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What job can I get certified for in a year or less that makes me 16 dollars an hour? I'm willing to work at it 12 hours a day so even if it normally takes longer than a year I might be able to finish it faster.
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any robots watch the RSD guys on youtube?

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Yeah I love Owen and Julien. I never try to pick up girls but I love the general self improvement stuff.
RSD is BS, they've been exposed to be faking their videos multiple times.
Not sure how people fall for the shilling in 2017
I don't take advice from illegal alien immigrants from canada.

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Is it healthy to sit in a room that's 100 degrees F (38c) ???

Because I'm sitting in a room that's ~100f/38c right now and I don't feel so well.
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So a little over 5 months ago, someone whom I'd liked on and off for years found out about my feelings for them. Very quickly, like half of the school knew. I overheard talk of a surprise, though, so I didn't stay upset for too long. It was supposed to be on Valentine's day, I believe, but I missed it. I thought people were under the impression that I did it on purpose, and I was in denial about it having happened, so I made a post to Facebook pretending not to know what went on. I saw people who had noticeably tensed up show their phones to others and change to looks of relief. Later that day, I fucked up and posted again to Facebook, this time aggressively doing what thought was calling out people for assuming that I missed it on purpose. I deleted it fairly quickly. I feel really bad about it now.

I didn't go to school for the next couple of days because I knew I let people down and was a coward. At some point, I saw a post to 4chan that I though was theirs, so I responded to it and continued responding to some of the posts that I thought were theirs. I kept this up for several days, getting multiple cues that I really was responding to the person. I got super paranoid and bitchy towards the end because I was just so tired of trying to identify their posts. Whenever I brought up things to people I was fairly sure were involved, though, they acted as if nothing happened at all--even the person who I had overheard talking about me liking my crush and the surprise. (There was also a guy who passive-aggressively liked all of my posts and shared one of them that had to do with me trying to fix the situation.) I was so lost and scared. I now know that I lost about 15 pounds stressing over this.

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I ended up basically getting tricked into going to a mental hospital. There, I stabilized a significant amount, and eventually wrote an explanation/apology letter to the person I like (9 pages, of course, lol). I pressured my parents into giving it to them, but it had to be through the parents. Part of the agreement my dad had made was that they would give the letter back, but they never did. I'm not sure if it was because they wanted to keep it or because they forgot and threw it out.

I had one or two text conversations with them during my passes from the psych ward. They didn't pertain to the letter but things seemed relatively normal. I had another text conversation with them after getting out. Things seemed normal again, save for the awkward part where I asked them if they had any new fetishes and they didn't text me back. (It wasn't totally awful because we'd talked about sexual stuff tons before. They had also mentioned BDSM, so it wasn't out of the blue.) I still didn't know what they thought of the letter, so I finally asked them last night when one of my friends was over (which gave me courage). They said that they thought I wrote it in a state of delusion, but didn't elaborate any further because they hadn't read it in a while. I said that I agreed, but didn't know how much I was deluded about. They said that they were going to the city, so another time would be better. They then apologized and called me "honey". (That made me very happy, even though I knew I wasn't the only one they called "honey".) I told her something along the lines of "No, that's fine. Have fun!". I haven't gotten any further information.

How long should I wait to ask for further info?

Side note: My psychiatrist suspected the I may have schizoaffective disorder, so idk how much I can trust my own perceptions.
Are you a girl?

Only a stupid fucking girl would flip out over stupid innane shit like this.

>that 15 pound weight gain
ahaha, good

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Misanthropist Martians 0.0

Humans are the inferior lifeform
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Does anyone here have a stronger gf/wife? If so, can you tell the story of how you found out who was stronger?
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I bench 315, for 10reps. she's DYEL to me.
Fuck off dumb femdom poster

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>get in car
>adjust seat belt really tight
>feel the need for closeness sink as car hugs you
>feel loved by car
>loving your car
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I do that too I guess, but it's my girlfriend hugging me xD
Pro tip, if you drive stick you can get fucked by your car
You fucker get out now

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I just made a fake Tinder account pretending to be a girl to see what the competition is like. It is SATURATED with CHADS. Most robots would look like fucking Gollum relative to the chads that use Tinder to boost their egos.

There is NO FUCKING HOPE for us.
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Post examples?

Probably not orig

Isn't it creepy how Natalie Portman ended up marrying a dude who looks like Jean Reno from the pedo-film, Leon?
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>thinks the film was called Leon

Hang yourself, fuckwit.
Bravo, nolan. Bravo to (you).
She's jewish. They are naturally attracted to jew-y people.

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Did you notice that if you see reverse birth it looks like a monster eating a baby then sucking its nutrients until the only thing left is a penis?

Lets make a thread where we ask these kind of questions.
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Did you notice that OP is a faggot
>>38378315 # why the h8 m8?
Also i asked for questions are you stupid?

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>mom saw "father son Kamehameha" on my search history
>she thinks i'm into incest shit
>she told the pastor to come to the house and pray for me
>he did and he came and said "lord please deliver anon from these disgusting thoughts
I just wanted to watch some DBZ
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Why didn't you just show her what it was? Moron

Hey r9k

Come hang out with us on discord. Were a modestly sized group of diverse individuals and wed love to meet you.

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Underaged Welcome ;)
Fucking cringey and awful, fuck off

>in a car with a wagie
>play this

am i an asshole
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Foam here if anyone remembers me from the thread earlier.

Went out to the club sober, didn't speak to one qt. I've decided nightclubs aren't the place to meet women. It's too noisy and cliquey. You can't speak to a woman properly so there's not much point.

That is all for today.
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Exactly. And any woman who is out at a club on a weekday has no life and will ultimately ruin yours.
So what's so great about those logs, anyway?

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Is having a cute Asian gf cheating?

I feel like it would be considerably harder for me to land an equally attractive/cute White girl and I'm just settling for the easier option, like a White girl having a Black bf ;_;

I feel like my asian gf only uses me for my above average dick. She just rides my dick for 30-45 minutes, orgasms and squirts everywhere and then passes out. Same routine almost every night.
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