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It's been a while we had a dry penis thread

Sorry for the quality
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I have seen this picture before, how often do you post this and ask for a dried dick thread?
>I have seen this picture before, how often do you post this and ask for a dried dick thread?

About 2-3 times a day on average. Why? Does that seem excessive?
I'm looking for tips on how to wick away moisture

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What's the daily routine of a QT white girl?
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for the one in pic related it probably involves being a pornstar, just a guess
>avoid math autists who are walking examples of what a human should not be
>get free stuff from orbiters
>daily emotional tamponing from betas
>Chad and Tyrone cock

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These lyrics are embarrassing.
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It's filler.
I'm sure that the opinion of a virgin NEET frogposter weighs heavily on the conscience of Trent Reznor as he sleeps in his millionaire's mansion next to his hot azn waifu that is like half his age.
What the matter, op? Too scared to share your opinion on /mu/?

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>tfw 19yo kv because im a 5'6 manlet
>tfw the average girl has been fucked by 30 chads and normies
>tfw if i find a qt gf i will know she had 30 dicks in her mouth
feels bad
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Even the femanons that are lurking probably had a couple dicks in them too.
The femanons that are pure and virgins want chad too
Wtf it's impossible to get gf
Being a man let isn't dooming you to be a khv. You and I are the same height, I didn't realize guys were so proud of height til I saw this board.

There are a good portion of women into their twenties that haven't been dicked at all. Most common you're looking at women in their twenties that have had a boyfriend or two in the past that they went all the way with. It's rare that your gonna find a woman your age who have been dicked by 5+ dudes.
>There are a good portion of women into their twenties that haven't been dicked at all
This. Took me like 2 years of adulthood to realize this. I used to browse this board as a teen. But now I realize that yall are wrong about a lot of shit.

I've met so many virgin girls who are "waiting for the right one" aka chad. But the point is, they didn't have sex yet.

The female sex drive is literally nothing compared to the male sex drive.

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spaghetti pepe.jpg
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So tonight I had this girl over and completely spilled the spaghetti my fellow robots and cyborgs.

Ive never really gotten with a ton of girls. Im in my mid 20's and maybe got it in with 10-12 girls total (had a gf once). 2017 has been pretty good to me though, been fucking around a lot. I invited this girl over today. She is around a 6.5 or a 7 and is pretty cool to talk to. We smoke and fuck and then I sperg out on her.

Background, I have this thing where I cannot talk to ANYONE when Im high, which has been happening more and more to me recently. I literally have trouble forming sentences.

So after we fuck (which was great) I get flustered, cant get hard again, and make it sooooooo awkward that she runs out after two hours.

The last hour she was here I think we said maybe fifty words total because it was so bad.

This ever happen to anyone? What should I have done when I couldnt get hard?
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Just kill yourself originally normie

Hey just because I work on a lot of self improvement doesnt mean Im a normie. I had no friends in high school and didnt lose my virginity till I was 20
I think you may be lost friendo. This place is not on that level

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What's your current situation of robothood? Have you tried to better yourself or want to?
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Tried to lose weight with calorie counting but I couldn't put in the effort. I don't care about myself enough to lose ~80 pounds.
Joining the military in a few months after that if i still dont have my life on track i will just walk around america and hopefuly die on my way to the red wood forest. If i survive all that idk. I doudt i will even get past nevada.
I live in a shed in my parents yard, work the nights so I don't have to socialize to much.
Survive entirely on snacks and redbbull, Blazing hard round the clock.
No need to change my current situation immediately but I have considered getting a few pet rats for company in the lonely nights

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some dude just wrote this text on my phone
what could mean?
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He got cucked and was trying to get revenge on you
also get cucked spergs
I am Rem the almighty


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why are there never any soundcloud threads for robots to share their music, /r9k/?
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Because /mu/ exists
This>>38183459 and the fact that most robot music sucks
because soundcloud isn't representative of one's entire taste, and not everyone puts the same amount of effort into reblog/likes like some autists do lol

