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how you make friends?

how you talk to ppl?
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IDK if I knew I'd have friends

is there shame in using a tanning booth instead of getting a natural tan?
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higher chance of skin cancer
Yes. It means you willingly made yourself brown, rather than it simply happening due to unfortunate circumstances.

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>be me
>sitting in room
>looking at 4chan screencaps
>dad comes in
>asks me to write an email for him
>do so
>hes about to leave
>notice hes looking at my uni graduation photo
>'how longs it been, 3 years? since college?'
>uh no, just 2 dad
>'2 years huh'
>'but in this photo i see a boy, and right now youre a man.'
>i shake my head
>doesnt make any sense, does it
>he laughs and walks out

dont know what to make of it
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Christ, I'm normie as fuck and this hurt to read

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>Wageslave for the package delivery Jew
>Get shot

One day, you cagie-wagies will learn.
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All I ever wanted from this life was to meet a girl I liked who liked me back, but it's the only fucking thing I keep failing at.
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that's what you get for having such a stupid life goal. women are going to make you miserable over and over until you learn your lesson.
You seek the wrong thing, anon.

Women are facetious, sarcastic, self-righteous, prostitutes of satan himself. They shelter the weak while enabling them to continue being weak, while criticizing the strong as they serve their bodies up as prostitutes.

A hole is just a hole, OP. Be kind to women but never invest your heart into them. The only thing worthy of your love is a family.
Women are bitchy. They always complain about how you're never good enough. It's annoying. Even if they don't say it they act bitchy without telling you what's wrong

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>just drank an entire bottle of white corn syrup
Not even memeing. Fucking kill me.
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Because it tasted good and I am addicted to sugar.

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There is this big hotel near me that busses in what seems to be illegals. It's a nice Hampton one too. Should I investigate?
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>Hampton Inn
Where the fuck do you live and how poor are you?
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Pleb tier cantonese rice my fellow human

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All you need to escape your suffering is one moment of bravery, you can even build yourself up to it over the course of years if you have to. The Normies just want you alive so you can be at the bottom of their dominance hierarchies.
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True. Very hetero anon.

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Hey robots, do you think my meall is kawai enough ?
^^ desu :3
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disgusting rice.jpg
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sometimes the stars align for some stupid small thing

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>go to nursing home to visit nana
>nurse says, "Oh hon, just take a seat in one of those rooms wherever"
>open door
>see this

wat do?
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*unsheathes benis* :DDDDD
*teleports m'dicc inside u*
*ok cums*
id probably push her off the bed, call her a disgusting whore and leave
sit down and try to ignore it, I guess

>let's just make all of our films again


who the fuck is watching these? Is this just because China is now considered a bigger market than America and they always want the same garbage?
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A robot, a /pol/ack, a /b/ro, a /k/ammando, a nerd from /a/, and an /out/doorsman are put into a hunger games style arena to the death.

Who wins, and why?
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/b/tard would because he's a degenerate faggot that would do a bunch of gay stuff in return for protection from someone else like a prison bitch then have sex with the corpses while everyone else is busy killing eachother then he'd get lost on the way out of the arena and die from a syphilis infection and drug withdraw before the ymake it out

The /pol/ack would jew the others into killing each other first.

The /k/ammando would shoot the /b/ro, because the /b/ro would be a really loud 12 year old screaming memeing.
The /k/ammando would then by sliced in half by the 300 pound fedora wearing /a/sshole, who'd then go on to boast "nuffin personal kid. That'll impress the waifu".
The /out/doorsman would have left a pitfall trap capturing and fatally wounding the anime hamplanet.
The robot would mutter "w.w.what about me..." too quietly for anyone to notice, have an anxiety attack that causes him to be unable to think clearly, and then he'd eventally go nuts and stab the /out/doorsman with a spoon in the eye. He'd never see it coming because everyone forgot about the robot.

The /pol/ack would have been watching this from a distance, building a fort (WALL) and setting up some flags.

The robot dies trying to climb the wall.
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ah ah ah...

I will not be able to answer this question until this cup of joe is EMPTY. I had hoped you knew better than that.

Anyone else here still young and having trouble with their dicks?

I'm 27, and just spent the last hour trying to fap, then losing my erection a half-hour in. And after spending another thirty minutes trying to get it back, I gave up and put my pants back on.

My dick was perfectly fine yesterday, though fapping makes me feel more tired the past few months; and a little difficult to perform.
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Hey anon, ready to pay for 18 years of child maintenance?
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download (1).jpg
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>My dad literally said yes to this.

Jesus fucking christ
>*moves to an another country*
Psshhh.... nothin' personnel, my kid
Get me a dna test first then we'll talk.

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When I was 17/18, I was a normie. I had lots of friends, went out every night, and had sex with some really beautiful girls.

Now I am 30, and I haven't had sex in 11 years. It's been at least 8 years since I've had anyone I could even come close to calling a friend. My social skills continue to deteriorate as time goes by. After my washing machine broke, I handwashed all my clothes for two years before i recently worked up the courage to call my landlord to get a new one.

I can't look anyone in the eye any more. I hardly go outside except to work. I spend most of my free time drinking and screaming at mirrors. How did I come to be such a pathetic loser?

Why is everything so horrible?
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Did you hit your head at some point?
>OP rides the pussy carousel, doesn't settle down and his life goes down the shitter
And people insisted this was only true for women and mens' "sexual market value" only rises with age. Hmmm.
I dunno, I think for most people the pussy/cock carousel lasts throughout their 20s, but that wasn't the case for me. By the time I was 20 it was over.

I think the one thing that's fucked me up more than anything else is work.

Fuck having to give up 40 hours of your time a week for someone else's benefit just so you can keep a roof over your head. Fuck work. Fuck capitalism.

Fuck fucking social anxiety.

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