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>just bought 100$ streetwear clothes
omw to becoming a normie boys
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grunge prep/punk is what's going to be in style next. Grats on wasting money on dated clothes.
thanks for the update roblox
wtf is grunge prep/punk?

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/fatfuck/ general
I lost 70, my skin is getting saggy, but I got over it and not gonna stop
how is the weight loss going bros?
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I keep fucking failing but I keep trying harder each time. I outta get measuring cups so I can count calories better and cut sugar drinks. Ive done a decent job of cutting out soda in my life
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I've lost 90+ pounds. Still fat. Still alone.
Congratulations, that's a lot of weight.

I started calorie counting last month and went from 95 to 88.5, just from not going over 1500 calories a day. I also fasted quite a few days, it's surprisingly easy to not eat when you're depressed and just lay in bed all day. Although since July I started actually moving my body and going for runs. It's awful and I hate it, but I hope it can push me to skeleton mode if I keep grinding. But unfortunately I don't think I'll ever lose my bitch tits unless I get surgery.

Why is reddit known for being liberal? One of their largest subs is literally dedicated to worshiping Donald Trump and calling people cucks
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Doesnt reflect every other sub, vast majority are normie liberals.
Because 95% of their users never touch that shit hole.

I remember when we were liberal. I miss those days. Curse the new generation, literally the worst of all 4chan generations.

inb4 "lol we're the same we just grew up"

The 4chan userbase is still dominated by people 18 and under. You are all shitty newfags.
The_cuck are far more liberal than you seem to think

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How am I ever supposed to have a relationship with a girl and not think she's cheating on me?
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you can't
it's in a woman's nature to find the better mate
you cannot control the way they're programmed and this is not a meme. just stick to 2d.
Just get a cuck fetish
You just dump her if you start seeing signs that she is. It's as simple as that. 98% of dudes who find out they've been cheated on saw signs before hand and were just too hesitant and lacked the confidence to do anything about it.

You just date a girl, enjoy yourself, have fun, and if you ever get a gut feeling she's cheating you bail. The signs are pretty obvious.

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>this will never be you

fucking kill me already
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>got really involved with a gay friend group in college
>orgy all the time
>being the smallest and a natural born twink I was the fuck toy
>gang bangs weekly
>the neighborhood bicycle
>my ass saw more dicks than a thai ladyboy
>they all settled down with each other one by one
>left on my own
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tfw you troll online for dudes to jerk off with on cam because you're so lonely

tfw you're too fat and ugly for even that
Do what I do and post in the chubby male thread on /soc/

I've found plenty of dudes on there who love watching me jerk off and shove toys in my chubby ass

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>it's another female calls man virgin episode
>it's another female calls man basement dweller for having a different opinion episode
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>It's another man calls a woman roastie episode
>its another man explaining social worth to woman episode
>it's another bitter lonely virgin gets angry because they were called out for their shitty life episode
>it's another bitter lonely virgin gets angry because their out of touch political mindset is shitty and anyone who is actually a part of the world knows it's retarded episode

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Does it mean you're ugly if girls don't randomly come up and talk to you?

is that what happens when you're good looking?
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If you're posting here, you're ugly.

Sorry mate.
it just means you are not chad, you could still be average looking and have this happen to you
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So it's true

Why are you a virgin? Just download Tinder lmao
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>Downloaded it
>4 days, only 3 matches none respond
>uninstalled it

yeah, didn't work
I did. Got about 3 matches out of hundreds of swipes.

>45 year old fat woman
>30 year old gold digger
>downloaded it
>matched right to everyone for 2 days
>0 matches

That's how I know you are a Chad/normie

Another summer has come.
Another summer in which normies will have the best of times, while i'll sit in my pathetic room playing video games and masturbating to porn and maybe watch a few shows.
Another summer where normies will go on vacations with each other, while i will be draged with my parents.
I'm a 20 year old pathetic virgin and i feel like i want to die.
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Sounds you need to apply for a job at the local summer resort and get into crazy hijinks with the other teens.

Doesn't that sound like fun?
Sounds like you need a summer job. Just get in there, look him in the eye, and give him a firm handshake.
I think i might try to get a job, but i don't know how/where. Thanks for the suggestions

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> be me
> working at groccery store while attending uni for Information Technology
> applying for IT jobs
> get a job as IT helpesk for government
> 2 weeks of training and one additional week of sitting on ass doing nothing
> first paycheck is really nice something like 800+ dollars
> get first pick for shifts
> decide to do the night shift its 9:00pm to 6:00am
> they tell me nightshift is easy and ill have time to do my school work despite it geing 40hrs a week
> i start tonight
> cant remember any of the software we used in training
> looking over notes now
how fucked am i robots i wanted an IT job but not like this not helpdesk not a call center ! im not stuck i can quit any time but the money is alright man. what advice can you give me ?
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"It all boils down to the basics, son: Look the manager in the eye, tell him you want the job, and give him a nice, firm handshake."
Just try it. If you succeed then great if you fail then just look for another job. Sorry if this sounds too normie but don't pass job opportunities you will regret it more than if you fail.
You'll remember it when you get your hands on it.
Don't stress, Anon.

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Job interview at GAP tomorrow. How do I not fuck this up. I'm not as autistic as most of you but I don't do well on job interviews because they always ask me some question that I can't answer and my brain freezes. Like "what is your biggest weakness" etc.
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Tell them to be more specific. "What are your biggest weaknesses" is kind of vague.

"My weaknesses as far as what? Operating a cash register?"
>"what is your biggest weakness"
Never give an honest answer to this question. Going into detail about your weaknesses is a bad idea.
>How do I not fuck this up?
You go in there and give the manager a firm handshake, son.

r9k is an example of when white people end up born in the same socioeconomic status of a black person. Where daddy doesn't pay for their rent/car/school and expensive lifestyle. They end up being bitter virgins who turn into misogynistic/racist/suicidal people who do nothing with their life besides shitpost online hiding behind their anonymity while crying & blaming others for their problems.
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...and your (original) point is?
Socioeconomic? Hmmmmmm. Some robots are indian, asian, or black as well. I don't really see your point anon. Being a robot is just having a shit personality, being ugly, and unhygienic.
>claims to be superior race
>ends up lower in life when daddy doesn't help bail them out

>can't even understand the point

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Matriarch masticated the maladaptive metronome
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I smoked pot and jacked off.
I drank some liquor at 10:39 this morning and I'm considering drinking more later
I'm proud of you. I'm gonna take some (surgeon-prescribed) hydrocodone and play video games

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do any other oldfags miss what the internet used to be?

i remember when i first started using the net back in 2000.. communities were such a huge part of it.

all the way through til around 2011, even in MMO's, the community was half the reason you played. there were forums all over the internet where you could just launch into an in depth discussion and become a part of the community.

it feels like this is becoming less and less of a factor as the internet becomes more and more integral in our lives..

i miss the old internet. those oldschool communities. back when google didn't have all the answers, and shit like the 'dark web' actually DID exist beyond being some shitty internet meme.

anyone else out there share the same feelings? or am i just being a gigantic faggot
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I miss message boards somewhat. There was one forum called GaijinSmash. It was a big part of my early teens.
the fun times ended in 07/2011.

now it is just copypaste clickbait fad trash. hope 2020 brings something.
What happened July 2011?

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found this on /g/
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A future worth fighting for
No. We NEED robots.

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