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I'm an adult female (20) and I'm going to lose my virginity to my boyfriend of two months. I was waiting for marriage but realized that nobody was waiting as well so I hope to keep my partner count low and stay in long term relationships. I just feel like I'm going to be dirty when I lose it. I might cry and be depressed after. Has anyone experienced this?
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If you're "expecting to keep partner count low", you're counting with the end of the current relationship. If you expect it to end, why bother doing it? Sex is overrated for women, anyway, you're just disgusting a future potential lifelong partner.
fuck off roastie

I'm a 20 year old man who is waiting to be in a serious long term relationship before sex as well.

However, like you I have not yet experienced this. It makes me think that my thoughts on purity are sort of dumb because I would then not be pure by own definition, even if I thought the girl was my soulmate and she cheats on me for example.

So even though I am KHHV waiting for an equal, I think if a girl was really special enough I wouldn't mind if she had 1 or 2 long term relationships having sex with the man. Casual sex is an automatic no though.

I would say its ok to lose it to this guy

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Sociopaths get what they want, right? How do I become a sociopath?
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Prisons are filled with them, op. They often don't get what they want
Hurt others the way they hurt you
People,good or bad,hardly and rarely get what they deserve.

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>girl from university sees me browsings r9k
>i notice it and run away
>later she somehow gets my snapchat and sends me pic rele

does she want to fuck me?
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Well shit, anon. You have maybe just found fembot gf material.
>Does she want to fuck me?
It would seem so.
No. She's mocking and teasing you, OP.

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What is the contaniest containment board??
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/pol/, /b/ and /vg/. That's the top three.

The original Containment Board. You get banned for ponyposting outside of it and it is a global rule.
/mlp/ /pol/ /b/ /r9k/

In that order from most to least cancer

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Do you view yourself as a good person, /r9k/?
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I've done more good things than the average normiescum and I consider the feelings of other people close to me so yeah I guess. When I'm on 4chan I stop giving a shit though.
I think I'm good by my own standards

However everyone else thinks I'm a piece of shit because I'm a maladjusted sperg.
No. I'm selfish, lazy, and narcissistic. It feels like there's nothing I can do about it. I'm a sack of bones and chemicals and my actions and feelings are a product of that . that's why i don't have any friends and I'm still a virgin

Why are asians qts so hot?
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Leave MY women alone you white pigs
>Why are asians qts so hot?
No, they're not.
cuz that one doesnt even look asian

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>tfw to intellegent to lose my virginity.

Engaging in conversations with intellectuals, such as myself, is far more indulging. I lose way to many braincells when I try talking to stupid women.

Who feels the same way?
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Perhaps you've been putting so much time into being an "intellectual", you haven't taken any time to develop your general social skills, or neglected putting time into things other than your studies.
What do you do when you're not engaging with intellectuals?
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anon delivers.jpg
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Masturbate to pony porn and wear adult diapers. Aren't girls I to that?
If I have to tell you, you're too far gone.
Consider picking up an interest in firearms, as well as the anatomy of the brain. You'll thank me later.

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>impIying you wouId not
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She looks less piggy in that picture than she does in real life
I would not laugh at her.
And i sure as hell am not laughing with her

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>look outside, weather is nice
>decide to take the dog for a walk
>9/10 girl approaches
>my heart starts beating very fast
>she starts petting my dog
>words wont come out of my mouth
>*breaths deeply* LET'S SAY SOMETHING
>"hi, how are you?"
>she replies "I was talking to the dog, not you"
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>tfw cucked by Rufus Thunderknot
Anon, the 20/80 fact. You will not be loved neither will any guy below 8/10

There is also the 6/7/8 rule.
6ft tall, 7inch dick, 8/10 face.
These are minimum requirements. Think about it you never see an average guy with a girl unless she is over 30 and he is a beta provider.

