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>be me
>Wake up
>Blow ot out my ass
>Get gf

Wow,it really is that simple. Woah. Maybe you guys sould also blow it out your ass.
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I bet if i was a femanon/fembot yould respond.

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>tfw you realize you're dumb

feels shit t b h lads
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tfw 30 and never had job cause dumb
I'm 23 and I used to just convince myself that I was a loser because I had social anxiety, depression or I was autistic.

I am socially anxious and depressed but I think it stems from just being a fucking idiot who's incapable of navigating life

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Is this true?
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femanon here
Anything more?

I don't watch videos that look like this anymore

I'm sick of the brainwashing and bullshit trying to cull the betas, nice guys and other undesirables.

I hate this world.

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>tfw cool
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>tfw femanon

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I hope you get AIDS

Mootblocks 010001000111110001010101010001110
Is that Riff Raff?

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Alright faggots I need some help. I've found a hard lump on the left back side of my head (the lower part). That shit hurts when I touch it.

It doesn't help that I feel like shit and have little energy even if I sleep 9+ hours.

Also I've noticed that I drink a lot of water (3 L+) and am pretty constantly thirsty and piss a lot.

Any medfag for some insight?
>inb4 cancer
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it's probably just a cyst
have fun draining it
Your thirst and need to pee indicate diabetes.
I've thought about that. Just in the past 2h i've probably drank 1L + and I ain't stopping.

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Pepe (0776).jpg
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>tfw a 13 year old girl loves you
>tfw you've been deprived of woman affection since forever
>tfw you have to break her heart to not be a pedo
>tfw you go back to your usual, depressed life
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Should your goal be as becoming as chad as possible while still being nice and genuinely interested in people?

what else is there to do?

at least one way gets you laid

it's better then sulking i guess
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>it's your birthday
>see email facebook notifications of normies wishing you happy birthday
>havn't known these people or used facebook for over 7 years

a-atleast mom made me some cake
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>having facebook and normie friends
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I think you posted on the wrong board normie.

Happy birthday though

Happy birthday anon, have a good birthday

Its been 3 days since I've got a decent sleep,

I fucking hate being sick, my body feels like constant shit and i cant fucking sleep, not only that but my job hates when people take sick days, im freaking the shit out bros, can yeah try to give me some good ol green text stories to help me ease off being wagie thats on the verge of mental collapse again?
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I'm tired of being ugly.

This isn't fun anymore.
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Femanon here
Have you tried NOT being ugly
Haha good one femanon! You sure showed him c:<

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>that was a joke, you're allowed to laugh
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>people telling you what is or isn't a joke
tbqh I can interpret it however I want
Femanon here
You should stop being a moody little bitchp
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your opinion was really made more valuable by informing me it was coming from a female

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>be friend
>say/do dumb shit
>everyone's got his number and knows who he is, regardless of whether it's for good or bad

>be me
>say/do same dumb shit

It's not about attitude. That's bullshit. There's something deeper, and I need to know what it is. Help an anon
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Femanon here
Its about your delivery of said stupid thing and also how you look
You need to let a qt trap cum on your chest and then pour some cereals over it and eat the whole thing with please while your qt femboi trap takes a picture of you.
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you forgot about one important thing

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Who else /Gollum/ here?
>pale and ugly
>going bald
>hungry skeleton
>huge scoliosis
>lost my mind
>talk to myself often
>live in cave (basement)
>turned away from all my old friends
>bitter and angry
>looking for something I lost (meaning of life and hope)
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I guess
I'm not bald or a skelli
But I do have an obsession that's driven even those who are still close to no longer understand me
I can still keep up the facade, sort of, though, when I really have to
guess it's only you and me Smeagol
only two of us
like it always was
>going bald from dermatillomania
>pale from not going outside for months and cover my windows
>only do things at night
>have imaginary conversations with myself

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you'd better get to it, r9k.
you know what needs to be done
time is running out
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i filled up again. thanks OP
Fuck i gotta sleep,
thanks op

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