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>thinking about what I was like in high school
>remember that I rejected like 9 girls during junior to senior year
>still a khv
>and I rejected 9 FUCKING GIRLS
>some of them were ugly, but some were qt
>don't remember exactly why I rejected them, but I wanna punch my past self in the face
>could have had a gf by now
>now in college no girls like me because they're all after Chads
>tfw no gf
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I think people forget that once you get a gf, you have to be a good enough person to keep your gf
I think I'd be a good boyfriend. I'd take my girl out on a nice date at least once a week. I'm extremely loyal and affectionate. And I'm not really the jealous type unless my girl is clearly a roastie whore, but then I wouldn't be dating her to begin with.
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It's simple, OP.

People always say, "Women love to talk so ask them questions about themselves," but it goes way deeper. Women are much more intuitive than we are and can "sense" when they're being bullshitted. It's not enough to just think of some interesting questions, you have to legitimately be interested in what they have to say. It can't be forced, but can be naturally cultivated through the conversation as you find a thing or two you can relate on.

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Tell us about the most beta kid you have met.
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You. Dumb shit froggo poster kisdo.
I made this thread with this one guy in mind. We wentto school together but when every guy started growing tall, getting facial hair and jacking off he remained the same. He never grew an inch, never matured and didn't even change clothes. He look the same as he did as he was ten years old. Still do today. He is a 27 year old kid who laugh every time he burps. Only change is that he's face have been covered with acne the last 14 years. Poor soul. If he wanted a girl with similar interests he would have to go look in a kindergarden.
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My friend forcefully made a guy watch at gunpoint while he fucked his girlfriend. He made him lay down on the bed and her lay on top of him, while my friend fucked her from behind. I watched the whole thing.

He's beta because she willingly did it and he's still with her to this day.

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I just realized I haven't taken a shit in over a week
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you need more fiber my dood
How much do you eat?

I once went 4 days, but never a week.
Nigga that aint natural

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>mom found the drug drawer
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>sister found the candy stash
lol I have a drug drawer, countertop, safe, and closet

I don't fuck with recreational drugs, I just have very very very poor genetics
I know this is a meme, but holy fuck, that sinking feeling is real.

What's even freakier is when you find out long after the fact that they know.

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4chan beta manlets BTFO
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>I wrote a book about magic wizard school
>this means my political views are objectively correct
I'm not agreeing with her views at all, but everyone is entitled to their own views, and are allowed to share them. I do find it a bit funny basically everyone on 4chan has some opinion of politics and always feels superior because of it but then someone talks theirs publicly and suddenly it's "Oh, what makes THEIR opinion matter more?".
Because they did not come to their own conclusions and beliefs they were force fed them from CNN

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What are some good tricks to play on normals?
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Send them flour in an envelope.
Underage b&. At least I hope you're underage and now some 20 something fuck who would consider popping tires for people being more successful than him.
>having a car
>implies successful

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I am really thinking of asking a qt3.14 out

she is not sexy hot she is cute hot
she is shy, doesnt really have really strong connection with other collegues ( as far as i know )
she glanced at me once in a while and smiled when i caught her looking
she is my class mate but luckly or unfortunate we are finishing that class and we wont see each other in class ever again
do i even have a chance?
will i be completely humiliated if i ask her out?
and if i have the balls to ever ask her where should i ask her? movie+dinner or anything else

please help fellow robot i know you have experienced this before the rejection part at least
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do it pussy
do it pussy
do it pussy
do it pussy
ask her to dinner so you can talk to eachother
and pay for her meal since you invited her you cuck
Get her number for coffee, you have nothing to lose.

What's going on with Social media these days?

Facebook has gotten weird, it's nothing but political posts and women with daddy issues posting stupid shit. All the normal people never post anymore or deactivated their account.

Instagram just turned into a dick flexing competition.

Snapchat has always just been shit

Twitter is just an echo chamber of creepy SJW types

I think social media is dying lads.
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Twitter has been an excellent advertising platform for Wendy's. Instagram is my go-to source for softcore porn now. Facebook is where I can fap to pictures of any girl I know the name of.

The real question is WTF have you been using social media for?

>I think social media is dying lads.

