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File: dead bugs.jpg (150KB, 900x675px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dead bugs.jpg
150KB, 900x675px
This is Bob and Ted. They are dead. Evidently, they are also in your room right in the middle of your path waiting to be stepped on with your bare feet.

What, are you too squeamish to pick them up and throw them away? That's adorable.
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I have bedbugs instead of roaches.
Not too squeamish to pick them up.
Very concerned I have an infestation though.

Call an exterminator
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jew_basic (1).jpg
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Roaches ! It's time to cook !

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>parents had me at 34 (why)
>27 now
>they smoke, are fat, never see doctor
>they probably will be dead in 10 years

Has anyone ever convinced their parents to be healthier?
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Murphy's Law, anon. They'll live another 30 years. They'll just be invalids with multiple expensive health problems for most of that time. My grandmother did it. She had diabeetus, high blood pressure, heart problems, breast cancer, osteoporosis, and multiple other things. She just bitterly kept ignoring everything the doctors told her to do and surviving anyway, going through multiple major hospitalizations and needing lots of nursing care and generally inflicting herself on everyone in the family before dying at 93.
I got my dad to stop chewing and we start lifting together recently. Bretty gud considering he asked his father to stop drinking and was promptly denied (he ended up dying of alcoholism.)
>mom had me at 35
>smokes a pack a day
>stressed out because she has to work full time and babysit my invalid grandpa

I tried to get her to vape but it feels useless now. My mom spends her vacation taking grandpa to cancer clinics and when he gets bad news she gets heart palpitations and dizziness. She used to grow roses.

>she keeps guilt tripping that me, my sister, and brother won't care for her when she's like her father
>honestly, she's right
>like he needs so much care and it takes such a toll

Part of me is deeply resentful because
>could never have people over to my house because grandpa walks around in diapers
>constant guilt over the bad hateful thoughts I have towards him
>constant guilt I don't help my mom with him

Like he shit all over the floor and I could have cleaned it up but I didn't.

He's all she talks about. When we're alone, she tries to justify leaving him alone. It's infuriating because she used to have so many hobbies.

T-tick tock, anons....

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Hahaha. Girls can have social anxiety.
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I'm not trying to be a white knight, but it's believable. If a chick's attractive, most dudes just want to fuck her, and most girls envy her. I could seem them developing some major trust issues.
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trust issues sure but not anxiety

fucking Trump has trust issues but not social anxiety

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>finally get myself to apply to a data entry job
>asked in for an interview
>take hours to ready myself for all the stuff stated in the e-mail that they were going to question me on
>go in
>interview is going really well
>suddenly they decide to test me on company programs
>it's completely foreign shit that I neither stated I had experience in nor did they acknowledge I should have known
>spaghetti all over
>the guy starts grilling me over random shit
>tell him "I am more than happy to learn with the team or on my own"
>he ends the interview and says I just wasn't what they're looking for
well there goes my one interview for the year, I don't know how some people manage to go through interviews every other day
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"This won't do, Champ. Only quitters make excuses, and I didn't raise a quitter. Now you go back in there, speak with the manager, give him a firm handshake, and tell him you want the job."
>data entry job
A monkey could do this, aim higher next time.
>implying you dont need a degree for anything higher

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>tfw I see a qt with a nice butt
>immediately start imagining what her butthole could look like, and the flavor of her shit
I feel like this board turned me into a degenerate...
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You were already a degenerate before you found this board.

File: crack.png (1MB, 1912x1296px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1912x1296px
How soft is a womans butt, I wonder? How smelly is it between those wonderful cheeks?
>could look like, and the flavor of her shit

that is degenerate friend

you should focus on the flavour of her asshole but not her shit as that is not *her* genuine smell

now go and sin no more

What's your preferred system?

Here's mine:
>Hotness (from 1 to 5)
>Coolness (from 1 to 5)
>Cuteness (from 1 to 5)
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I just want a sassy tomboy. surely this cant be too much to ask.
>Hotness: 2
>Coolness: 4
>Cuteness: 2
A classic 0 to 10 scale:
reserved for kids, dead people , guys, obese landwhales etc
Really ugly girls with visible deformities, very fat, etc
Ugly girls, basically somewhat improved versions of 1's.
Ugly girls that don't have any deformities, they are just plain and boring. Bad faces , Bad or average body.
Grey area. Typically reserved for girls with ugly faces but okay bodies. Would not fug
Basically girls with decent or sub-par faces but good bodies. Would fug under specific circumstances
Pretty girls with average or above average faces and good bodies. Would definitely fug
Good face, good body, little to no obvious flaws
Good face, very good body, no flaws
Very good face, very good body, no flaws
Doesn't exist.

Most girls are 3-4, only like 5% are 7 and above.

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Why do mind-altering chemicals that occur naturally exist? What purpose do they serve?
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Don't they deter animals from eating it?
File: CtZHBipW8AEWdoL[1].jpg (51KB, 480x408px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 480x408px
Nah dude they trip balls
it's not really about the chemicals but why we react to them like we do. I guess they serve us as teachers.

