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>tfw you live in the most prosperous country yet depressed because muh virginity

I swear to god you robots are the most superficial people ever, there's more to life than a fucking vagina
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The country is not a individual.
I am, and therefore, the only honorable thing i can do is take responsability of my failures, which goes far than (but not excluding) beepis in vagina :Ddd

Go be a nigger someplace else m8.
It's almost as if emotional and physical intimacy with other members of a species is important to humans and other social animals wow

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She has a point. Why do you blame the victim?
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did anyone actualy tell peach that?
Good point. Next time I get raped, I'm going to just yell at him to not rape. That'll learn him!
why do roasties think men aren't told not to rape?

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Hey /r9k/, Yesterday I've set up a comfy minecraft 1.12 server in hopes that a few robots can be comfy and build comfy stuff, please check it out anon!

Plugins: GriefPrevention, LockettePro, OnePlayerSleep, SetHome
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Go get your 9 year old cousins to play with you
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comfy server tbqhwy
I'll check it out when I get home anon.

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*blocks your career path*
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>Stacies who are so extraverted they choose a career in HR decide whether or not you'll get a job opportunity at their company or not

I'm sure my generally poor social skills won't impede my job search at all.
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>some triggered feminist overheard me using the word faggot
>have to go to HR tomorrow
fuck this piece of useless shit job
Im not a fucking resource.
Personnel departments got shit done.


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Why do people like Hotline Miami so much? it's not that great of a game
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soundtrack/aesthetic that appeals to spergs
normies love it because of the music and "wow retro xdd" mainly, I personally like it but certainly not as much as some people I know.
It's exciting, colorful, has a good soundtrack, and is violent.
The gameplay flows effortlessly and you're free to do each floor whatever way you want.
There aren't any bugs.
Not saying it's a masterpiece but it is a well made game.

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Pretty simple, I'll try my best to reply to everyone who posts in this thread. Tell me anything you want or ask me questions, I'm bored and want to talk to some people.
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Dick pic, please?
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that is one thing I won't be doing sorry
Hello. I shall be your new friend for this thread. When the thread closes, it will be like we never met. This is an important statement to make to ensure the boundaries are set in the relationship, plus ensure our time together can be spent without regrets. For example, now I can tell you about my obsession with sock puppets and jamming one of them up a female's pussy. I couldn't do that normally as I would be seen as "weird" by society, especially if I said I would love to throw fire ants into the back of the sock puppet so they would crawl into her as the sock puppet tries to swim forward for the purposes of eventual nirvana in the motherland's womb. So car friend, do you wish to rape a car in the same way as I wish to rape a woman with a sock puppet? Could I shove a sock puppet into one of the exhaust ports and rape it while yelling in a high pitched voice that I am exploring a mechanical pussy and thus achieving robot nirvana, the closest I can get to real nirvana due to the lack of females wanting me to shove a puppet filled with fire ants into their pussy? I am curious actually... why does no woman have this fetish? Certainly someone out there has to be as degenerate as me, could you potentially be new anon friend? So, anyway, hello once again and I look forward to talking to you more about my fetishes and your apparent fetish of shoving a sock puppet into a yellow car for the purpose of reaching the promised land. Then again, I might have to disagree on the point that fire ants could not affect the car and thus it would be cheating to reach the greater land. Imagine transcending planes without suffering, that is what these cars are doing and why Autobots are absolute trash next to waifus willing to have their pussies filled with fire ants. So, yeah, sorry anon but I cannot share your sock puppet fetish. I do appreciate people having different fetishes though and won't mind talking about it with you, perhaps to just offer a simple release.

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wouId you ask a black girl out?
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Yeah, if she was good looking. If Rihanna was a normal girl, she'd be my oneitis who I'd pretend wasn't a total whore.
Depends. Although I find them phisically beautiful, most of them are just trend following normies.
Yes Anon it's my dream to make beautiful mixed babies

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TL;DR Girlfriend of 4 years cheated on me last summer. We're still together. I don't know how I feel about it.

