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Anybody else watch this piece of shit? What a load of bullshit

>Roastie witnesses passed out drunk Stacy getting banged by Chad at a party
>Does nothing, doesn't scream for help
>Yet gets mad at Stacy's cuck bf for doing the same exact thing as her
>Shuns and teases beta friend because she only wants Chads even though Chads treat her as just another High School fuck toy
>Get upset when beta friend doesn't make a move on you, but don't tell him you have feelings for him
>Only accept beta friend after reputation is ruined, but tell him to fuck off right before you're about to have sex cuz muh trauma and trust issues
>Gets mad at beta for leaving her even though she screamed at him to fuck off
>Goes BACK to rapist Chad's house because she hears a party
>Gets in hot tub and gets fucked by Chad
>Doesn't fight back, scratch, bite, scream for help, just gets pounded into oblivion
>Oh beta orbiter it wasn't you, it was me, you were too good for me even though I never showed any signs that I wanted you over the Chads, but I want it to weight on your conscious that you were part of the reason I killed myself
>I'm going to give one last chance at life before I commit sudoku because of my teen drama, so I'll confine in my Guidance Counselor of all people that Chad raped me
>Oh how dare you tell me to move on or get help if I don't want to press charges, how dare you give me valid advice, that's it I'm killing myself now
>I'm going to record a bunch of reasons why you made me kill myself like saying I have the best ass in class, for not being friends anymore, posting my poem anonymously, and potentially ruin your future careers over petty teen drama bullshit (excluding rapist Alpha Chad)
>I've shown little signs of having suicidal tendencies, why couldn't anyone tell I'm suffering? Why don't I ask for help? Fuck it I'm just going to kill myself at 17 in one of the most painful ways possible over a few petty things + Chad fucking me silly and probably liking it deep down
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couldnt even watch all of the first episode. glad I can see how shitty it was before wasting too much time with it.

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What are you listening to robots?
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nightmare by avenged sevenfold cause edge
>muh old music
>le wrong generation
neck yoself
I like the song, OP.

I listen to Pere Ubu - Dub Housing a lot

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>that putrid shitsmell that comes from my teeth when i floss
never noticed this before. i'm going to try and floss from now on because it smells like literal, actual shit. what if i kissed a girl and she caught a whiff?
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You're just getting that bacteria out. Use mouthwash and/or brush your teeth after glossing and you'll be good.
it smells like shit because a lot of it is bacteria shit
You're going to die alone so there's no cause for concern

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>tell my coworkers about the 'chan
>They look at me like I'm retarded
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..if you actually addressed 4chan as "'chan" you deserve every bit of unpleasant/embarrassing feels you got.
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>brother knows I browse 4chan
>thinks I must be really into memes
>constantly showing me memes he sees on reddit on facebook
>shows me 'memes' he and his friends make
holy shit that sounds like my brother

He constantly sends me Reddit memes

I politely "lol", how can I make it clear I really do not give a fuck about this garbage?

Pic related, he sends me stuff like this

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I keep imagining this scenario in my head:

>someone trying to shoot up the school with a pistol
>I manage to get to the shooter before he hits anyone
>Next I'm wrestling him for the gun
>he shoots and hits my left arm
>I manage to land an uppercut on his chin, making him lose his balance
>I grab the gun, and then kick the hand holding it, and take the gun to myself
>I then hit the shooter with the gun, making him lose consciousness
>everyone praises me as a hero

After that scene I also imagine all the chads and Stacies in my class wanting to be my friends and inviting me to all kinds of things. I'm probably highly autistic but imagining all this makes me feel kinda good.
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Same desu except my fantasies always end with the cops shooting me because they mistook me for the shooter after I shoot him.
>somehow get a military grade assault rifle
>go to school when there is lunch
>open fire towards the cafeteria which is full of people
>shoot everybody else
>die while fighting the police
>no manifesto
>no motivation
I imagine shooting up my school sometimes instead.

Yeah same, except I just kill everyone.

Honestly idk how to feel about it. Obviously I'd never do it.

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I have a little over 200 mg of Ambien, what can I mix it with to get this all over with. Bonus points if it's painless.
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Anyone know of a better place to ask?
Ask /adv/, /fit/ or /lgbt/
hey anon! talk to me i'm here

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hold strong brother we musnt fall here
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Fucking roasties are already shitting up the board


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What the hell is up with all the pro Wendy's posts on all the boards?

