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Why do chestlets even wear bras?
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Because it's impolite to have one's nipple point at people constantly.
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Because a bra makes them look bigger than they are, they can even stuff socks in them.
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That's not impolite, that's hot. I do that all the time and I'm a man.

Who else /sensitive sad boy/ here?

Keep telling myself it's okay to feel anything.

Last night and tonight I've made myself cry just thinking about shit without any real provocation.

Life is just really hard sometimes.
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You ain't alone, broheim.
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what's up OP, wanna talk?
I'm not sensitive but I found that no one should feel ashamed of their feelings but you must learn when to express them and when you should keep them to yourself.

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which one are you robots?

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the "why me", except i'm 18
I'm the "faggot OP".
>"The Phone" is the "saddest example" even though he's the least worst of them
Hey, it seems like the guy who made the pic is "The Phoney"

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Please any story, ANY green text story. It can even be what you ate for breakfast ! Just tell me a story
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nice trips. it's probably going to be boring but here goes.

>at a relatives house
>chilling in garden while older relatives sit inside and talk
>their little son like 8 or 9 comes out
>starts playing with a shitty paper airplane he made. I'm good at them so I make him one
>we throw it too and fro and his siblings join in
>see the joy I've created and for the first time in a while forget about tfw no gf and school and shit
>just bask in joy for 20 odd minutes until we have to leave
>wonder if they still have that paper airplane
That's really sweet anon!
Your a good uncle. Thank you for sharing
Here's a dream I had.

>standing in line at the bank
>suddenly an alarm goes off
>see this smug, nerdy looking guy stroll out of the back offices
>somehow know he is the culprit and a hacker who has robbed the bank electronically
>wanting to be the hero I apprehend him
>he takes a step back then ask for my name
>I give it to him
>he busts out his laptop and types a few things
>he turns the laptop around and reveals my internet search history to the other bank patrons
>everyone in the bank is someone I know
>they look at the laptop and say, "Anon what the fuck?"
>change my tune and let him go

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My bf and I broke up and then he started following a ton of porn stars on IG. Why would he do that?
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why do you even care fuck off
Because you're obviously not good enough.
He's probably horny? Why do you still give a shit about him if you broke up?

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I plan on calling 2 of my highschool friends and my crush tonight, and haven't interacted with them in 4 years. I basically cut them off after HS was over due to depression and complete lack of self-worth, but I'm better now. Do you think they'd welcome it, or would it come across as creepy and needy? I'm nervous, especially calling my oneitis.
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Aye, it'll be alright. You dont really have anything to lose since you already dont speak to them. Best case scenario you get back together, worst case you return to squeare one. Call them
Sounds creepy desu
Don't call your onetis
op don't

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Look at this fucking whore. Damn whore, riding the cock carousel. On her way to Chad. She will fuck Chad and have fun. Seeing robots as subhumans. Fucking whore practicing on that bottle.
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So how was your day, OP
I mean she does give off a pretty big whore/stoner vibe. (It can be hard to tell the difference desu)

Fine, how was yours?

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What do you do when your personality AND your appearance are the problem?

It feels like most people who struggle with relationships either have one or the other. What the fuck do you do when it's both?
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>What do you do when your personality AND your appearance are the problem?

Embrace my inner smug
Fix your appearance then you don't have to change your personality.
you figure out how to find cheap hookers

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What the hell was actually wrong with him?
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He was an attention seeking cunt. Like most "quirky" normals.
Is it wrong to seek attention when you're the most innovative creator of your generation?

He was transsexual. Which should really give you an idea of how mentally ill he really was.

Trapposters seriously need their own containment board.

/r9k/ is already shitty as it is.
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This is now a trap/gay hate thread.
i aint no nazi but if we could exterminate the gays and put bisexuals in camps that would be nice
it's called /lgbt/ but they refuse to post there for some reason
maybe even faggots hate traps with a burning passion

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Why do ugly girls chase Chads? Why do even the fattest and ugliest girls think they are tens and deserve a 10/10 Chad? They would rather chase Chads that they have no chance than date someone who's in their league. Really makes you think, doesn't it?
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Cuz girls are faggots
It's exactly the same think with obese virgins... Sit down for a minute and think about it. Obese neckbeards chasing and white knighting Stacies he'll never have a chance with, then chimps out when he gets rejected running back to /r9k/ and starts a Women Hate Thread.

Really makes you think...
It's hard for me to explain and impossible to understand if you don't know the ins and outs of relationships but basically everyone is a needy emotional faggot who is afraid of dying alone and most people settle for what they can get which is typically "luck of the draw"

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Please don't tell me some of you actually believe this "white genocide" bullshit.
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The evidence is all real though.
There are official UN public documents detailing plans for population replacement in western countries.

Public ads claiming that migration is inevitable.
It's all real, all of it.
it's kind of funny, "White genocide isn't happening but I want to happen" is the lefts "The Hallofcocks didn't happen but it should have happened"
bait better though op
Even if white genocide were entirely false I still would support 100% genocide of every single person who is not white by any means necessary

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Why do gay people hate bisexuals?
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Because they want to suck my dick.
Something about them "passing as straights" and not having to deal with gay problems. Tumblr culture is weird.
Because gay people are mentally ill, and fucking insane.

What should I do with these sealed air packs?
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I deflate them with scissors and put them in the trash.
Tape them to ur head and jump off a roof
Ride a bike along them.

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Daily reminder that every girl who self harms is a mentally ill slut doing it for attention and is most likely bipolar.

This is a huge red flag. Avoid girls like this like the plague.
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>implying the bipolar doesn't make it better
> he doesn't avoid all women, period
Mentally ill girls are bottom of the barrel trash and you know it

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