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Hi, robots. Semi-normalfag here.. I'm here to tell you about how to build a utopia with no pain or suffering. It's important because you need to help and I could die in the meantime. Buckle in and listen up.

First off, it is an undeniable fact that souls are real and they're basically eternal. (This has been proved with near-death experience research. Read on for more info..) .. That means you'll never stop experiencing things, good or bad, orange or jell-o. That's fact #1. It means that eventually you will experience infinite suffering. Multiply the most painful experience of your life by ten and imagine experiencing that, followed by experiencing that multiplied by ten, followed infinity times. You will eventually experience that and everything inconceivably worse. Fact..

Fact #2: The entire universe is conscious, infinite and eternal. Nothing stops existing and energy and matter continuously get created. Our universe was created basically out of nothing, from quantum vacuum fluctuations. This is the prevailing scientific theory of how the multiverse operates.

Our souls inhabit material bodies and it seems our bodies co-create our experiences with our souls. Thus it's possible to manipulate physical reality in ways that manipulate our subjective experiences. By extension we can manipulate souls with other matter and energy.

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I'm engaged in a plan to coerce every conscious entity into a "heaven". I'm endeavoring to create a self-sustaining machine that creates an infinitely robust virtual reality that every soul will be coerced to exist inside of. This machine will be powered by and sustained from quantum vacuum fluctuations which create matter and energy. Essentially, if I can gather enough matter and cover a large enough volume of space, I should be able to make this machine asymptotically grow infinitely large and farm infinite energy from these quantum fluctuations, and the machine will be infinitely robust to these fluctuations due to the rate at which it collects energy and repairs itself, given that I start the machine with enough matter to begin with (which shouldn't be an unfeasible amount). Since this is how the universe came into existence, it is a real method for creating things out of free energy.

I'm telling you this plan because I don't want to be the only one with this goal. World War III is going to start in the near future and I might get incinerated by the nukes, so I need more people to work toward this goal with me.

It will be feasible to work on this to completion once we have immortal cybernetic bodies, so it can be done within a lifetime.

So the goal therefore is to create a free energy machine that leverages rare quantum vacuum fluctuations to power itself, uses this matter and energy to power and repair itself and grows larger and more robust at faster rate than the rate that entropy destroys it, create a virtual utopia with infinite subjective happiness and to force every piece of consciousness into that simulation.
There is no semi-normalfag, you are a normie.

Since energy itself is (almost certainly) conscious, some method will have to be created that ensures that the machine itself simultaneously experiences the virtual utopia (probably using some crystalline design yet to be determined that appears the same from every perspective) and that the quantum vacuum fluctuations are stabilized quickly enough that they are instantly assembled into the virtual reality.

There are some other considerations which must be made on how to assemble the as-yet unreachable parts of the multiverse into this reality, and possibly on how to manipulate the vacuum fluctuations themselves into self-creating this utopia everywhere in the multiverse. This means we must research how to do this or have machines research how this can be done, with the rapidly growing field of science-producing artificial intelligence.

This is for everyone's good, so everyone must help to create it. This will eliminate all suffering everywhere in the universe forever. You can help by contributing to physics research, cybernetics research and science-producing AI research. Quantum physics research is especially necessary. More research on the nature of souls must be done as well. Physics and psychic research may eventually converge on their governing properties.

You're welcome to discuss this here. I'm always working on this plan and I invite everyone else to help too, since none of us can be certain of success. Everyone's fate depends on it. Godspeed.

>If she/he isn't having sex with you then he/she is getting it somewhere else.

I see this on a lot of tv shows is it true?
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no girls don't like sex. a woman in her 30s isn't having sex with you or anyone else.
Ask >>>/tv/ about what they mean by that? ...Then ask >>>/adv/ there opinions on it as well.
I thought this was the relationships and advice board.

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I'm not sure I can deal with dying alone, robots.
How do you lads cope?
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>can't deal with dying alone
You'll be fucking dead, just say you're too much of a bitch to go through with it or you're not really suffering that much
dying is the process. I don't mean heroing, I mean the slow process of ageing lad.
start fires, just watch the flames dance and let your mind drift

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Tell me about your experiences with crazy ass women.

Bitchy women, clingy women, BPD women, murderous women. Any and every crazy ass bitch story is welcome.
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Fuck em right in the pussy

>been working a girl for around six months
>she's really opening up to me and is pretty alright
>decide to try and make a move
>set up a time to hangout
>we go and have a good time, we got to talk about various things and had fun
>some shit back home goes down and I lose contact for about a week
>also chop off about 12 inches of hair
>see her again
>she's cold and harsh
>suddenly there's a brick wall between us
>refuses to start a real conversation
>extremely frustrating to be around now
>decide to just back off and keep her at arms reach because she's clearly too immature to handle some changes
>turned into a massive cunt
>eventually gets pissed and says I'm a dick for not texting her and that I didn't ask her about my hair first
>literally goes out of her way to avoid me now
>all over not talking for a week and cutting my hair
She got me doing stupid shit for months and never told me something extremely important.

When will Asians and Africans finally unite to topple white supremacy?
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Asian/African mixes just end up looking black with a horrifying Asian jaw.

Huh their daughter looks like a Pacific islander

I wonder what the racial makeup of Pacific islanders is like
Maybe today. Maybe tomorrow. Could be next week, month or year.

