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An bots have narcissistic parents?
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Yep. 0rigina1
yes. both are narcissists. don't give a fuck about anything other than themselves.
My dad always belittles me, but, he does it so often and to so many people, I'm pretty sure he doesn't even think he is doing anything wrong. Then he gets very mad whenever I ask him not to.

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What ethnicity does my eye align with, /r9k/?
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negroid, obviously

no blue eyes means you a nig
I can clearly see that you are reptilian.
Fucking cracker.

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Fem 54m2.png
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Tee hee, what are you drinking tonight, you silly boys?
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Holy shit. What the fuck happened to you?
lmao does this app also enhance boobs?
Dude, Samson, the sex change wasn't a good idea. You look like a fat broad.

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> be me
> be born a nigger to nigger parents with nigger family in a nigger neighborhood
> everyone I know and love is a nigger

> move to white neighborhood in 6th grade
> alienated from peers in part because of my skin(and because I was kinda a little shit(pun intended))
> just want to be more like them
> grow to hate my shit skin because it's keeping me from making friends
> begin to grow crushes on white girls who wouldn't ever give me the time of day because I'm a nigger

> get bullied like a motherfucker from 8th grade until graduation, and beaten until I was crying on a weekly basis at times, because I'm a nigger
> hate my nigger self

> at 16, read online that if you bathe with bleach your skin will get lighter over time.
> I do it regularly, even today at age 20
> doesn't work that well and is actually pretty bad for my skin, but I'm just desperate to be less of a nigger

> spend all of my time online because if you use proper grammar enough, people won't think you're a nigger
> they just assume you're white like them, and it's honestly the best

> make profiles for all social media using a white guy as my profile pic, not that it matters because no friends
> spend hours upon hours of practice to perfect a white guy voice I can use on the phone with people I haven't met before

At least you were born white, anon. I would kill to be you. Idk if you're a kissless virgin(like me), or you have no friends(like me), or you're fat or ugly as a dog.

I'd trade shoes with you in a heartbeat.
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But you have nigger privilege senpai, go trade in your oppression points for the least radioactive SJW pussy you can find.
It wouldn't be the same. She'd be a niggerlover. I know it sounds dumb but that's how I'd see it
I hate to break it to you anon, but skin bleaching and bathing in bleach are not the same thing. You could try lightening creams or save for the surgery (both of which are expensive and bad for you)

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At this point I just want to be with Oneitits. I don't even care if she doesn't love me- so long as I'm around her I'd be happy. I don't care if I'm ignored or if she thinks I'm a loser beta orbiter- nothing would make me more happy than to breathe the same air as her. Fucking kill me
>>pic related
If this was the only contact I could have with oneitis and only when she felt like I would still be happier
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>I don't even care if she doesn't love me
Would you care if she was alive? I mean, you can kill her and keep her body in formaldehyde.
I only cured this by removing all contact with her and all possible sources of images of her from everything. Half a year later and I'm fine now.
It's been about a year since I've seen her. My mental image of her and my memories of her are some of my most treasured things
I'm loosing it, haven't quite lost it Kek.
>>breathe same air as her

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>blocks your path
Where do you think you're going, whiteboi?
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To get the condoms, remember?
Why to the weekly klan meeting m'lady, would you like to join us as a guest tonight? :DD
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no bully pls.

*autistically speedwalks away*

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>start new job
>makes me anxious
>figure it will get better over time
>now been working 6 months
>my anxiety has actually gotten worse

I don't know if I can make it bros
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I've had my job for seven years.

It didn't get better.
How do you cope? I can't even sleep properly
I work at a fire department with a bunch of hyper masculine types and I'm an anxious beta skeleton so I know that feel op. I get roasted pretty frequently and just try to ignore them

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Is it time to drop the intelligent Wojack already?
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anyone ever notice the path of memes?

they almost always start here. Then they get posted on twitter by fringe normalfags who want the attention. Finally it ends up on kikebook where grandmas and aunt linda share it without even knowing what it means or why its funny.
thank you Mr 18 year old for your insightful observation.
It's always been said that "mainstream" internet is at least 4 years behind 4chan humour. Recently they seem to have been catching up much faster, I think it's because people have for some reason been more willing to name drop 4chan in recent years. /b/ has probably experienced most of the brunt of the normies pouring in. Very worrying to say the least. It feels a bit like a YouTube situation, where we all agree we need to move away now that our platform is ruined by X, but there's nowhere to move to or rather nowhere to move to that everyone would go to. A shame.

