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Why not date a bad bitch?

>better in bed

>willing to try more things

>less prudish and high maintenance

you can't lose.
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Bad bitches don't want to date me
bad bitches want bad ass men.
I've always thought that if I ever was able to be in a successful relationship, it would be with a bad bitch. I don't think I could tolerate a normalfag girl for long.

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That's it. I've finally saved up $200 to buy a gun. Goodbye folk's!
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You're going to hurt yourself really bad if the gun isn't at least a 9mm.
bump also make sure its >9mm
My friend's cousin said he'll sell me a .22lr for $180 is that good enough? cause it's rifle ammo right

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Best friend tried to fuck my wife when I wasn't around (rubbing on her, telling her she has a niceness body), I found out and beat the fuck out of him. He has a bunch of stuff at my house like guns and his computer. What do I do with his shit? We're in the Army and everyone at work knows about it, including our leadership but he keeps denying he ever put moves on her even though he's acting very obviously guilty. I'm thinking about telling him if he doesn't stop lying I'm going to sell the shit, but would I be in legal trouble for that? What could he do? He's too much of a pussy to ask for it back.
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Just give him his shit back and ignore him, like an adult.
That's a real stretch, but the correct response.
Hard for me though. I let this dude stay with us, he and my wife became good friends and while I was working a 24 hr shift he decided to pull this shit, at my house of all places. My wife was very upset, she also didn't think he'd do something like that. I'm 90% sure he won't ask for it back because of how ashamed he is and because he's a bitch and afraid to talk to me.

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I just want a bf so I can worship his cock, am I asking too much??
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Depends, are you of the female gender? doubtful
not really
plenty of people enjoy that a lot
I was about to put my email in here but then i said to myself, "this dude is quite possibly a sissy 4/10 trap" so id rather not

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>another saturday night alone
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tfw :|
samu dude samu
same i told my friend weird that i just listened to linkin park before chester killed himself. i just had a feeling something was going to happen.

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30 wizard.jpg
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One more month. Hope it's worth it.
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It wilI be, brother.
3 more months for me.

>tfw my dick is all dried out and rough now
>tfw erections dont seem as strong as they used to
>tfw disgusted by most women now

Why even bother at this point? I missed out on PTP and early twenties pussy. What's left for me now? I still live with my parents and have a shitty job. I'll never attract a desirable partner.
About a year for me. I'm actually looking forward to it.

What apps do you use frequently on your phone? Post a screenshot of your "frequent" section of your launcher.
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Only really use clover and firefox. And instagram just to stalk two girls.
>having a smartphone
be brave and kill yourself using your google images to share them on reddit

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>there are teenbros in multiple different discords organizing to raid the board at this very moment
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teenbros scare the living shit out of me
What's a Teenbro?

Do you think he'll be able to pull through? marital problems and surgery. He''s come so far
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No, absolutely not. he's basically dead all ready.
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>caring about youtube eceleb garbage
This is probably the worst of it. Once the pounds start rolling off he'll be a new man and able to fuck his wife proper.

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>man going their own way
>unless some female shows intrest in them then they abandon ship
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thats the beauty of MGTOW, they have no allegiance to anyone or anything.
They're going their own way because that's never happening how can you not understand this.
That's what we want. Girls to chase us, not the other way around. Very few mgtow are full on celibate, its about focusing on yourself and taking the girls that see you and want you.

The key is you stay in the position of power, if she acts like a cunt BYE BYE.

*cures your depression*
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>cures your depression
I don't feel any better.
i like being depressed, it's my fetish
TV is not real also Zack Braff is a faggot

>H-hey anon! As you can see, I'm stuffed a bit :3
>C-c-can you lift me? I'm sure your muscular body can help.
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>only pose she could find to hide her disturbingly undersized breastlettes
I'm not touching another man
>unnaturally colored hair even if it's a wig
Into the trash it goes

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>tfw you realize there are third-parties that are paid to spam pro- and anti-interracial propaganda on the most populated 4chan boards
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Shhh go back to sleep
Mostly just pro, it's pretty hot though, so I don't mind. Idk if I'd be dating a black chick if not for them
Where do i sign up to become a 4chibz shill?

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I love traveling!! I wanna see the world!!
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>I love traveling!! I wanna see the world!!
I wanna go to Japan
*warning loud*
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Wanna save up a few hundred grand and travel with me m80?

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How do I get the voices to stop screaming at me without doing what they want?
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Easy question, lobotomy is the key for stopping them.
be my gf (I am very serious)
I'm already undergoing the chemical lobotomy route.
Why do you want me to be your gf (male)?

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