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So I found this picture on my family computer. It's in black and white, but I'm positive it's my sister.

I'm sharing it here because I'm disgusted. I feel like she should suffer for being a whore and have all you degenerates see it.

If someone in the thread gets trips I'll send her this thread along with a screenshot of the message I send her
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fuck it. did you find any more op?
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your sister makes my pee pee hard
222 getters

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/ldr/ thread? post success stories and failures here
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Here's how every LDR ends:
>Girl realizes she's tired of living alone
>Tons of guys offering her dick and company
>5 minutes later "We've just drifted apart as people"
my anecdotal evidence says otherwise, and since you said 'every': haha ur wron
Okay. Enjoy a relationship where you're hours away from each other and get to have the worst part of relationships combined with the worst part of distance

Go give your sister, brother, mother, or some other family member a hug and tell them you love them, then post results
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fuck you stop these posts
Why spam a board that isn't for spamming?
I hugged my aniki and gave him a kissu.

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uni feels.jpg
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>bombed my final exam in calculus today
just fugg my shit up fampai
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sorry to hear this anon. maybe you should just drop out.
I already spent all my money on it though
also checked
I bombed my calc II final. I feel you OP

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hey 4chin no matter how deep your depression is have a little faith in life
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>Listens to Heart
>Heart says "beat" "beat" "beat beat" "beat"
>Heart tells me to beat
>Goes out there looking for trouble, following my Hearts advice.
then you should beat the shit out of her heart without touching her
what they beat for.
i refuse to live for another human being.

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is anyone here a busser at a restaurant? is it a good job for a NEET who wants to minimize human interaction at the job?
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If you want to minimize human interaction, become a line cook instead. You're in the back of the house all day, no contact with the customers.
No. All the stacy waitresses will make fun of you and force you to do stupid bullshit. Stay away.
I used to essentially work the bussing duties at Panera Bread and really it's no less interaction than working the line or anything else that isn't register. But I did consistently have to deal with people bitching about messes they made or too many crumbs on a chair and try to appease them. Otherwise it wasn't bad but I think working the line brought even fewer customers my way.

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>switch from soda to iced tea to lose weight as sugested here
>always have to specify unsweetened otherwise they give you sweet tea
>starting to enjoy it, crave it even
>unsweetened ice tea becomes the biggest delicious thirst quencher
>start becoming itchy welts start appearing
>realize im becoming allergic to the iced tea
>start breaking out in hives whenever i drink it
>welp guess ill just go back to soda and be the fat shit ive always been
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Hey uh about you drink something else
drink water nerd
I dont like water and cant think of anything else you can drink in large quantities thats zero calories. Cant imagine i can drink lots of black coffee

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joke man.jpg
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Is this /oursong/?
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I actually love this song and I hate most music from that era
>a song about being on drugs in unfamiliar places

nah m8

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Tfw my mom posts underwear pics on instagram
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She's kinda ugly but I'd fuck
her moles almost outline the shape of a liver , just if they were a bit more to the periphery
to be honest, she looks pretty good for an old lady

would you marry a perfect but non virgin woman?
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No, I want an imperfect virgin gf.
>implying anyone here will ever marry
>or have a female care about them

A. Define perfect
B. Cirumstances of lost virginity
C. How unvirgin is she

I often mimic the personalities of the people around me. I'm spineless and will do anything to fit in.

>is this common among robutts?
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Huh, how about no. Just no. Not at all.
I'm actually all my friend's personalities combined into a jumbled mess. I also know which traits I've copied

It's because we have low self esteem/afraid of people rejecting us.

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>got another huge pimple
>it's on my fucking ass cheek and it hurts to sit
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Sorry to hear that OP! Get better.
Loose some weight you fat neckbeard.
that sucks man, get well soon

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>tfw the only porn i can watch is footage of girls peeing or of them drinking their own/other girls' pee

im a complete degenerate
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Show us some of your favorites
how about this degeneracy

>tfw no response
>tfw he's disgusted by my degeneracy

>eligible for free counselling through work
>want to sign up the other day
>it's a big deal
>have to make like 3 accounts and set up appointments
>so much effort
>just give up and go back to crying alone on my bed
>my employer's face when they don't actually want to help
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At least you HAVE a job, and given that it has services like that means it's not a low-end wagecuck job. Unless you have extenuating circumstances, get off the board.
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Why would you want to let your company know you have psychological issues?
>implying I'll be talking to HR
It's an insurance benefit that everyone can get 6 free sessions of counselling a year regardless of their benefits package.

>implying I'm not working at an entry level company

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>lurk on my phone before bed
>stumble upon a trap thread
>think i'll shitpost something mean to piss off the lgbt squatters as is custom to keep our board clean
>one of these traps is actually really cute
>fall asleep without posting anything mean in the thread
>dream that I gave the cute traps headpats and called them a cute girl
>wake up confused
Well? Now what?
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File: IMG_0937.gif (1021KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Succumb to your trap lust, ya nerd! You won't regret it. Hehe.
You've become one of them now, you must be purged along with the rest of them, I'm sorry anon. But you understand the fight we robots are going through.
you can't be a cute girl if you want to be with eriri-chan

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