>be me
>meet girl in college
>immediately fall for her
>ask her out a week after
>she accepts
>fast forward 4 years
>we've had a perfect relationship
>no arguments
>no violence
>no disagreements
>none, nothing, not even one
>she's a year older than me, so she graduates a year before I do
>we both get a job offer for the same company, across the country
>she graduates and moves
>the plan is for me to graduate and move in with her
>3 months after she moves, she calls me
>she has this really strange tone
>long story short, there's this faggot at work who she has been seeing
>he takes her out to dinner multiple times a week
>they fucking hold hands in public
>he feeds her the classic fucking we're just friends" meme
>she swallows it hook line and sinker

At this point I'm really confused and hopeless, until...
>she tells me that one of my friends (who works at the same company) has been pressuring her to confess to me for over a month
>its the primary reason she finally called me
>who knows what would happen if i didnt have a bro there
>who knows how long I wouldve been fuckign lied to
>she break up into tears and says she's sorry

After that she bought me a plane ticket to go see her. I stayed at her place for a week, where we talked and whatnot. We decided to stay together and fix things.

>this was a year ago.

Now, in all honesty, I don't know if I'm still with her due to inertia -- I think it would take me more energy to break up with her than it does to stay where I am -- I was going to propose to her after graduating and moving with her, but now, I don't have 1/100th of the confidence I had back then.

I'll be moving in with her in a few weeks. I'm just... still very, very disappointed in her. I feel like everything I had worked for in terms of love was worthless.

Wat do?
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you tell her all this
I know changing is scary but it's better to do it while you're still in time, just ask yourself a simple question: am I happy?
the fact you are still with this woman shows her that she can easily do this again with no repercussions, stop cuckolding yourself and grow some balls.

I had to stop and consider whether this was a bait thread or not because who the fuck in their right mind would willingly stay with someone who has broken their trust and is extremely likely to do it again?

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Lets start a new one famalam

MBTI Test: http://similarminds.com/jung.html

Big 5 Test: http://similarminds.com/bigfive.html
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INFJ RCOAI 5w4 sp/sx reporting in.

Is it true that being INFJ is playing life on Dante Must Die mode?
Dante is an ENTP
some INFJs are able to become normies but all of them go through depression. it's one of the worst types to be and probably one of the more common ones on this board.

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This was Eggman from last Saturday. What's your excuse?
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With what black magic did he manage to birth a female counterpart of himself?
I'm not famous
I'm not tall?
Sure I got a better head shape and hairline but I lack in most other aspects.
That girl looks 14.

And her face says "why are takining a picture. Don't touch me."

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fat femboy.png
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How do I become this? I look sort of like him, but I want to be smooth and hairless and cute. I can't get Nair and I'm afraid of ingrown hairs and stuff. I want to make my face clearer and get rid of my mustache shadow too.
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ewww... if you are fat then dont even bother.
2d doesn't work like 3d. If you are fat you are just going to look gross no matter how smooth and hairless you are.
if u are non-white u have no chance sorry

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>jerking flaccid cock
>it gets hard and cums in under a minute
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You got ED
congrats you're a girlie qt white boi.
When do you transition?
Being such a cute sperg is no manly matter
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oh gee anon you made me do it again

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>tfw getting a master's degree before getting a gf
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>tfw getting neither
If you think it will help, it won't.
Education doesn't cure autism
I know. I'm very disillusioned in it all. I'm apparently capable enough to get an advanced degree, even though I lucked through it and forced myself through the program to show that I could do it, yet I'm still not closer to ever getting a girl interested me as before.

It's all a cruel joke. I feel like an item of mockery in a comedy movie.

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If you can get past 4/6 you're a normie and must leave forever.
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i can achieve level 7
lol literally can go even further than 6
T-this isn't a thing that matters right?

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>the usual quiet, emotionless, dead eyed guy who everyone asks why he never smiles
>people tell me i scare them
>perfectly understand people and their actions, but rarely use it to my advantage because i simply dont care
>know plenty of stuff but always stay quiet
>never talk about myself
>hate expressing feelings
>people actually believe i dont have them
>yet for some reason people think im cool and want to be my friends
>women think im "mysterious" so they always want to find out more
>hate attention
>hate leadership
>hate people who feel the need to stand out and show everyone how "special" they are
>hate smartasses
>master everything i get my hands on
>built in urge to fight in a glorious war and be a part of something large
>built in desire to be a knight in the medieval ages or a blacksmith
>nothing in todays life gives me any sense of fulfillment
>the only time i feel alive is when im kickboxing
>the only time i feel truily happy is with the girl i love who im activly trying to open up to so she doesnt think i dont care about her
>she's the only person i look forward to seeing every time

My advice to ISTPs is:
Do martial arts
Do some sort of hand crafting
Find a girl you will truily love because she will give you meaning
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Yeah you're not a robot, fuck off to /b/
>know plenty of stuff but always stay quiet
it's another 'sensor thinks they're capable of being smart' episode
>Am i forgeting something?
Don't forget about the DL-6 incident

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