Are we being raided?
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>What the hell is up with all the pro Wendy's posts on all the boards?
>Are we being raided?

It's just one faggot who thinks he's funny

I wish the mods banned him
I dont know. but I sure as hell dont mind it.
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Flavor of the month, ignore it, it'll pass as always. It's like what happened last month with that bitch from Dragon Maid or whatever.

This is some serious buIlshit!
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>filling out the captcha properly
I use legacy mode captcha and misspell.

Who here remembers /reniggering/?
I didn't know you could force the legacy mode, I thought that operation nigger worked.

Protip: you can still fuck with Captcha subtly by not selecting every single square with a car/storefront/whatever, especially the blurry ones
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Has anyone else noticed that Captcha is trying to gain the ability to identify cars recently? First time it asked me it made me feel sick, like I was contributing ti a future orwellian hellhole with automatic car tracking algorithms across various CCTV

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im currently losing my mind on lsd give suggestions on what to do please
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Why are you losing your mind?
Listen to Kid a by radiohead and think about loving a qt gf
watch shrek

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yv gy cyrxfcfvtb.png
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Are there any steps a man can take to cause a permanent, systemic change to his personality?
pic vaguely related
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yeah i'll bump my own thread
if you are an E type you can reconfigure your personality by actually fucking dying
why is intj so scary...?

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Act like the average Reddit user in this thread.
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gay redditor here
Reddit is a better place for discussion than this shithole
Drumpf? FUCK him!
Now, Bill Gates and Elon Musk? Those are the billionaires I want in charge.

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>ywn an eccentric autistic mulatto who harasses roasties on TV for a living

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you don't feel any sympathy for them? you can actually pinpoint when some of their hearts fucking shatter when they realize they're just being made fun of
>sympathy for them
Are you some kind of literal faggot?
okay sorry im not "cool enough" to hate all roasties. sorry i'm a human fucking being towards other human beings. fuck you faggot OP and every other faggot on this board

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Everyone has THAT relative. Let's tell our stories.
>uncle died
>ex junkie cousin is in town to visit
>she's been staying with us for 4 days
>won't shut the fuck up
>keeps buying shit and mailing it to her kids
>is fucking weird in general
>dad won't tell her to leave
>got in a fight with her nearly quadriplegic boyfriend tonight
>making him stay outside
>turned the fucking outside lights on
>light is shining into my eyes through my window
>too autistic to tell them to turn them off
>can't sleep
I'm gonna lose my mind. I can't take another day of this shit
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Have one cousin who won't stay away from drugs. He's gotten arrested twice. Always posting crazy, borderline suicidal stuff on facebook. Always talking about how women can't be trusted. He'd actually fit in pretty well on /r9k/. Haven't actually seen him in probably 4 years
He's probably here right now anon.
Doubt it, to be honest. He isn't really a computer person, outside of the most likely alcohol or drug fueled facebook ranting. The last time I visited his house, he didn't even own a computer. He used the one at his brothers or the library

I remember once being a young child full of so much excitement and curiosity about a world that I assumed was an amazing place.

As I've grown older that excitement that once shined brighter than anything possible has been absolutely extinguished.

I realised that the world is a cruel and bitter place full of callous people who will do nothing unless it benefits them in some sort of way.

Humans throughout history have made up stories and theories about fantastical afterlives because they cannot accept that they are already living in hell.

We have no purpose nor reason for living on, to breed? Then what? It'll come to a point where our population is unsustainable, the planet will surely be destroyed with humanity along with it.

We really are nothing but parasites that destroy everything we touch, we are not worthy of any salvation should it even exist.

I'm sure you'll write this sentiment off as some edgy dickhead but surely you can find some truth in it, there's no point in being alive. All life is meaningless, our existance is meaningless.
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Don't worry. That's just one of the stages. You'll eventually come to realize that everything exists because it has to, and that within our infinite number of universes, each and every possible scenario is played out, even the shitty ones. They're all entirely necessary and perfect.
It's not even "edgy"
The people who automatically proclaim that simply can't accept the fact that oblivion is fate that awaits each and everyone of else and even the world itself. This isn't speculation, opinion or edginess. It's fact. To see it as anything else is just a coping mechanism, in my opinion.
Read Schopenhauer

you'd like him

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