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"Women have higher morals than men do"
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Only 3 matches?
I bet both profiles belong to the same person. A faggot named OP
Oh wait its only 2 chicks nvm

This picture is cute right?
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posting in a deleted thread :DD dog bless america
Not as cute as you when you do that.
Yes, shotas are gods gift to mankind.

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>tfw ate pussy for the first time of a random tinder slut
>tfw technically still a virgin
>tfw she will probably let me eat her pussy again
life is great
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grats if your into that sorta thing, hopfully you dont have herpes now
>ate her pussy
>didn't even fuck her

You're her bitch now
>confident enough to eat out a random whore

You are a brave or stupid man.

"Champ, when I was your age, I got my job down at the factory by rucking twelve miles through a blizzard just to get to the interview after my Mustang wouldn't start. It was the worst snowstorm in state history and when I got there, the manager was so impressed that he shook my hand and hired me right on the spot. I nearly lost my hands to frostbite that day, so don't tell me about how bad you've got it."

"Now that all those kids are heading back to school, it should be easier for you to walk in and find work. I'll drive you around town to look for a job, and we won't turn back until someone hires you on the spot. Whatdy'a mean you'd rather go back to school so you can spend the downtime with your 'Yuanaytis' on 'Fortune Cookie Channel?' I didn't need some fancy-schmanzy degree to make parts for laundry machines and ensure they met company standard. May not have had much in the way of a college education, but I supported the family, bought two houses, three cars, and our summer vacationer up in Nantucket."

"I expect a lot more than that from you, Champ, so turn that frown upside down, speak with the manager, give him a firm handshake, and tell him you want that job."
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>("Thank God it's Friday. Just running out the clock until it's time for me to punch out. Hopefully, no one barges in here and disturbs me until then -- especially not that kid who keeps asking me for a job.")
>slurps audibly
tfw your dad never called you Champ
>that he shook my hand and hired me right on the spot
how firm was the handshake?

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I have a bf and you don't!

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pix or it didnt happen eh
>I have a bf
I'm not a mentally ill faggot
>I have a bf and you don't!
how did you acquire one

I feel like something really horrible is about to happen, to every single one of us on the planet. Grotesque and evil things like we've never seen before. I just can't pinpoint exactly what kind of event it will be. Everything's just been very ominous and quiet. Anyone else feeling this?
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That feeling is a well known physiological phenomenon when depressed you should look into it.
But, I haven't been able to afford Stelazine since my parents took me off their insurance
Similar feeling, but for opposite reasons. It feels like these last few years are coming to a head, and no one will be prepared for whatever hellish event happens soon.
But I have a handgun. Worst come to worst, I can blow my brains out.

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straightbots could you ever be convinced to be with a guy romantically?

if so what would it take? money? prolonged dependency? envy? prison gay?
also youre the bottom in this, no "im gay for traps ONLY" situation to keep things fresh
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Honestly if I found a cute, hairless femboy who was into me I'd date him in a second
A really cute face but i'd still dump him

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So anon, what's been on your mind as of late?
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I want to kill myself
I want to get Xanax
>those satanic dubs
I'm falling to depravity
Yeah I understand. I've been wanting to die for awhile now but said "Fuck it, I deserve this pain"
turns out I have psychosis
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I can't really form coherent thoughts anymore. it's more of a fog of anxiety and half formed thoughts in my brain

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It's ogre, you are done, you can't survive without youtube. Why don't you make your own site? o wait, that'd require some IRL skill.

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oh no not the autistic poltard redditors
anything but them!!!
Jesus fuck this is censorship,

Some anons will try to downplay it, but it is truly censorship.

Maybe we can petition the gov to put the foot on youtube, If a platform is big (and youtube is huge) then it must abide by equality as written in the constitution

No it doesn't. It's privately owned and can do whatever it wants. It sucks, but it's true. Only the gov can't censor you(even though they do lol,) but that doesn't stop anyone else from doing it.

Also you are thinking of the bill of rights, not the constitution, c'mon anon they repeat the same shit at you for 12 goddamn years, did none of it stick?

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>tfw asian and addicted to cuckold and WMAF porn
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>tfw your parents find your porn collection and ship you back to guangzhou
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are lego people asian?
Don't feel bad my eye slanted friend! I have a major crush on my Asian male friend. If anything, you guys really undercut yourselves.

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How would you outfit yourself for your own little judgement day? I through this shitty image together in paint because I didn't want to use a boring template, but create your own image in whatever fashion you'd like.
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Holy shit I knew you surplusshits were dangerous
Calm down anon, it's only daydreaming.

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What superhuman feats have you accomplished? I once rode 50km on a bike with two flat tyres and a wobbly seat. On the highway.
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I was able to stay in bed for a week without eating and drinking from my tap
>Have 22 kids and likely more in time

By sperm donation technically, but they are biologically mine.
You're a regular Ghengis.

Why are redhead females 11/10 but redhead males are eternal virgins?
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one of life's great mysteries anon
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I mean there isn't a person on earth who wouldn't inject this specimen with their semen.
I don't know what you are talking about OP. I love guys with ginger hair.

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Where do I go to find a girl(female) that's lonely, wants to be loved and to love? Also is clingy and wants someone clingy in return? For some reason it seems hard to do in Europe, even when looks are irrelevant and you just want someone that wants you and would like to be wanted as well.
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Shes only interested in Chad
try the ideal bf threads anon.

there are femanons here but they're afraid alot of the time to approach the guys cause of all the women hating.
Ive tried those, but it has always been anons pretending.
I guess I should keep trying and actually post my discord aswell so that they dont need to reply in the thread


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>Have a stupid foreign sounding name that no one can understand when i introduce myself.
end my suffering
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>"What's your name?"
>"Oh nice to meet you noel, I'm ___"


Is this op?
If not I'll bite, what's your name anon?
No I'm not op. My name doesn't even sound foreign at all wtf (in America)

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