Just of your own way
Like me
it sometimes amazes me how snotty modern women are

robo waifus when? I'm ready to humble the roasties

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>tfw no Florida gf
What's the point of living in this old folks state, why did my parents move here.
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Florida isn't really that old of a state, it's just that certain areas are swamped with old people (Boca, for example). If you're somewhere like Miramar, Miami, Weston, etc., then the population is pretty young (Cubans and Colombians tend to have big families, and there's a constant influx of young professionals from the north).
I live in Tampa.. plus I mostly don't go out.
Well that's your problem right there. You're on the wrong side of the state. Always hated having to drive up to Tampa, what a boring place.

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>tfw no gf is restricted only to when you're aroused, neglecting that you are disgusted by the idea of being in a relationship with anyone

I've made it half way out lads, how do i erase what's left of the >tfw no gf
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Shameless self bump, help me lads
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maybe kill your libido so u don't get aroused in the first place
How do I do this though?

Originally help

You think somehow I have value? How am I any different from the billions of better barbie doll clones of me that you can blow up and cum inside? I have no talents, all I do is sit around and watch anime, and play video games. The only reason a guy would want me is if he could stand living with a 5/10 dicksleeve. I can't cook, I hate chores. I don't think I'm better than anyone, I just don't have value so why even bother. Go ahead, call me a roastie, at least you're acknowledging my worthless existence.

Yeah, I know. I've got firstworld problems. I'm not starving, or homeless. I'm just a dumb bitch who hermits herself away because she's disillusioned from the whole process. I'm sure you haven't heard that a million times.

I'm not fishing for compliments, I just don't care about anything anymore.
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I don't hate you for that.
>generic white knight comment attempting to reassure internet roastie
Watch anime and play video games with me please..

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Why does /r9k/ thinks of prepaid phones? Asking, because my friend is around $700 in debt because of his plan, I told him that he should switch to prepaid, but he refuse and said that "my gf would dump me because it shows that I'm poor." And yes I do have a prepaid phone.

Pic related.
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Literally nobody on the fucking planet gives a shit about anyones phone plan.

How fucking insecure are you people?
I've never had a contract.
Never had any debt with a phone provider.
Always used pre-paid, NEVER use up the minutes and data and texts fully from paying a tenner for the month.
I use prepaid and it's only 10 bucks a month since I have no one to talk to anyway
The only person who texts me is my mom and automated services. The only phone calls I get are from bill collectors.
Fuck my life

It makes sense

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ya boi.jpg
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Thought you guys might enjoy a story from when i was 15
>be me
>school fair run by 4 normies that hate me
>one of them is jewish
>hatch a devilish plan maybe one of the best i have ever had
>track down b-tech Nazi uniform, use card board cut out arm band swastikas
>the day finally hits and i put on normal clothes before going to school
>put baby's first S.S uniform in my bag
>run straight to the bathrooms with bag and put on the uniform
>stroll past my friend and he gives me a look of disgust
>he pulls out a sharpie and gives me a banging stache
>thank him as i go to the meeting of normies and greet them with "vitte schnitzel shnell strodell"
>3 of them betas look at me shocked as the filthy jew starts to quiver with rage
> give him a smirk and say "6 million people were gassed and they couldn't kill your faggy grand parents"
>feel a cold hand on my shoulder and hear "lets have a chat about that claim"
>say i need to go to the bathroom
>NO says the 5.7 principal i walk along side a jew and a smaller than average principal
>become a fugitive nazi
>go behind what i call head shed
>realize that jews and the little people are chasing the nazi
> get caught and expelled moved to a new school
so that was the best experience of my life
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Also you are a fag
wtf is "vitte schnitzel shnell strodell"

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SuPeR AmAzInG cOnTeNt, fuck you bot i have enough fucking content, suck my dick
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Why are you screaming, anon
o r i g i n a l
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Stop screaming anon, you're hurting my ears.
Keep it down I'm trying to sleep here you stupid anime girl

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