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pure kino.jpg
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if you go to monster.com YOULL BE A MONSTER

I hope you're backing up your data.

Someone's backing it up. It ain't you.
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>Someone's backing it up. It ain't you.

someone backed up all our data last month

now what he hell is ekansovi? I'm a noscript user and never saw anything like that.
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>not using indeed
This is where you fucked up

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>tfw you will never have a childhood love who will grow up to marry you
>tfw you will never be able to show photos like these to your grandkids

Why even live?
I feel like i have no purpose on earth.
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it's pretty cool, but it's not the only cool thing, nor is it even the single coolest thing
thought it was a midget couple that randomly grew tall.
>you will never be a man who wears capris

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>discord is down
what now
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Now we wait
or something
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Please come back Discord...
File: gays not welcome.jpg (42KB, 600x728px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
gays not welcome.jpg
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>using discord ever

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>tfw no clothes
>tfw mom will give me 50 shitty euros
i cant buy anything with that shit lol
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50 euros is more than enough for a bunch of clothes, unless you're buying overpriced high street shit
You mean unless you're buying anything but basic stuff from the cheapest stores. Even then bunch would be an exaggeration.
you can get clothes for free but it will be shity tier and overused proably.

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How would your parents feel if you brought this home??
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I did and they disowned me.
They'd just be glad I wasn't gay.
They wouldn't care outwardly but my mom would secretly despise her

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>tfw no pure christian girl to marry and procreate with

Is it not much to ask for in 2017?
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Here in south TX there is a shit ton of latin qt who are christian my bor married one planning on marrying on too
everything is too much to ask for
you must seize that which you desire
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Women have never been pure. Their singular drive is sleep with as many men as possible. It's biology.

Why are so many transfags socialists/commies? Do they really think that the people they worship Castro,Guevara,Stalin would be okay with them?
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Commies are shit scared of faggots, China just blocked all LGBT shit on the chinkternet.
>I'm poor so free things nao!!!!
That sums it up.
If I was a socialist leader I'd kill all traps and keep some gay's cause they're some of them are ait

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sexy m&m.jpg
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>be me
>be 20 yrs old
>go to the supermarket
>see big booty qt in the chocolate aisle
>can't stop looking at that voluptuous ass
>on the verge of getting a boner
>just focus on looking at chocolate
>pick up an m&m packet
>see this hot ass m&m lady with those fine ass legs
>get raging boner
>impossible to hide
>she's looking at me and won't stop
>fuck what do I say
>"well you know what those m&m's are like h-haha"
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>be me

Who else would you be?

Why didn't you try to stick your dick in the elastic of your underwear? Every living male knows that's the go to thing when you know you're going to get a boner.


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Uni/college anons, how do you study?
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I recognize far too much in the virgin study...
I'm 6'4 and also use the highest setting, because otherwise my legs would pretty much lie flat on the ground.
Fucking manlets, you have no idea.
With LO-FI hip hop playing in another tab

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"Well hey there cutie. I heard you're a virgin and I love deflowering a sweet virgin with my big meaty snatch."

wat do?
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kys degenerate faggot

>That disgusting roastie gets to make 1000s per month working for naughty America
>I am a neet and can't find work.

Women truly live life on easy mode.
>tfw would unironically have sex with this old bitch
where did it all go wrong

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How would you originally kill yourself lads
>smoke windex
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smoking windex is possible?
You could probably vape it
Drop hang from really high up with all of my limbs attached to ropes

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>"Oh hey, anon. Can I live in your fridge?"

What do?
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Only if I get to eat da pussy
who the fuck lives in the fridge
File: 1499040721822.jpg (65KB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Originally, some girls do.

File: 1456621427070.png (551KB, 964x912px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>watch a digital copy of a Tarantino actual film
>use speakers instead of headphones
>neighbors now think I'm racist
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>unfortunate origami
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>watching Youtube Lets-Players and Twitch Streamers
>parents now think I have friends
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sweating pepe.jpg
55KB, 500x473px
>Talk to myself
>Parents think I have friends

What's stopping you?

No seriously, what is stopping you from literally injecting yourself with happiness and confidence?
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every tranny I know wants to kill themselves.
I don't want to play on easy mode you dirty casual.
Why can't I just be happy as who I am?
Why do I need to change myself?

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What kind of underwear do you normally wear?
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That's a boy isn't it?
Yes it is.
Legend of Zelda and Overwatch bikinis.
I wear them as a joke, don't worry.
I like boyshorts. Top comfy.

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