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Can you honestly imagine life as a middle class white girl?
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This is a philosofical question. From the beginigs of our society the most thoatfull philosophers were thinking about this..and one day they said that nobody cares about middle class bitches becouse is too many of them and theirs ability o succ mostly are weak.. So no i cant image that.. It is so complicated for capacity of my brain... This topic is complex and i can argue for ours so....
>No i cant
Work on your English.
i'd imagine it's a lot of trying not to care as much as everyone else does about your looks

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Never knows best.jpg
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How and why are people motivated?

It's been many years since I've had any desire to do anything or acquire something.
Power, money, luxury, sex, friends, hobbies... etc.

I don't really desire any of it. Not due to some profound philosophical reason or anything. I just don't.
I tried to force myself into hobbies and endeavors and I attempted to overcompensate for my lack of motivation, but nothing ever makes me satisfied. If I let myself go and do nothing life becomes somewhat tolerable. If I attempt something I just feel so insanely bored.

Living like this really isn't worth it.
Do you guys have any tricks and tips on how to motivate yourself?
Even a little bit helps.
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I'm on the same boat, hang in there OP.
Motivation and inspiration is pussy shit.
It makes you do things because you feel like it.
Discipline, however, makes you do things because they are good regardless of how you feel.
A healthy functional brain is motivated and enjoys life. If your life gives you more shit than your brain is equipped to deal with you end up damaged. And/or you have something so simple like a mutation that makes the available dopamine in your brain less potent than it should be and you end up disillusioned and lethargic from day 1 in your moms belly.

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>old trusty phone dies
>have to have a phone for job
>phone + job, yes I'm a full normie, I admit it but I'm not happy about it
>get one of these modern dumbphones
>hate every every single step of process, can't keep old cheap plan
>looking at this screen of apps fills me with rage
>can't back out of the got-damn camera

I hate this kike bullshit so much that I am seriously considering backing out of this thing once and for all and just getting a tracfone. God damn this google kikery. I hate phones and I hate having to have one of these fucking things.
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What job do you have that requires you to have a phone?
my man just how hold are you that modern phones are giving you trouble, but you're posting frogs with 19 years olds.

I'm 32 and didn't have my first phone until I was like 27 and it was a blackberry but now I have a Samsung S-something and it's not all that hard to use if you can use a regular computer imo.

Anyways, whoever sold you the phone should have explained it all to you.
well, the frog he's posting is from a screenshot from 2 days ago

It's a good thing this was censored or else I would have been offended.

Good work Japan!
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>anon? ewww, no way would i date that creepy weirdo! like has he even ever gotten laid? god, he's SO gross!

>it's ALL chad, for me, ALL the time!
>I'm so happy the Sexual Revolution has torn down all the barriers it did!

>Now I can both be a smart, strong independent womyn who don't need no man- but does enjoy getting triple-stuffed and hard-dommed!

Originally fucking original fucking christ

Daily ballbusting thread as usual. come talk to a normie couple about anything. but im gonna be posting ballbusting.
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bouncing baby boy is currently 6lbs....fat baby thus far
File: hr.jpg (63KB, 460x182px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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how far can you twist yr ball
I dont do any testicle pulling/twisting, the plumbing isnt nearly as strong as the nut meat itself. Also why its best to take harder kicks to the front of the balls and not the backside.

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I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day

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Where can I get sunglasses like this?
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>you'll never go on a fantastical adventure across the world with your swole bros

why even live
exactly my feelings friend

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Give me one legitimate argument against suicide. Not some "everyone is the victim" meme answer like that.
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Suicide is what happens when the disease of depression or another mental illness kills you.

A healthy person will never commit suicide because properly functioning organisms have an innate desire to live.

Mentally ill people are not fit to judge if they should continue living, therefore they shouldn't be given the option.
Every person is a victim.
Suicide is what happens when one has determined their lot in life and all the possibilities that entails.

An ignorant person will never commit suicide because they are not capable of this level of cognizance.

Observant and honest people are the best judges of their lives and thus should be allowed to do anything.

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