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>huge sjw up to age of 15
>been in friend group of all feminists for past four years of high school
>become red-pilled
>tell one of my 'best friends' in the group and at the time in general that I'm not a feminist anymore in conversation
>bitched at for about an hour
>she tells rest of group
>tfw they literally say that freedom of speech is harmful and force me to stay silent whenever I'm around them
>have depression
>depression worsens
>find out they've been telling everyone at school I'm a literal neo-nazi
>people don't want to talk to me
>one of their feminist lackeys then starts to say I sell class-A drugs when I start talking to someone else that they don't like
>almost get investigated by school
>get bitched at one time I go out with new friends because feminist bitches don't like them
>don't want any more reputation I have left to be destroyed
>sit inside more and more, go deeper and deeper into a depression
>leave high school
>literally have 2 friends left, rest only talk to me when forced to
>haven't gone outside in weeks
>mfw I need to see them again tomorrow for my post-graduation prom
>mfw considering shooting the place up

this is probably karma from being an sjw for so long. fuck
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Any ideology that claims to be a "red pill" is trying to manipulate you
Because red pills do not exist, they are an abstract philosophical concept invented for fiction

It just sounds like you're an asshole who socially degraded
I know it seems important now, but it really won't be in a few years. It's just a building full of kids, once you leave you won't look back. Don't do anything that will ruin the rest of your life over some stupid childish things like gossip and rumors.

Also isolating yourself will only hurt you
>>huge sjw up to age of 15

Surely that was typo and you meant "25"

also this.
>they're SJWs so that means they'd dumb and wrong and hysterical
>we're red-pill that means we're smart and mature and right

File: -oGBJQHGH_Hl.jpg (73KB, 600x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be wagekek
>new girl gets hired
>manic pixie dream girl waifu material
>definition of fembot, complete with anime waifu stutter
>10/10 taste in music, 10/10 sense of humor
>slightly redpilled, would often make fun of niggers and spics
>openly talks about not having friends
>stalks my (social media) page, discovering my interests
>asks me out to go to a small local film festival
>suddenly changes her mind, always comes up with excuses as to why she can't go
>quits job after having a breakdown in the middle of work
>starts hanging around niggers/spics
>dating local rapper; unironically speaks in ebonics

I thought this shit only existed in the nightmares of old racist guys. Damn.
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what is that thing on the right

Natalie Portman and that's about it.
If you're gonna shitpost at least make up a believable story.
Make friends in your local kkk chapter

File: atheist_fish.jpg (36KB, 600x390px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Respond to me, don't ignore this. We need to talk about this /r9k/.

So now that the dust has settled, I've gone back into some old forums I once inhabited to see how things are. Atheist forums. And despite the fedora meme existing and the impact it did, these people are now MORE smug than they were before. Holy fucking shit.

How is this possible? How can atheists be shit on as much as they are, and then they just double down like this? The fedora meme and getting banned from atheist websites made me stop being an internet atheist. So I can't understand how these people can live in a bubble and still be so arrogant.
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Atheism is cool
Athiests lack humility and self awareness. Thats all there is to it.

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Anyone here extremely bitter? I genuinely hate people and am disgusted when I see people be happy..what's wrong with me?
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I have a lukewarm, small sense of happiness when I see other people happy or when I see them succeed. It's not straight up hatred but I think it's not much more than "Oh, that's good" is because I'm a jealous, almost petty and self-centered person at my core. I really have to put myself in their shoes to really give a fuck.
id ask where you got this picture of me but ive been a pariah for many years so i wont bother.
He got it from 4chan

File: IMG_7992.jpg (2MB, 4032x3024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw weird hands
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post moar op desu ~~
"Nobody said it had to pretty, son..."

>so you going to buy me a drink big boy?
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no way coalburner
>"did you just call me bug boy?? Do you think I look like a bug??"
then start crying while the bartender brings me a glass of milk
>it's about time you came home from work, jump in anon!

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Why do I watch this guy review food I don't even eat? I don't know what it is but something about Reviewbrah makes me feel both fascinated and comfy.
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He's a national treasure. He's authentic and probably has autism.
>probably has autism
No, he's definitely autistic
That's what everyone thinks at first but the more you watch the more you realize he's just a eccentric guy with bad humor.

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