of their filename date?
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not really
I don't even look at filenames, unless it's specific to the thread
File: 1345656818501.jpg (17KB, 421x399px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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but I thinking it's generally an indication of new-faggotry

did this anon >>38785420 really discover his favorite laughing anime girl 14 hours ago?
maybe but it's most likely a newfag

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If free will is something that doesn't exist at all and every choice I make is determined by past events and my own brain structure then how do I become a better person?

What steps do I take to break my bad habits?
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File: 1478739648720.jpg (47KB, 645x968px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Wouldn't that mean you'd want to increase the quality of your brain structure? You could get your blood checked at a doctor. You would do things like meditation, proper diet, and exercise. You would be social and get into a monogamous relationship. You would go make 75k/yr and own a house.

This would all be in pursuit of the highest quality brain structure. If it all comes down to past events and brain structure, and you can only control brain structure, you would do what is possible to to have the highest quality brain structure so that the best possible choices are made.
Determinism doesn't resolve at the subatomic level because of uncertainty.
So life is ultimately non-deterministic, and you can ignore this whole mental avenue of nihilistic surrender to fate.

You start becoming a better person by willing yourself to improve and acting upon that will.
>Uncertainty = free will

Whether or not everything is deterministic is admittedly an unfalsfiable argument but uncertainty and sub-atomic "randomness" wouldn't mean we'd have the ability to will ourselves into doing shit. It would mean that every choice we make is a roll of the dice. It's actually the worse of the three ideas. Determinism would mean if I do things to make myself better in the future then I've been determined to be a better person. Free will would mean that I can do whatever I want and want whatever I want because I'm a wizard who exists outside the confines of reality, however it would also mean that, since determinism isn't true, I wouldn't always act(or not act) certain beneficial ways, I would always have to will myself to do it. "Uncertainty" is the absolute worst, it's like playing X-Com except the RNG is pumped up to 11 and dice rolls decide your every move and you don't actually play, you just feel like you do(same as determinism in that last regard)

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Is this guy normie?
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bones is that you who keeps posting threads like this? or did you see the efukt video with his song in it?
>efukt video with his song

search. bats in the cave on efukt

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>swipe right on every girl on tinder
>match with a few
>don't reply to any, even if they're attractive

who here /ultrachad/
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Ultrachad would be swiping on only the most beautiful girls, matching with even fewer, and talking to all of them until you convince all 17 of them to come over for an orgy
>Touched the cashier girls hand at the gas station when she gave me my change
Looks like Im leaving you behind /r9k/
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rolling for big rat thing

I'm fucking sick of being stuck in my room all day, i want to go outside and have friends. I hate this life so much. I'm sick of it.
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I know how you feel. It feels like being stuck in a hole that just keeps getting deeper.
*goes out with friends*
>"i want to go back to my room and cut contact with everyone, i'm so bored and uncomfortable"

this, I'm so tired of being sick, I just want to die.

File: 1501594129644.jpg (216KB, 584x530px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's like I'm stuck in a cage with water coming up around me every day. I seriously think killing myself is the only way out at this, there's just no help to be found.
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File: IMG_0875.jpg (287KB, 1536x2000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Stream if and don't bitch out
what is this originginla
You will be as strong as you need to be.
You can get out of the cage.
You can win.

Meditate, summon up your fears and doubts, your inner turmoil, bathe in it.
Feel the searing and the hungry endless cold.
Forge your soul in the fires of pain and you will be steel.
You will be as strong as you need to be.

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What is your dream videogame, robots?

>cozy expansive base building with survival elements
>Able to explore a large world
>Interesting characters to meet, good wife-material women
>modding potential
>slow pace
>lots of replay value and a passionate community
>bonus points if it's a cooperative MMO with a world large enough to support it
>bonus points if VR and I get a headset for free
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The Sims 2-4 except online
VR where I can fly a spaceship and do whatever I want
pipe dream of course but whatever
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jelly boy.png
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>fully immersive vr (all senses)
>complete character customization
I'd never stop playing no matter what kind of game it was

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ITT we pretend we're black
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Ay wus good ma nigga
File: pepe_brown.png (122KB, 917x871px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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*sigh* oooga booga where the white womenz at
I'm actually black desu

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You know what this board doesn't talk about enough?
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Fuck off, you footfags are even worse than trapfags and vegans
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Yes, I know. 2D feet

originally originall

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>someone tries to start a conversation
>you answer with yes/no or similar one word answers
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File: 1393367926853.png (5KB, 399x327px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>try to start a conversation
>they answer with yes/no or similar one word answers
How can one fix this habit?
I don't know. It depends why you have the habit in the first place. Do you find conversation uninteresting, is it a lack of social skills ect

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>I decided to try no-fap
>went with no-fap for 4 weeks
>I couldn't stop thinking about drinking cum
>I even installed grindr even though I'm straight
>I was drooling over their cock pics and imagining myself getting a facial from their cocks
>Finally fapped and the urge went away
>tfw I feel it slowly coming back

Why the fuck am I getting gayer by the day?
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>gayer by the day?
Because you following the Jew's word.

No-fap is bullshit. Cum a lot.
File: 78681114.jpg (265KB, 1333x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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There is no help for this anon
>Cum a lot.
This won't work either. The more you do it, the more you want to do it with someone else
Same thing happens to me anon.
The longer I go without jerking off the lewder my thoughts become.

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Do any of you have a Chad for a father that's disappointed in you?
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i never got the disappointed parents meme, if anyone is disappointed it should be the son at the parents for being idiots and failing at raising him.
My dad is fasho a cyborg.
My dad isn't white so can't be a chad but he was smooth as fuck in his 20's.

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