And no toppling anyone. We are just making sure that the BBC is guided to the right destination.

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>crush sends nigger song
>crush is probably a nigger lover

And I thought she was special...
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>>crush sends nigger song>crush is probably a nigger loverAnd I thought she was special...
>being an insecure impotent beta boy
lmaoing @ your life

>Reeee I would rather have her die than touch a NIGGER!!11

If your this insecure, atleast admit it to others.

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to be with degenerates?
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>to be with degenerates?- 0 post shown.
to be with degenerates?
to be with degenerates?
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height face faggot
Primal instinct, youthful rebellion, smooth talking.

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So how do you distract yourself from suicide when you have days upon weeks of talking to no one?

>pic semi related
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but we're talking right now so what's the problem

wow, really ,makes me think, hm hm hmhmhm hmhm hm hmhmh
By not being a whiny cunt. If youre really suicidal than just fucking do it. You wont do it though because you dont wan to kill yourself, youre just a fucking cry baby bitch. The only people who are truly suicidal are the ones who are already dead.

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Why do people find Apu so cute
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>Why do people find Apu so cute
only women do and its because women are stupid and find poorly drawn images to be cute because they associate them with children and their stupid brains are programmed to find children cute
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So what's his actual name?

I first heard Downs Pepe and I'm fond of that.

I'm a dude by the way. I just admire his sincerity and good nature
help helpr

t.yliauta pro

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>politely ask for volunteers to leave plane, offer free flights
>offer cash and free flights
>offer ALOT more cash and free flight
>randomly select guests to receive cash and free flights
>book them on flight leaving 90 mins later

I'm #TeamUnited and think this Asian screeching autist should have been shot.

Just do what the fucking police say. Is that so hard?
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what the fuck are you squawking about this isn't instagram or whatever the fuck I don't know what the fuck teamunited is
You realize security are not cops right? If anything the cops shouldve shot the security officers
It wasnt the police, it was security guards. And the flight they would have been booked on if they took the offer was the next day at 3PM, not 90 minutes later

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HI anons. , I met some ultra qt girl at a bar, I played the chad and It kind of work We kissed and danced, everything cool but the problem is that I am a fucking fraud. I am scare of seeing her againg and fail, we are going on a date tomorrow. Besides killing my self for being a faggot. What are options?
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the fact that you got the date makes you the chad now, billy

unless you told her huge lies about what you do for a living or how much you have financially/materialistically speaking, she obviously liked something about you, so just fucking be chill and focus on having a good time and you'll probably go far with this one

nice job billy
You succeeded in being Chad. You fancied an ultra qt. How the fuck is it fraud at this point? You legitimately did those things.

Fuck off out of here and stop bragging to the most downtrodden people you know.
>this failed-normalfaggot

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>too self aware to get a waifu pillow to talk to
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I want a daki to do cuddly stuff with, but I live with my parents..
I just want to talk to her about aeroplanes and ships and what I'm doing while playing and stuff.
But I don't think normies can understand that they aren't meant just for perverted things
i might get a plain daki to cry holding at night

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it happens, junior. memes get stolen all the time. the cringe was probably around the same in 2008. im sure it happened many times before as well.

different times, different places, same shit. it forces us to stay ahead, so we've got that going right
lel, ok.
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>Laugh even Louder

Capital zozz

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>tfw you realize that literally all "lonely" women are lonely by choice

why do women have it so easy in terms of interpersonal relationships? I would trade with a woman any day. I'm not experiencing any of the "benefits" of being a guy
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nobody is lonely by choice moron
>nobody is lonely by choice
except for "the entire woman population"
look guys its a retard xDdddddd fuck you

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What do you want your life to look like? What is your game plan? Where do you want to live? What do you want to be known for? Who do you want as a partner?
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mm I like these. share yours too, OP.

>What do you want your life to look like?
30% on tour, 30% studio time, 40% at home
>What is your game plan?
h-hehe i thought this was a daydreaming thread
>Where do you want to live?
somewhere quiet, close to a city but not too close. a bit of nature and a few friendly neighbours to share a BBQ with or something. i need a garage and a home studio too.
>What do you want to be known for?
smokin' hot guitar play and good songs
>Who do you want as a partner?
a nice busty traditional wife to take care of our children is all I'm about. a sweet, warm mother to have dinner ready when I step off my bike.

goddammit OP...
>What do you want your life to look like?
Not sure, right now I'd rather not have one. Before 40% of year working, 60% making my own projects and traveling
>What is your game plan?
I don't know. I have some properties that I rent so maybe just going full NEET.
>Where do you want to live?
Australia in a small city or back in my original country and region somewhere quiet.
>What do you want to be known for?
I don't want to.
>Who do you want as a partner?
I don't know.
working as some kind of professional, considered a top expert and innovator in my field and paid big bucks because of it. also respected as an artist on my own time, maybe anonymously or something so fame didn't get to my head and ruin the art but once in a blue moon i could show up at a small club and bust out my stuff and everyone would flip out.

married to a qt3.14 pale skinny girl with freckles who is also some kind of passionate professional, doesn't have to make big bucks.

want to live somewhere predominantly white, not in the city but near it, not sure exactly where on earth, US options are like seattle, portland, europe options are all over the place.

what's my game plan? well, I'm going to move out of my parents house soon and go to community college after bumming around for several years.......................................

baby steps

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