>shave crotch
>unbearable itch
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File: 1497692566076s.jpg (7KB, 250x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 250x250px
is there a way to solve this without buying expensive or gimmicky products? can any anons answer this?
Don't shave all the way just trim.
Buy regular anti itch cream sold everywhere.

File: 1498601348673.jpg (137KB, 959x1440px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137KB, 959x1440px
>tfw failed out of college
I'm ready to kill myself now
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>fat Asians
I need to see more
Only bad looking one is the middle one,and thats just because her face looks older than the rest. Rwally stands out in a bad way. 7/10.
Fat Asian Threads on /gif/ are usually bretty gud

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Should I go on a nightwalk?
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abso lutely. nightwalks are comfy af since there are no people or birds disturbing you
File: image.jpg (57KB, 435x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Why not? Just don't get lost in the flower fields like that guy.
Most definitely you should. Make sure to enjoy the nature and the night air.

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32KB, 479x377px
Is anyone else both completely blackpilled AND lazy? Hopefully I can stop the laziness today.

I hate how ugly non Chads like myself are seen as disposable, laughable shit by society. I am demoralised by things wherever I look. Attractive girls everywhere with 5000 tinder matches, outgoing and posh people who get high paying jobs practically handed to them after being judged by their clones, advertising and pseudointellectuals everywhere telling you what to do while threatening you with abuse.

At this point I feel no separation between work and outside work. Everything fucking becomes work. The gym ("Have a perfect programme, diet, sleep!"), reading ("Read these 100 old and boring books and claim to like them!"), or anything. I always feel like I have to do 100 things at once or else I'm a failure in terms of some hierarchy.

I see snake oil salesmen, pseudo intellectuals, and intellects frauds everywhere. Most people in society simply ride along inside institutions while being judged in qualitative terms by their normie clones.

If I'm brutally honest with myself, I don't yet have the balls to live according to my own intellect and taste, which I trust. I am going to wake up tomorrow and finish reading a book I find boring (and can articulate why) because it is old and praised. I will drink coffee during my lunch break mainly because I will feel like a non-go-getter without it. I will read a book on my phone during the underground train ride to read as much as possible, even though I view erudition as a pseudointellectual attribute in this modern era. I will not live according to my tastes.
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>I will not live according to my tastes.
You should.
It may get you nowhere
But it's going to make you happy
Being happy < anything else
You're discontent with society, yet you desperately try to fit in. Why?
>At this point I feel no separation between work and outside work.

Check out Mr. Normalfag over here with a job

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101KB, 937x1171px
Wagebots: How many of you live in poverty?
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I think so. I live in a tiny room, and eat mostly rice and other cheap stuff. My computer is the only luxury I have. This is because I'm living in a foreign country and I'll be fucked if I run out of money. Also have a ton of debt.
Are you working?
Haven't seen this guy since like 2014 when he was making headlines.

Do whores still say they don't mind getting raped by him? Or is he not even popular anymore.

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my frog when.png
103KB, 246x232px
>mom found the jazz cabbage
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>sister found poop drawer
>police found the getaway car
File: hellpepe.gif (628KB, 516x402px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
628KB, 516x402px
>stepgram found the precum centrifuge

im planning a trip to japan soon and i was wondering how would i go about taking photos in shops or places where its not socially acceptable? is there some kind of way that makes it easier, i dont want to be shouted at or have to argue about photos. Ill be going to a lot of different shops and will want to take a bunch of photos but im not sure how others do it without looking weird, ill be using my phone not a dslr
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buy some glasses with a hidden camera
thats actually a pretty good idea, might look into getting some
>where its not socially acceptable?

Japan is used to foreigners walking around livestreaming and filming everything and taking pictures all the time and being loud as shit and wearing their shoes indoors.

You walking around and taking pictures isn't a big deal. I mean unless you're planning to sneak pictures of an all girls' middle school gym class from behind a fence or something.

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animegirl (102).gif
1MB, 500x500px
Who /angry/ here?

How do you handle your overreactions to things that shouldn't make you that upset?

I've been trying to count to ten in my head, but I usually forget to and just start spazzing.
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I mediate.

Memes aside, it took a couple days for me to actually start doing it comfortably. It's actually a difficult task to clear your mind completely.

I started at just 5 minutes everyday. A lot of people try meditating for 30mins to an hour right off the bat, and they get bored/discouraged easily that way.

It helps. I'm a lot calmer and clear headed. Look up Sam Harris guided meditation on youtube and there's a short 8 minute version if you want to get started. Another robot from here recommended me that and it works really well.

Good luck friendo
>i meditate*
Kek dumb typo
I'm trying to quit smoking and have lots of rage because of it. I find that listening to angry or abrasive music for a little while can burn off some of that anger.

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