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What did he do wrong? I read his memo. It wasn't even that bad. Am I missing something?
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SJW's got butthurt because he chose to look at sex (gender) critically instead of blindly worshipping women
He violated against company policy (no matter what your politics -- that's career suicide) and caused Google a PR nightmare.
Did he go against there policies? He was certainly critical of their policies in the memo, like his views on their "diversity" initiatives. But it seems like he just spoke his mind. He's suing Google

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I literally start shaking when I meet someone new or when I have to speak in front of more than two people.

This is crippling me, how do I counter this? Should I see a doctor?
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I've never seen a doctor about it and it doesn't get any better. Don't go to a doctor, they give you drugs that will kill you in the long run. You can do it yourself, it will just feel awful. The only way to cure yourself is by talking to people... I can't even talk to people in games without shaking its bad.
Join a boxing gym. Do lots of sparring. You'll never be scared of another man (or woman for that matter) again
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we're fucked. give up and watch anime.
t. wzards

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>every niche fetish has a good community asides from yours
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care to share nigger?
Here's mine
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>every niche fetish is overly dominated by males
>every woman is quickly taken up
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I just want people to talk about bbc with

Can anyone explain why Thai chicks are so thirsty?
I haven't met a single people who are this craving for white guys as Thai girls. And honestly, it has little to do with poverty. Even middle and upper class Thai girls will still desire white guys more than anything.
I have a few on facebook and basically every now and then you'll see them posting white dudes and then a whole barage of comments where they fawn over them.

You even have Facebook groups where they post pictures of white guys they spot on the street, asking if someone knows them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4S0i4lx4rQ0
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I can confirm this.
In the West I'm a regular unattractive robot but I'm Thailand many girls are attracted to me.
I'm more attractive than in the West in other parts of Asia too but the difference isn't as big as with Thailand.

I'm no longer a 25 year old kv.
probably because their society gave them the green light
They were never colonized so whites are still exotic to them.

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The liberal tears can no longer be contained on just /pol/
/rk9/ is now an occupied outpost of /pol/. We will be sending meme advisers to direct your meme military toward the new-rights goals and objectives. Any nu-leftists still left are advised to retreat to reddit.
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Th meme pacification begins at once
It won't work, our Janitorial Guard will beat back the encroaching /pol/ cockroaches.

Go back to your containment.
I was a leftist before the election but now I've switched sides. The right is much more accepting of white males such as myself.

why the fuck haven't you joined the military retard?

Become a real man. Become brave. Become strong. ARMY STRONG.
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Fighting for Israel is a bit boring
Can i play the trumpet if i join? I like the trumpet and if makes it so that i cant play its not worth it.

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Post pics OP. Because I really doubt you are that much of a moron
rip kitter
died by autism

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>tfw ineligible for military service
that was my last means of escaping this place
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you quite literally dodged a bullet military life is brutal and really not fun
>doing it for fun
Beta male spotted
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>wanting to get tangled in the upcoming nuclear war

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>My mom thinks me and my only friend are gay lovers.
>I wish that was the case.
Maybe I should stay away from people.
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Is this me from 3 years ago
How did it end up for you?
Lol really really fucking bad

couldnt stop thinking about him for a year, stopped caring about my life. Got addicted to cigs. Became super masc (heh not really but compared to earlier yeah) and I'm still not entirely over it.

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taking adderall is like riding a giant...when it rubs off, you feel like an ant who can be squished at any moment.
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Using SSRI blockers (anti depressants) is like having a knight by your side making sure your thoughts and feelings dont get hurt. On the flip side, the knight lacks basic emotional understanding, therefore it also blocks happy feelings.

