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>tfw terrified of getting doxxed
There were two occasions a few years ago where it could have happened so easily and even though it didn't I still get extremely paranoid once in a while. I have no friends and no real reason for anyone to do it, but it still worries me. Ironically, I probably have a much smaller internet footprint than the average person, even on 4chan. It's just that the few things that are there wouldn't be that hard to piece together, or at least I don't think they would be.
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I get scared too except when torrenting
Then don't do thinks that make them want to dox you

There's no "enemy", and I have no active accounts anywhere. It's merely an always-present possibility. The two times I mentioned were not attempts, they were just times when I linked an account with a username I shared on other sites and accidentally included my first name in a screenshot.

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>tfw no tomoko-tier gf to be a loser together
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I don't think girls like her exist. Even if they do, they'd still get stolen by Chad.
>mfw one is my sister
>mfw she's not tainted by chad
>mfw i cant date her bc it would be incest
Maybe you don't see them because they sit inside all day.

>dad is watching good movie on Netflix
>casually finish lunch
>want to stay
>"why can't he invite me to stay like he usually does?"
>he usually do but I never stay
>he must have given up
>but this time I genuinely want to stay
>mfw I leave in shame because I don't know how to do in order to stay

I'm such a social cripple. I'm not even at ease with my family. How can I spend time with them without hating myself or feeling insecure because at the same time Chads are partying with their friends? How can I be with them without thinking that they always think I'm a weird loser of a son shitfuck
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He's your dad...? Just fucking sit down and stay for Christ's sake
sometimes I cry alone in my apartment because my parents are getting older and won't be around forever but I can't be around them because of their constant petty attacks
I agree. He is your dad.....just sit down and watch with him. I always enjoy family movie nights (as terrible as it sounds).

My dad make a popcorn and we binge watch series. Currently we are going through all the Marvel movies again.....after this, it will Star Wars for the millionth time. It's great :)

Why aren't you socialist yet?
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Couldn't find this "youth resocialisation program" when I searched for it
Because I don't even want a gf
Women don't like us. You think mandating them is going to help when it's going to practically be like placing a wild animal in a corner.

What does your depression feel like? What damage has it done to your life?
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>inb4 thread is flooded by sad normies who have undiagnosed depression

m8 normies are normally stuck on /pol/ trying to prove that their autistic fake news is real
it feels like nothing
one day you just realize that you havent eaten or slept in a week and youve just sat around smoking instead of going to class and yet you just dont care about any of it

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How do I go about selling my soul to the devil?
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First you need a lawyer. Have him write up a sales contract stipulating the terms and expectations of each party.

Then, sign it and have him notarize your signature.

Finally, present the offer to Satan and see if he accepts.
obtain ouija board
ask for zozo
he'll set u up f am
So combine these two and it'll work?

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is she cute bros?
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You belong here
I would let her fuck hot guys while I sit in a corner and jerk off

Yes, she is hot
>mfw I see those threads
>mfw I want to throw some traitors in my jail camps

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>tfw living with parents again

How do you robots do it? I have been here all of 3 months (was planning on a year to create some savings) and I am losing my shit.

Any tips?
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>Still asking for tips
"Son, it's all in the eye contact, manners, and handshake."
Hard to give tips without details.
Mom and Dad are here and we don't get along. He's like a white supremacist and my mom is constantly walking in on my jerking off.

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Lads the late night music thread is changing to late night thread,

We now en-compose all media so share whatever hope to see some original art and music
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Share some raw music like this style lads

dark o shine acoustic

It's still the middle of the day where I'm at, but this seems comfy.

Is it okay to post your own music? I recently just finished a folk album I could share. If shilling is discouraged, here's a different contribution, from one of my favorite records of the year.


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>Be me
>Be in High School
>Talking with teacher about conformity in social groups
>Talk goes so well we continue after class
>Only a few other kids left in the room
>One kid clearly severely autistic
>Greasy jew fro and pimple scarred face
>Breathing heavily minding his own in the corner
>Teacher uses Goth and Emo culture as means of explaining the hypocrisy of 'counter culture' as means of expression
>Autist immediately whips his head around
>Walks the length of the classroom to face us
>Starts defending goth culture
>Says the style is cool
>Says the music is amazing
>Godly form of expressionism for girls
>Teacher tries calming him down by explaining their point
>Kid just doesn't get it
>Breathing intensifies
>I back away slowly
>Argument turns into a full-on autistic rant, saliva flies all over
>Teacher remains cool, makes further effort to calm the kid down
>Starts getting violent
>I turn tail and retreat from the classroom
>Next day
>Autist is nowhere to be seen
>Teacher and I hardly make eye contact
>mfw autist is the most hardcore emo I've ever seen.
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is goth/emo still a thing tho ?
>White people become Savages over shit like goth culture
>we pretend this happened for one reason or another