Nigger wat. Social media just finished electing a president.
>using social media for anything

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Hey /r9k/,

I've recently come out of a LTR and realised I didn't really have anyone else to talk to. I'm really struggling with the loneliness and I am experience more feels than usual. It's really hard at this point, seeing my ex (who I am still friends with), having a good time with her large support network and meeting new boys. I am basically just alone with my hobbies and thoughts. I have been strong so far, but like I said, the loneliness is getting to me.

I was just wondering if anyone wanted to be friends with me, we could talk about feels and be supportive of one another. I would welcome friends, male or female, who want to have cool chats.

I am interested in music, exercise, and video games. I play bass and guitar, I can sing a little bit too. I do strength training and run, and I like to eat well. I play mainly indie games, as well as open world survivally games.

I'd like to get to know your interests and aspirations too, robots. Who knows where our friendship could lead.
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start a discord maybe
huh, i'm ready for whatever this choice has to hide!
Where do you live anon? Similar hobbies to you and I always feel alone. I'm extremely lonely and could also use a friend. I'm a really kind person and you seem like you are too, got any way I can contact you?

>You gonna suck it, or just keep staring at it?
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Don't ever post this again, anon.
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that's not even a dick. At that point it's just an overdeveloped clitoris
>At that point it's just an overdeveloped clitoris
literally exactly what that is you goofball

>hear struggling and strange noises coming from your sister's bedroom
>open the door and you see this
What do you do?
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>Close the door
>Burn the house
>Fuck burnt bodies
The only sensible thing really

She was enough of a fucktard to allow a friggin DARKIE into the house I knew this shirt would happen but did she listen fucke no REEEE
My sis is fucking a white girl? wtf?

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I have an addiction to crime and chaos. I get off on the thought of doing bad things.
I've vandalized public and private property, damaged public and private property, trespassed, mugged people, shoplifted, committed breaking and entering, committed grand and petty larceny, stolen vehicles, committed assault of various degrees (including sexual assault and rape [not pedophilia though, that is degenerate]), and have done a minor amount of drug peddling. Not going to count consuming drugs since everyone and their mother does that.
Some of the more serious crimes I get away with by going to "protests" (which are just riots, I don't delude myself like the media does). I agree with none of the political beliefs that many of these so called protesters follow but use the state of chaos they create to get away with certain crimes, when I have access to the riots of course. I don't select my targets based on any prejudice or bias. I'm just as likely to mug a regular person as I am to mug a rioter.
I would say I'm an anarchist but unlike Antifa or other anarchist groups, I don't try and force myself into believing that anarchist would actually work for everyone. Anarcho-pacifism (and pretty much all anarchist movements) are based in a sense of idealism which assumes that humans will work to support each other rather than fight if there was no government. Sadly, this is not anywhere near reality. I'm okay with living under chaos because I'm oddly at ease with it and enjoy the thrill of crime and chaos, but I recognize that the rest of society does not feel this way. I have minimal regret in the things I do, but stop just short of murder because it is the one crime which leaves the victim with no opportunity to recover.
I feel alone. The only people I have ever connected with are other criminals, mobsters, and gangsters I have worked with who are mainly in it for the money.
I live everyday like it's my last and hold no shame in it. It takes all types to run the world after all.
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2edgy4u xd
"Eternal peace is a dream, and not even a beautiful one"
If you really lived every day like it was your last you wouldn't be posting on /r9k/

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I used to watch Eggman's streams every day, felt like I had friends who I would hang out with. Egg man got doxxed and stopped and now I don't know what to do. Do I get a job?
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>I don't know what to do

Watch anime, wank, play vidya despite hating vidya and lurk /r9k/
But I don't get a social connection that way.
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I'm still so confused. Was Eggman still in Minnesota the whole time and just used the eastcoast lie as a coverup? Apparently people know what state Pizza is from too, but where?

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Post your edgiest music right here. Metal, electronic, whatever. I'm making a school shooting mixtape.

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fuck yeah

Why do people like pic related exist?
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They don't

Sage and fuck off
>They don't
Filthy frank has nearly 5 million subs
>no results found in the archive
OP, don't say that you were actually autistic enough to make this image

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