Its like living on autopilot
Being high from smoking a Sativa strain of Marijuana is like suddenly seeing everything clear for the first time...where things make connections in your mind that you sever seen before. It gives you a nervous sense of depth and expanded meanings in relations of objects. When you "get there" in about 3 hits , suddenly you relax in deeper ways than can be articulated. Your consciousness is altered and cleared of the "noise" of the background life and your consciousness becomes something more deeply personal and introspective. You feel mellow , slow physically but fast mentally. Musical instruments are easier to play , poetry is easier to write , crafts are easier to make, it's easier to draw and create anything artistically. You understanding deep principals are easier and all because of the apprehension of the connections and filtering out of the noise. I love curling up on top of my bed with the A/C blowing , an interesting book and a pipe full of Sativa. That is what I call peace.
Among other things, weed makes it very difficult to feel bored, or perhaps makes boredom easier to endure

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>Meet Chad in my Chem class in Uni
>End up with Chad as my lab partner
>Chad is very friendly and outgoing and even someone like me becomes best buds with him. Regularly calls me so we can hang out, started out declining his offers but eventually I accept them
>Takes me to a bar one day and introduces me to some Stacys from our class
>Say hi to them and immediately go order some drinks for myself and go sit down at our table
>Assume Chad would just ignore me all night for the Stacys
>He doesn't and hangs out with me for most of the time
>I guess Stacys wonder what's so great about me and try to strike conversation with me
>End up hitting it off with one of the Stacys, a cute shortstack brunette. Talk with her a lot during my time in the bar when I'm not with Chad.
>Time to head back and Chad give me and the Stacys a ride back home, shortstack brunette wants to go to my place for some reason. I assume its just the alcohol.
>Say yes and hope I get lucky after a few hours of talking I end up getting lucky, jackpot
>She sleeps over my place and next morning wake up with her next to my bed. I thought she'd freak out but she doesn't and even decided to make me breakfast, makes me pancakes
>After eating she admits the only reason we banged was because she was drunk but also admits that she thinks I'm a cool guy and wants us to hang out more
> I agree and a few months later we start dating
>Tell Chad that me and shortstack brunette are dating
>Loudly congratulates to the point where he makes a small scene
>tfw when this happened a few years ago
>tfw Me and her are getting married soon
>tfw still regularly hang out with Chad

I don't get it why do you guys hate on Chads so much? They're good dudes, instead of hating them for no reason you should befriend them and maybe you'll find yourself together with a qt too.
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That sounds really swell anon, im happy for you.
I've only met mean chads
>One year later
>Find out Stacywife is fucking ChemChad

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>dad was an abusive alcoholic
>swore to not be like him and to never drink any alcohol
>10 years later
>i'm a pathetic alcoholic
My life is a fucking joke
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alcohol is bad for you retard
loooserrrr ctfu
Your kids are basically just slightly altered versions of you. They've got everything you've got because you gave it to them and they're made from you. It shouldn't surprise you that you've become your father.

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>Time for your milkies, Anons! :))))
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>mummy wants to gib milkies
>cum inside her womb instead
Thats a huge tiddie but where the fuck is the other one? Does she have just one?
You only need the one to feed.

Why don't robots just learn a traditional martial art?

>Backed by thousands of years of refinement through ancient China
>Women get wet at the idea of getting with a guy with martial prowess (good in bed)
>Shoulders back, chest out, men automatically respect you more
>Other men are like dogs around you, only wanting to fight and prove themselves to you, the alpha
>It's a cool hobby

Pic related, Aikido
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most of that shit is completely impractical dancing
stuff like muay thai is at least somewhat helpful for self defence
Why don't you leave MMA to Chad and Bones Jones. No true robot would ever learn how to strike or grapple.
>5'10 175lbs
>Go to learn muay thai/BJJ the meme arts
>everyone is a head taller than me and atleast 30 lbs heavier
>chads btfo me
Do i give up?

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If it wasn't for her, i would still be a virgin.

thank you babe
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>She who looks like a guy takes your virginity
>You post her nudes on 4Chan

Stay classy 4Chan.
Bruv pls look at filenames and try not to be a faggot
go back to your website or atleast stop being so retarded b4 you reply to threads

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