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>few months ago
>live in shitty income based housing, apartment building from 1932
>just a fucking parade every day: piles of garbage in the hallways, bedbugs and roaches, junkie tenants always collapsed everywhere
>I'm on the 5th floor in a studio (150 sq ft)

Okay exposition done, story now
>hear weird sound in the pipes one day
>like the people above me have their sink on
>lasts a really long time
>figure it's just air in the pipes
>couple days later just waking up at 11am (I work nights)
>sounds like it's raining really heavily outside
>looks bright through window blinds so I'm confused
>suddenly a slit opens in my wall just below the ceiling
>water starts pouring into my apartment
>it's the apocalypse
>tear down shower curtain and save computer
>run down to office half-dressed screaming for them to shut off the fucking water
>stupid blonde bitch managers running around like the dumb bitches they are
>they have to call the city to get guys out here and turn the water off
>I run up to the 6th floor to see what the fuck is going on
>staircase is a waterfall
>as soon as I get up there I see the one maitenance dude sprinting down the hallway, soaking wet
>fuck me the water is gushing like a fountain
>in the apartment DIRECTLY ABOVE MINE a pipe had burst because their toilet was running and the valve wore out
>maintenance guy trying to hold back the freezing deluge with his bare hands

cont. and pic related is outside my door at the beginning
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>Total panic in the halls, people sloshing through the water
>junkies don't know what the fuck is going on
>I haven't brushed my teeth or dressed in actual clothes yet
>trying to salvage my books and sketches like a wild beast
>maintenance dude yelling at stupid blonde top knot manager
>both totally soaked
>I'm soaked
>call into work shouting and raving about the end of the world
>fire department comes to help clean the water
>they dump all the gross, filthy water that they scraped out of the carpet into my shower and don't clean it up
>have to live with a seriously loud dehumidifier that drains into my kitchen sink for two weeks
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So now today
>wake up
>hear that my toilet is running constantly
>Vietnam flashbacks to the great flood, which was caused by a running toilet in the unit over mine
>ask the office to check it out
>dumb blond bitch says no maintenance guys working today but they'll be by eventually
>Ask her if there's going to be another disaster
>she says no
>don't trust that bitch

I had to type this out because I have a lot of anxiety over this situation. Maybe you'll like reading about a day that's probably worse than what you're having.
Holy fuck - that's pretty bad.

I know the feel of those damn dehumidifiers, though, they are loud as fuck.

So, other than that, how is living in that place? I'd imagine that if you're on assistance and don't have to pay for anything, it'd be pretty chill otherwise.

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What year did it become a meme for every white girl to want to get blacked? It feels like this really got started around 2006/2007.
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>wfs date bms
>i date qt 3.14 black women
>everyone except stormfags and hebrew israelites (lol) are happy
At least around 2000, with the rape craze in full force.

Black Cocks Matter

Women follow trends like sheep. Pol memed this blacked and cuck shit into existence so now it's seen as trendy. Ergo vis a vis

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>work 7 days a week from 7 AM to 10 PM
>if I'm lucky only 6 days
And you wagecucks think you have it bad.
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"Attaboy, son. You done good."
Do you atleast get a good cut of the jib
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I know how it feels anon ;__; but alcohol and drugs are always there for me


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My psychiatrist won't prescribe me Xanax or any benzo because she says they're too addictive and you develop tolerance too fast, but I'm pretty much miserable 80% of my life due to depression and anxiety.

I've tried everything: the meds she prescribed me, regular exercise for two years now, diet, socialization, hobbies, none of it takes away the pain I feel

I'm desperate to end this misery . I noticed when I would take a benzo it's the only time I feel like I'm just living life and not horribly depressed
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you can't be a robot if you're in therapy

I don't care if /r9k/ considers me a robot or not
I heard ssri's can help anxiety

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New Crystal Gems Congregate!
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All the more reason I'm glad I can't view WEBM(s). Take your degeneracy elsewhere.
lapis is a cute

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