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You know the thing I hate about traps?

Because you cant fucking win with these fucks

If you are male and like traps, you are gay for liking a guy
If you are female and like traps, you are gay because you are sexually attracted at someone that looks like a woman

I am am straight as the pole admins mom dances for a living, but god fucking damn it I have a fetish for traps. And you're instantly labeled gay for liking them

Fuck these quantum 4th dimensional homosexuals and their trapping of heterosexuality
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Meh. Labels are overrated.

Do what your heart desires
Firs posed bessed posed


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What are your real thoughts on women? Not the story you tell yourself in your head.
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i love women. i think they're great.
Upper eyelid exposure and ptosis
They are cute and I wish some of them were my gf

Also men and women aren't equal but they are different and equally valuable. That's why gender roles exist

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If you know you can't do much if at all in this life, then what's the point in continuing this mediocrity?

There's hardly anything that worth praising if we are to stare into this empty portrait painted as "civilization" and "modernity" or for others the faint memories of "what once was".

All of this matters not, just like us and the greatness or vastness of our world and age.

Look around you, everything is a lie and it always will be a lie.
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If you truly believe there is no after life then you can't justify suicide, as existence is logically better than non-existence.
I agree, but living is useless anyway.
Just a feeling of "might as well", really.

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Fembot here. I'm tired of whining about being abused and being a strange girl. I'm tired of being an individual and want to conform. How do I become a normie who enjoys social media and following trends and "traveling"?
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Stop thinking about it as traveling the world and think of it as traveling to exotic penises, like every other woman. You'll enjoy it much more that way.
Find a guy who offers money (for traveling, apartment, foood) in exchange for sex.
Here's a secret: conforming isn't going to make you happy

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Civ III.png
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ITT: what is your most /comfy/ game anons? how do you get /comfy/ when its raining outside?
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I wish it rained more so I'd have an excuse not to go outside
I miss that game
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eschalon book 1, 2 and 3
>book 1 is free

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I just found my old folder


I'm glad she's doing better
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>making a thread for this when there is already one up

Just sharing man, a little excited
didn't she an hero like 2 days ago?

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Who else /NEET pulling an all nighter/ here?

Just had some coffee. Going to vape soon.

Suck it.
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I wish I could but I get sleepy really early. I don't think I've ever stayed past 1-2am.
>Doing caffeine and vaping
Kill yourself normalfag

ayyy you stupid faggot

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Any german robots here?
Would love to chat with one
As every other robot i get lonely from time to time
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hallo, woher bist du denn?
Und selber?
Oh cool, auch die Ecke, Koln/Bonn so. Was geht?
Auf /b/ gibts haufiger einen Deutschlandfaden, bin da nicht oft, aber nur falls du den nicht kennst.

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ITT: weird/autistic stuff you've seen people do, I'll start:
>one day in class
>guy sitting next to me opens TOR on his laptop
>types in weed
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>taking exam in big lecture hall
>silent room
>some guy lets out an extremely loud, porn star moan like he just nutted
>everyone ignores it
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>in class, freshman year
>dude in fedora just takes out his yugioh cards and plays with them in class
next fucking level
>lanky skelly came to school in a trenchcoat every day
>hats not allowed to be worn due to dresscode
>carried around a fedora and umbrella every day
>normies didn't know, but he wore a chainmail tunic under the trench coat
We lived in the fucking desert. The absolute madman.

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This woman breaks into your house, makes fun of you for being a pathetic neet and moves in on you
How do u respond?
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offer up my bp
I would be too spooped to respond, how can anyone dress like this on their own volition?
how do you know this is a woman?
how can you be sure?

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you know what I don't get? If birth control is 99% effective, that means that if you have sex 100 times you're statistically likely to get a girl pregnant once. If there are 1,000,000,000+ women having sex on the pill every year, that means that 10,000,000+ women get pregnant on the pill every year.
Holy fucking shit. Now I really don't feel bad for being a virgin. Even with the illusion of modernity, sex is meant to create a baby. Isn't that fucking scary? Do you really want to create a living thing that will live 90% the same life you did? Would you feel alright having that happen?
Can you imagine sharing an offspring with that drunk chick you met at the bar? Or that fuckbudy you met at college? Shit terrifies me senpai
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real nigga hours smash that motherfckn post button
it's actually even worse because roasties want to be bound to a chad with an anchor baby
they just "forget" the pill or take it irregular

when birth control is said to be 99% effective, it means that out of 100 couples using the birth control correctly, 1 of those couples will get pregnant in a year.

How are you supposed to concentrate on studying without qt virgin gf?
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>tfw finally got a gf
>she's so busy studying every day that I haven't seen her since the day we got together

it wasn't meant to be. was it?
>finally get gf
>can't concentrate because you keep thinking back to the last time she gave you the succ
Go fucking away.

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Dream Butterfly.jpg
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>are you living in the real world anon?
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I hope not
But I probably am
Figuratively: No
Literally: Yes
> Either way I hate life
Anyone with fantasy prone personality or maladaptive daydreaming?

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>when the white boy says nigger
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File: leave.png (12KB, 441x181px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>when the foreigner votes rightwing party
File: Wojak_suffering.png (4KB, 120x144px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>when you let sticks and stones break your bones
File: 1492971508160.jpg (129KB, 1136x787px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>white boys dressing and acting like hip hopsters in public

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I want to go to work today.
>tfw don't see myself wanting to do any work ever instead of laying in bed all day on the internet
what the fuck is wrong with me
>boss told us that he is on a business trip this week
>office decides to take rotatory holidays
>only have to be in office this Wednesday and Thursday morning

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