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>Have you forgotten how to love yourself?
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I never knew how
such thing exists?
Why the fuck would I love myself, my High School acne has left me with horrendous scaring.

I miss my dad robots. I miss him every day, I know it's been 13 years since he passed, but I just want him back.

I don't want to be like this anymore, I just want my dad back.
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"Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaamp. Heh, heh. Just seeing if you're still awake, Champ. I'm doing fine up here. It'd be even better if you showed up to the store, spoke with the manager, shook his hand, and told him you wanted to work there. Do it for your dear old pop, Champ. I'm rootin' for you from afar."
Im sorry. I want my dad and my mom back too, what youre feeling is normal and healthy. It will get better. Have faith in allah, for he is good and all knowing. He will help you get through this
I know you think you're just a shit poster, but this at least made me smile, thanks fella. It means a lot to a dadless bot.

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>tfw too pussy for black girls
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i know thatt feel

Don't touch me nigga.
when u take a shit and 2 of the logs kinda fuse together

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why don't Australians use hair dryers
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The air swirls in the opposite direction, which is only useful if your hair spiral goes that way too.
That meme is retarded
The salty sea air quickly dries and revitalizes our hair

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who /oedipus/ here?
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The fact my mother rejected me from birth because she wanted a girl made preferences when she finally got one could be why I'm into the older ladies, might be yearning for the loving, warm mommy I never had.
my foot is not swollen so no
me, to a certain degree

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'''Right now I am using this soap and it gets my penis clean and rockhard but it always hurts when it gets in the urethra. So I am asking you robots what the best lotion is for pleasuring a human penis and in terms I am looking for is a lotion that wont hurt me but is the ultimate pleasuring tool.'''
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Anon, that's shampoo.
I tend to not be circumcised by Jews when I was a baby and just jack off normally.
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>cutfags will never experience the pleasure of being able to jack off without a lubricant

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>SJWs aren't a thing anon
>you're just making things up
>they have no influence
Are western media over?
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actually, she's called domino because her power is that she can either positively or negatively affect future outcomes...aka the domino effect.
Making an issue out of something that doesn't matter at all.
Only a racist jackass would change a characters race through a different medium.

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>be 30 and single
>missed out on teen-love
>all kinds of love
>realize I have to go for women my age now
>tfw 30+ year old women look old as fuck

How do you guys feel about having to aim for older women?

Even if it's a Stacy, it's a worn-out Stacy. And man, it really seems like I've missed the boat on a love life. Fuck.
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Why do you 'have to' pursue old women?

If you're decent enough to have a chance with women at all, can't you pursue some 16 year olds?
I'm in the same situation, 34.

I've decided to live a lonely miserable life rather than wake up to someone who makes me want to puke my guts out.

The last 30 something girl who showed an interest in me had a breath that smelt like rotten fish. I literally gagged when she sat next to me and talked.
>tfw you get older but your taste in women remains the same

I'm gonna bag an 18 year old if it's the last thing I do

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Would you rather be a model, angelfaced manlet or a 6 feet, just slitghtly above average guy?
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What is your definition of "above average"?
>6 feet, just slitghtly above average guy
I don't want to be some beta boy toy
6 feet.
Especially if I was white.

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>upstairs neighbor is listening to music loud again
>too beta to confront him
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Be ultra beta and just leave a sticky note on his door lmao

I'm sorry sir but your music is loud past a reasonable time can you please turn it down
OP you must shit in his mailbox, he'll get the message pretty quick.
If you can't do anything but be passive aggressive then just have a music war with him. Here:


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>tfw you browsed /pol/ for 10 minutes
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>perfect 3D waifus don't exi-
She's one hell of a multitasker
She must love black cock a hell of a lot

feels thread, post things for feels
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i don't even know what i want anymore
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>can't sleep last night
>close my eyes and try to empty my head
>someone I haven't seen or though about for 6 years pops into my head
>remember their face but not their name
>finally remember after trying
>go online and look them up to see what they do now
>start to remember other people who were part of my life years ago I forgo
>spend a few hours looking them up and trying to remember faces and names
>lie in bed thinking about how times were good and bad
>people who screwed me over
>people who I just stopped talking to
>people that I was sure I loved when I was younger
>think about the times I missed out on
>wonder if I ever popped into their head even once over these 6 years
>hope that I haven't
>wish I could move far away for a fresh start
>fall asleep and awaken to the same feeling
Still looking at the photos now wondering of things would be different if I stayed in contact with them but things would probably be worse than they are now
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>25 yrs old
>never had any close relationships with anyone, not even family
>no friends irl
>no friends online
>too shy and scared to talk to people irl/online
>scared people won't like me for whatever reason

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Post a game that has gave you feels, which part, and why.

I'll start, The Evil Within, beginning of chapter 7, when Joseph starts talking about the urge of suicide. Reason is because I was going through a shitty time in high school where I had to leave because a couple people threatened to kill me along with half the class. That period of time made me even more suicidal, and was playing through this game during that time. This scene raced through my head so many times and made me tear up a few times as well.
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>Post a game that has gave you feels
When I realized the story will never be concluded and that most kids today have no idea Half-Life even exists.
Most of them probably do but only from >le half life 3 xD

Although you can thank the fanbase of the game for putting such high expectations on the 3rd to the point where it'll never release.
I cried when John Marston died in RDR. That mission gets me everytime...

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I want a gf.
I'll post this every single day until I find someone interested. This will be the start.
Day 1
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you are just wasting your time if that even matters to you, fighting for a lost cause expecting something great to happen from the impossibility that is the dilemma we face.
I know, but creating a thread takes seconds of my time and i'm browsing anyways, so why not invest that second for the chance of winning a 1 in a billion lottery? It's also an interesting experiment of sorts, to see how long can I go and do this every day and also on which day mark would I be able to find someone interested, if ever.
Why not spend a few minutes creating a tinder account?

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britfeel august.jpg
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2018 is now as far away as the start of March edition
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meth till death
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Productive things you achieved yesterday, productive things you hope to achieve today.
Fuck off that can't be true lad

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